• Published 6th Dec 2013
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Young Love - Jay David

Rarity involves herself when she discovers that Sweeite Belle has a crush.

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Part Three

"Sweetie Belle! Wait up!

The young dragon kept calling out to her, but she was too far gone. It had been just a few moments since her revelation about what was going on, but it had been enough to make her more angry than she'd ever been. The nerve, she told herself. To have lectured her and the others about this and then to do it themselves? To outright lie to her, Spike and the others to pull it off? To think she was stupid enough to fall for it? Her sister, and whoever was helping her, was going to hear about this.

Little did she know that her sister was well aware of her younger sibling's bad mood and, along with Twilight, was now charging forward in a desperate attempt to get home before Sweetie did.

"I TOLD you this would happen!" Twilight said to her.

She tried her hardest not to speak too loudly, lest the young unciorn a few metres away heard them. Rarity was just as concerned though

"I know! But we can't focus on that now! We need to try and fix this mess before it get's worse!" Rarity replied.

If the situation wasn't so serious, Twilight would have laughed at that comment.

"Worse? How could this POSSIBLY get worse?!"

"Things can always get worse twilight! Given everything we've been through since we first met, I'd have thought you'd know that by now."

Twilight had to concede to that at least, but it didn't help matters. Even though both were full-grown mares and thus much faster than the angry young unicorn to their left, they still wouldn't get back to Rarity's boutique with enough time to try and cover things up. And it was here that Twilight had an idea.

"Wait! I can teleport us back!"

Rarity ground to a halt upon hearing this. Turning back she gave a smile and nodded, silently giving Twilight permission. Focusing as quickly as she could, Twilight used her magic to cast her teleportation spell on the pair of them. Sweetie belle meanwhile was still fuming over her sister's actions. So much so that she could only barely hear Spike at this point.

"Sweetie! Wait! Why are you so angry?" He called out.

The young filly didn't answer, which meant that Spike was getting annoyed at this point.

"So Rarity tricked you to get you out here, is that it? What's so bad about that?"

Still silence.

"I just don't get what's wrong! You didn't even consider this until I mentioned how..."

And as he dwelt on the events of a few moments ago, a rather unusual notion suddenly popped into his mind.

"...until I mentioned how you and I just so happened to end up spending the day together."

This, Sweetie heard. It caused her to stop running forward, allowing Spike to soon catch up. There was dead silence between them. As Spike caught his breath, he kept his eyes on Sweetie Belle, whose back was still all he could see.

"They made it so that we'd be alone together? Why would they do that? And why would you be so uncomfortable about it?" He kept asking.

He could not see it, but Sweetie Belle's face was turning bright red. She knew Spike was not an idiot, he was just a few moments away from figuring it out, and she knew it. But what could she do? Just confess right there? What would he think of her if she did that? As Sweetie was wrestling with herself over what to do, a sudden bout of understanding crept into Spike's mind. Sweetie Belle was obviously angry that Rarity had set things up. But all that had happened was that she and Spike had spent the day alone, without the other two crusaders. Why would she be angry that Rarity had done that? A thought then came to him.

"Sweetie Belle?" He asked quietly.

It was here that the young unicorn turned to face him.

"Yes, Spike?"

"Is there something about us spending time together that embarrasses you?"

The filly turned her eyes away from him, face still bright red.

"Sweetie Belle. Do...do you...like...me?"

If things weren't silent before, they were now. The two youths just stood there, never even blinking as they looked at each other. Slowly but surely, the young unciorn gave a brief nod. Spike did not move and inch upon seeing that. Instead, his eyes gradually widened as this new information began to sink in.

"...Oh." He said.

For Sweetie Belle, this whole thing could not have turned out worse. The boy she had feelings for now knew about it, and instead of it being the romantic confession she'd always hoped, it was a complete shambles. Looking at him, she knew that he had no idea what to make of all this. At worst, he may not even want to see her again after this.

Spike looked at the filly before him, seeing her embarrassed expression and general discomfort with the whole affair. He tried concentrating on what had just happened. She liked him in a way he had not consider her to like him. It wasn't as though he didn't appreciate being thought of in that way, it's just that he'd never expected it like this. But seeing her now, as upset as she was, he knew he had to do something to fix this.

"Sweetie Belle." He said firmly.

She looked up at him.

"Maybe...maybe you liking me isn't...entirely a bad thing."

At first, her expression was one of confusion. Not a bad thing? After everything that had happened how could he say that? This was a complete nightmare for both of them. But eventually, she knew that there was something she had to clarify.

"But what about you and...you know...my sister?" She asked meekly.

This suddenly made things uncomfortable for Spike, but not for the reasons Sweetie might have suspected.

"Well, if you must know, I've been re-thinking that matter."

Sweetie Belle's eyes widened upon hearing that. Re-thinking? Ever since Spike had laid eyes on her, Rarity had been the love of his life, and even though he'd never been subtle about his feelings for her, anyone could tell that they were at least genuine.

"But I though you liked her?" She asked.

Spike nodded in a rather morose fashion.

"I did. But as I've spent more time with her, it's become clear to me that she only ever sees me as a friend. It hurt when I realised that, but I knew that I was going to have to move on."

He then gestured to himself, and then to her.

"Besides, if what you say is true, she just went out of her way to try and set the two of us together. If ever I needed proof that she wasn't interested in me, this was it."

Judging from the look on his face, it was clear to the young filly that Spike had not said this to anyone. That he would now tell this to her was not only a shock, but also gave her a brief glimmer of hope. For ages now, the fact that Spike had been crushing on Rarity had been the biggest obstacle to her trying to get together with him. Now though, that obstacle was gone.

"So..." She began, causing Spike to look up at her.

"So..." He replied.

"...Where do we go from here." She asked.

Spike considered this for a moment before shrugging his shoulders.

"Well, today wasn't exactly a good start to two people being together..." Spike began.

Sweetie Belle looked away briefly in embarrassment, just before he spoke again.

"...but we could always start again."

Hearing this, she looked at him with eyes wide, a sight that caused him to give a small smile.

"So then Miss Belle. How does this Sunday sound to you? Maybe we could catch some lunch?"

Sweetie's smile was growing bigger by the moment, but she reined herself in from being too giddy about the whole thing.

"Sunday it is then."


As he entered through the door of his home, Spike looked around briefly before laying his eyes on his adopted mother, Twilight, who was, as usual, sitting at her desk reading a book. Although this time it was with an air of unease and anxiety once Spike had shown up.

"Oh, hi Spike." She said in an unconvincing happy tone.

Instead of replying, Spike merely walked over to the purple unicorn and folded his arms with a raised eyebrow. As the silence between them grew, beads of sweat began to roll down Twilight's face.

"So...how was your day?" She asked nervously.

Spike still kept silent.

"...Did Sweetie Belle have fun?"

It was here that he finally spoke.

"Out of curiosity, Mom, just how long were you planning to keep the act up?"

Twilight considered her answer carefully, but eventually just gave up and said the truth.

"As long as I though I could get away with it frankly."

Instead of bursting out with anger, Spike, much to Twilight's surprise, gave a chuckle. He unfolded his arms and gave her a hug, which was an even bigger surprise.

"I should be upset with you right now Mom, but luckily for you things turned out okay."

This time it was Twilight's turn to raise an eyebrow. Then, as she continued to look at Spike's happy face, understanding crept in and she too began to smile.

"You and her?"

Her son simply nodded, causing a brief squeak out of the unicorn, who promptly hugged him again.

"Oh Spike! I'm so happy for you!" She said honestly.

"So am I. So I guess i should say thank you for setting all this up."

Twilight shook her head.

"It wasn't all me, Rarity was involved too. Speaking of which, when we left each other she was in a fairly panicked state. I wonder how she's doing?"


It was frantic, Rarity was hard at work in trying to look as hard at work as she could. Once Sweetie Belle came through the doors of her boutique, all Tartarus was going to break loose. She'd had plenty of experience in lecturing Sweetie when she did something wrong, but this would probably be the first time she'd be on the receiving end of it. And she was not looking forward to it one bit.

One thing had had crept up in her mind though was that Sweetie was taking a much longer time to arrive than she'd thought. Both she and Twilight had arrived at her home, split up and gone about their business in a vein attempt to look uninvolved, and still had plenty of time to spare. What had she been doing?

Her questions would soon be answered however as she heard hoof-steps approaching. Hearing this, she got back to concentrating on her sewing. Not bothering to look behind her, she heard the door open and somepony walking in. Sweat was now pouring down her face as she nervously spoke.

"Hello Sweetie Belle. How was your day?"

It was a long shot, she knew that, but it was all she had. But, instead of being responded by an angry rant the likes of which she'd never heard, she instead felt a warm sensation on her side. Looking down she saw her younger sister lean her head against Rarity in an affectionate manner, leading to a great deal of confusion from the older unicorn. When Sweetie Belle looked up at her, it was an expression of happiness, not anger.

"My day was great. Thanks for setting it up."

Rarity was like a statue at this point. She wasn't moving, save for the occasional twitch of her eye. As her sister continued to smile at her though, she eventually broke out of that state and gave back a nervous smile.

"Erm...you're welcome?"

Sweetie smiled again before moving off towards her room, Rarity watching her every move as she did so. As the young filly closed the door behind her, Rarity pondered for a moment over what exactly had just happened. When last she saw her, Sweetie Belle was ready to start tearing stuff up. Now she was perfectly fine and actually happier than when the day had started. Eventually, a smile crept onto her face as she considered what might have happened in the time between when they teleported and now.

"Well, I guess things turned out well."

She gave herself a small chuckle before continuing.

"Maybe I should try this "setting up" stuff more often".

Before getting back to work, she heard a call from upstairs by Sweetie Belle.

"Don't push your luck!"

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This wasn't a bad fic even if I'm a Spilight fan but...what the f*** is with people down voting your stories? This started to become an annoyance :ajbemused: I like your writing style, it's simple yet sweet...too bad you don't write Spilight romances :twilightsmile:

How's this for a sequel?
The Mane 6 went back to Golden Oaks Library for their usual meeting when they saw Spike and Sweetie Belle making out which leads to a explanation story for the lovebirds.

This a nice simple story. It is a nice change of pace.:twilightsmile: Though I wonder what is up with all the down votes.:unsuresweetie:

good story in all loved it but thier was one thibng nagging me and its was spike calling twilight mom and mother. in the show spike said that shes not his mom but she did hacth him thier more of a sibling thing really brother and sister well adopted brother.

3590157 True, but in a previous fic, I had it established that Spike now thinks of Twilight as his mother, and she thinks of him as a son. So with this fic set afterwards, I kind of had it so that Twilight would have unofficially adopted him in-between stories.

That was a cute little story :twilightsmile:

I'm also glad you didn't try to pad it for the sake of dragging things out. You got right to point, and it was effective.

I'm not really a fan of Rarity x Spike myself, given that Spike's crush seems rather superficial in nature, which is a disservice to both him and Rarity. Maybe if he fell for someone else, preferably closer to his own age, he might notice more than just her looks.

3590157 In all fairness, Spike was half asleep when he said that, so while it's true, I wouldn't put TOO much stock in it :pinkiesmile:

I'm not a fan of the "speech has its own line"-style of writing... and it honestly threw me off that after EVERY SINGLE UTTERANCE OF VOCAL SPEECH there had to be some form of descriptive line... I ended up just skipping them and enjoying the story

I loved this story sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch! I finally found a good spike belle story thankyou:pinkiehappy:

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it my favorite story of the pairing

3763290 Thanks! New story to :pinkiehappy:read!

this story was awsome good work :rainbowkiss:

Hilarious ending. Much great chapter. Wow.

I highly enjoyed this. Most excellent. :twilightsmile:

I really REALLY liked this fic, but I have to say that one thing bothered me. A lot. The relationship between Spike and Twilight is like that of a son and mother, BUT, she only ever calls him spike or number one assistant. Not son. And same thing with Twily. That was quite distracting, and not in a good way. Other than that, I really liked the story.
Have a moustache :moustache:

3590907 The adorabetes strikes again. :moustache::heart::unsuresweetie:

3592890 Well, he did later call her "sister" in the same episode, when he was more awake, sooo...

Such a cute resolution! Also, I love the punch line ending. :twilightsmile:

Well, I think its more of a sister brother relationship.

Remove the "I think" because it was confirmed in the series that it’s a brother and sister relationship.

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