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This story is perplexing but fun at the same time. Vinyl's making the End sound very fun but the final few paragraphs kinda threw a curve ball at me.
P.S. Listen to
'Games People Play' by Grafix & Fred V
While reading this.

Well thank you! Sorry it's been a few days, but yeah, the world's a weird place.

Also, who said anything about vinyl? (aside from the character tags) Not everyone is who they say they are.

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So wait, I'm confused, what happened to Vinyl and Octavia? This chapter was straight outta left field... But I like it.

3607232 Pretty sure this is telling the tale of two souls, through time, that find each other and live out a few major events over and over. White and Grey, Mute and Deaf, Ruby and Amethyst.

For those of you following, I'm sorry for this bit of silence, finals hit me hard, hopefully will have the next chapter up by friday.

Four chapters in... and I am very confused... :rainbowhuh:

Five chapters in... I'm not much better off

If I'm not mistaken this is the first chapter with dialogue. Certainly presents a very interesting world haha, will be interesting to see part 2.

I'm askin this because I just wana make sure
Vinyl is mute and Octavia is death?
I don't know for sure but I just wanted to know

I is mute
And She is deaf (hopefully not death)

No names are used for a reason

A fifth chapter has not helped my understanding of this story. At all. This last chapter seemed like a different story :rainbowhuh:

this story absolutely deserves to be at the feagured page.
It is an extremely unique storyline with different variating viewpoints alongside a deeper philosophical meaning. :rainbowkiss:

I'm pretty bloody confused, but i'm guessing this chapter is supposed to be the creation of Equestria? Since the story starts with the end, and this doesn't sound like previous descriptions of the end.

Best chapter yet.
Really, one of the strangest and most unique stories (if not particularly well written) stories in this site. I don't think i've read anything like it here. It's a shame there's no updates on it.

Thanks. I wrote all 5 chapters across the course of about 3 weeks. With no proofing or planning. I do hope to either finish the story or at least continue a few more chapters but I want to be confident that I will improve it, instead of ruining the feeling that people enjoyed about it.

Well then, i hope your plan comes to fruition.
I'll follow it till then.

You clever and devious writer. If I didn't know better I'd have said artist. Wondrously crafted, but a bit too much. Even through the chaos the end has already been spoiled. I'm onto you. Good job trying though. Try and prove me wrong though. I will alert you if you have in the next chapter or in a response.

Is that title a reference to Albert Camus? You know, the absurd and all that.
Great chapter as always.

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