• Published 6th Dec 2013
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Young Love - Jay David

Rarity involves herself when she discovers that Sweeite Belle has a crush.

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Part One

The young unicorn flipped through the pages, looking for it with growing frustration. Sweetie Belle had a thought on her mind for some time now, and not just the usual thoughts like how she and her friends will get their cutie marks. This was something new. It was something that had popped into her head a few months ago and had since become something she could not shake out. After much time in trying to ignore that thought, she eventually decided to simply accept that that's the way she felt.

And so here she was, sitting on the edge of her bed and looking through this old photo album. It was a collection of photographs taken during the party after the wedding in Canterlot. She and her best friends had all been flower fillies at that ceremony and it had been a lot of fun, aside from the near conquest of the city and all. Eventually, after turning the final page, her face lit up. She'd found what she'd been looking for. Sweetie took the photo from the album and placed it in the palm of her hoof. Before, she'd only ever thought of him as a friend, but after that day, that notion of him had changed. But her smile vanished as other thoughts began to enter her mind.

"He likes somepony else. And not only that, but somepony close to you. It's probably never going to happen."

It was certainly a sombre thought, but Sweetie Belle had little time for it as another thought suddenly popped up. She looked up at the clock and her eyes widened. Was that really the time? She'd spent so long looking for this thing that she'd almost forgotten that it was time to go to school. She leapt off the side of her bed and ran to the door of her room, picking up her school-bag as she ran. As she opened the door and ran out, she was suddenly knocked back when she collided with someone. Regaining her balance quickly, the young unicorn looked up to see that it was none other than her sister, Rarity. And she did not look happy.

"Young lady, do you realise what time it is?" She said sternly.

Sweetie Belle looked down at the floor, embarrassed to look her sister in the eye.

"Sorry sis." She said apologetically.

Rarity sighed before replying.

"We'll discuss this later. For now you'd better get off to school. Go on now!"

Sweetie Belle nodded and continued running down the hall as her sister looked on, shaking her head.

"That filly. Honestly. What could she have been doing for so long that made her forget like that?"

Wanting an answer to that question, Rarity's attention turned to her sister's room. Nothing looked out of the ordinary and she was about to turn around and leave, but then something caught her eye. A small white-trimmed photograph in the middle of the floor, lying next to a discarded photo album. Sweetie must have dropped it in a rush to leave.

But Rarity's thoughts were more focused on what she wanted out of this album in the first place. Rarity hesitated for a moment. While she was curious to know, her sister had made it very clear in the past that she didn't want her privacy violated. The incident a few months ago involving her school-bag and the newspaper instantly sprung to mind. But in the end, given that their parents were away, Rarity was responsible for her. And if Sweetie Belle was almost missing school because of something, she had a right to know. Or at least, that's what she kept telling herself.

Using her magic, she levitated the book to look inside it. Inside were various photos taken during the party after the wedding of Twilight's brother. Rarity smiled, as it had indeed been a fun time. She managed to catch up with her old friend, Fancy Pants, and everyone generally had a good time of it all. As she flipped through the pages, she soon noticed that one spot in the book was blank, causing her to remember the photo on the floor. Putting the album down, Rarity then levitated the discarded photo to her face. Her expression then turned to one of confusion.

It was a photo of Sweetie Belle wearing the dress she'd made for her. Rarity afforded herself a brief moment of pride, remembering how much she'd enjoyed working on it. But then her attention was drawn to the fact that Sweetie, in the photo, was dancing. And not only that, but dancing next to a certain young dragon, and looking happy as she did so. Rarity raised an eyebrow, unsure of why her sister would be so focused on the picture. But then she started to really think about it, and her expression turned to one of shock, and that in turn became an expression of amusement.

"Well now, Sweetie Belle. This is interesting. I'd never have guessed."

Then her expression slowly became one of deviousness.

"As her sister, I suppose it's my duty to help things along a little bit."


Twilight looked through the book, smiling as she did so. She'd been rather pleased over her recent acquisition of this particular tome, having spent every waking moment trying to memorise each sentence and spell within it. Twilight had always prided herself on her magical ability, but this gift from Princess Celestia had magic she'd never even heard of. She was looking forward to trying out some of these spells. But before she could do so, she heard a knocking at her door. Turning from her book, she walked over and used her magic to open it. On the other side was a very familiar face, one Twilight smiled at.

"Good morning Rarity. How are you?" She asked.

Rarity smiled back as she entered.

"Oh Twilight dear, I'm positively fine today."

As her friend entered, Twilight raised an eyebrow. Rarity did indeed seem to be in a rather chipper mood today, more so than usual, and this piqued her interest.

"Has something happened?" She asked.

Rarity turned and nodded before replying.

"You could say that. But before I go on, is Spike here?" She asked.

Twilight shook her head.

"No. I sent him out to get more quills. Why?"

Rarity put a hoof to her mouth, giggling as she was trying to keep in what she wanted to say.

"Well dear, I've just learned something absolutely adorable".

Twilight looked confused at this.


Rarity nodded.

"Yes indeed. I won't tell you how I found out, but it seems my dear little sister is harbouring a little crush on your son."

Rarity squealed after telling her this, and Twilight meanwhile was rather taken aback by this news.

"My son? Spike? And your sister, Sweetie Belle, likes him?"

"Yes. Isn't that absolutely precious?"

Twilight could not deny that. The two of them had looked cute together during that dance at the wedding in Canterlot, and they certainly enjoyed spending time together whenever they met up with each other at other times. But, as Twilight considered this, affording herself a brief smile as she did, a rather unpleasant thought came to mind.

"Rarity, does your sister know that Spike has a crush on...you know....YOU?"

Rarity stopped giggling at this. She was still smiling, although a much smaller one, and her tone of voice was more quiet.

"I'm sure she does. Not to sound insulting, Twilight, but your boy hasn't exactly been subtle about the whole thing."

Twilight couldn't help but roll her eyes at that. It was true, her son's crush was obvious to anypony with eyes, with him having pursued every opportunity he could get to impress Rarity since the day they first came to this village. But even then, Sweetie Belle's own crush was a problem if Spike liked somepony else.

"So what are we going to do. We can't very well tell Spike to stop liking you so that Sweetie can get together with him."

Rarity nodded at that.

"Oh, for sure. But I was thinking of something a little less obvious. I recall Sweetie telling me of a time some months ago when she and her friends tried to arrange a romantic scenario for their teacher and Applejack's brother."

Twilight raised her eyebrow again.

"Didn't that plan end in disaster?"

"Yes, but I'm not suggesting we do things so obvious as they did. We're going to be much more subtle about it."

Twilight considered this, then gave out a brief giggle. It would make her happy to make sure her son would get together with somepony, especially somepony as sweet as Sweetie Belle. But the more she dwelt on that, the more another worry came to mind.

"Don't you think this is wrong for us to do this? You know, meddle in their lives like this? I mean, for all we know they may end up together on their own at some point."

Rarity shook her head.

"Under normal circumstances that might be true, but given how tight-lipped the two of them are about their crushes around their own family, do you honestly think they'll ever work up the courage to say something like that to each other, even if Spike does eventually move on from me?"

Twilight had not considered that. There was some truth to what Rarity was saying. Enough to allow herself to go along with this.

"Alright Rarity, I'm in. And I have just the plan to do it. First, we'll arrange for the Crusaders and Spike to spend the day together doing something fun. But we'll need to get Sweetie and Spike alone with each other, so we'll call Applejack and Scootaloo's parents and we'll tell them..."

As Twilight laid out her plan, Rarity just kept smiling. This was going to be great, she told herself. Of course, a plan like this would require great care in order to not make things fail, but still, with both her and Twilight on the job, how can this possibly go wrong?