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It's not an alcohol problem, it's an ethanol solution.


It's a difficult line of work, being The Nostalgia Critic.
There are all sorts of dangers involved; things like multiple explosions from sheer rage, M. Night Shyamalan, invading insane doctors, bat credit cards, people whining at him to review things.

Oh, and Pinkie Pie.

He was surprised that he had any sanity left beforehand.
She's here for the rest of it.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 128 )

Just... all of my yes!!

Well this was an interesting little one-shot, are you going to do anything else with this?

Must have sequel

Well... We had Dr. Insano. Now we have Nostalgia Critic. I probably missed a fic with Linkara on the way.

I hit the like button before even reading just for the picture! Good lord this is hilarious!

It feel incomplete, but it is good

3587892 we've had an NC but with Linkara and Angry Joe too.

Now someone needs to sent this to nostalgia critic. I bet he'd find it funny too.

This is complete? :rainbowhuh:

3588262 no. Don't send it to Doug. Send it to Bennett, good or bad (can't read it right now).

Maybe he'll deign to bust out "Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre" again.

Nostalgia Critic in Equestria
Reviews all Episodes... PLEASE!!!!

Meh...sanity is overrated anyway. Follow the pink pony, Doug!

3588295 Means he has no intention of writing more.

This was amazing, but I'd work on the spacing between dialogue lines. Some points it's done really well, but on the other hand they're parts that are just freaking wall of text.

:ajbemused: :rainbowderp: :twilightsmile: :trollestia: :eeyup: :yay:

Continue this, or the internet and I will hunt you down. With Pinkie Pie (somehow), and we will make you watch all the Twilight Movies :pinkiecrazy: Without letting you use the bathroom or blink.

I usualy don't do this, but I feel its the most apropriate response this time *ahem* MOAR!

Doug needs to come out of the closet. :pinkiecrazy:

Someone show this to Doug! Quick!

I loved this. I certainly loved the reference you made at the end. Clever.

This was so funny, and I applaud you for your efforts.


Goddamnit, Aku, quit writing shit I want to read.

Great job. I enjoyed that little nod to the Sonic review.:pinkiehappy:

But really, what else could he have possibly done except for follow?

He could have quietly closed the door and gone back to bed.

Okay... Please tell me there's more... because that ending alone makes me it sound like you have more in store.

Nice story.

...Except that the Critic pretty much acknowledges the bronies in his reviews. Both in the opening of this...

...And the first 30 seconds of this.

Then again, I'm might be getting nitpicky. It just grinds my gears.:twilightangry2:

3588172 Please link me, or I will unleash a swarm of annoying fanatical fangirls on you.

Love the NC. Great story. Is it supposed to be marked complete? There seems to be more.

3588543 I know what 'complete' means, I only meant that it doesn't feel complete. :applejackunsure:

Dude I think you should to continue this, the story has potential and I feel that is not finished. However if you want to leave it as it is then I won't force you, all I ask is that you just think about it.

I'm with Mr darkstone on this one!

This fic was as good as either The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog or Sonic SatAM. I forget which was the good one.

My one complaint is that the Nostalgia Critic is not Doug, he is the Nostalgia Critic. Doug created the Nostalgia Critic, but exists independently, outside the universe inhabited by the fictional reviewers. This is established in the anniversary "plot hole" storyline, and as we all know, That Guy With The Glasses is meticulous about it's continuity. :trixieshiftright:

Beyond that, 'twas an excellent read. There should be more. This story has... the magics. :coolphoto:

“… Did you just make a Matrix reference, or was that some kind of ‘adult’ joke?” :rainbowlaugh:

Wait, why put complete? You have the setup for the story now. This should not be the end, but the beginning. You can't just end the story here. Even if it where to end with Doug waking up, that's an ending. Going to Equestria, that's not an ending. I could keep rambling on but I think you get it. So until I see a sequel or an update, no up vote for you.:ajbemused:

You must do more or Reznov and I will come and find you!

“D’aww!” Pinkie beamed. “I gave you the ‘hnnnnnngs’?”

So many LOL's...so many...

Nostalgia Critic + Ponies = YES!!!:rainbowkiss:

....wait...COMPLETED?! NO WAY!!:twilightangry2:

This totally sounded like the first chapter to the greatest crossovers ever, BUT THE I SAW THE 'COMPLETED' PART. :raritycry:

Not cool man....not cool.:trixieshiftleft:

(you still get a like and a fave though :pinkiesmile:)

Ah... two of my favorite things combined.

Well done sir.

MORE!:flutterrage: I NEED MORE! This glorious piece of fiction cannot end here. {A good NC/FIM crossover is something I've always wanted.:pinkiehappy:And with Pinkie no less. (I thought she'd be the best one to interact with him, given her personality.)}


Please oh please let there be more of this.

CR must have lost his shit when he got the call.


If you don't know one from the other, you should be smacked in the head with a bag of chili-dogs


Well, the Insano one had Linkara in it

you got my attention. read later!

*before reading* The Nostalgia Critic meets Pinkie Pie? Well this gonna be fun. here I go. *reads*

You kind sir deserve a moustache :moustache:

*Done* Not bad, will you be doing more?

This chapter totally ends on a cliffhanger for a second chapter, yet it's marked as complete.
*grumbles indignantly*

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