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Hello. I like to write horsewords.



Rainbow Dash wants the latest Daring Do. And she'll get it, even if it means sharing the only book in Cloudsdale with the biggest jerk in Cloudsdale.
Slice of Life + Adventure

Ongoing: My tentative submission for the Straight Shipping Group's "Disagreement of Sorts" competition.

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As one of the few that have liked this, I approve of your shipping.

This has some serious potential... I shall see where this goes :twilightsmile:

Oooh, I'm really enjoying this so far! :twilightsmile:

I always like shippings where the whole thing starts with them hating each other :twilightsmile: It makes for when things happen, they reeeeeally don't want to admit it.

Please continue this! I'm more of a Soarin'Dash kinda gal, but this theme seems
interesting enough. Moar.


Peppy, you know how much I value your opinion on these matters... but why are you here when you know you don't like het shipping? :rainbowlaugh:

3588901 Because it was added to the shipping folder and I clicked it.


We need a way to filter out all the het ships. :moustache:


Well which group folder did this end up in?

I think I speak for everyone when I say:

Um....please....if you don't mind that is...:fluttershysad:

3589088 It does. It's just how I found it. Was checking it since I assumed it'd have daring do as part of the pairing, but I was wrong.


Removed the Daring Do tag. Sorry about the confusion.

Cool story bro...

Hmmm, I like it so far. Just don't rush the romance. :ajbemused: It'll make it cliche and boring.
Otherwise, a great start.:pinkiehappy:

{I honestly haven't seen this ship in a fic yet...maybe a few pics, but not a fic. So here's to creativity.}

Ooo! An agreement! Finally, from Tier -1 to Tier 0! Wait till they reach Tier 15.

(If anyone gets that reference, they get an Internet cookie)

Dude, did you not read the description of the story?
It's for the competition, "Disagreements of Sorts". The competition states that you have to make a shipping fanfic with two characters who disagrees or are enemies with each other. These two fit the bill.


Sweet Heart you are mistaken. John Hood has been extremely, EXTREMELY helpful to me.

His comment was Sarcastic.

Everyone! Read the Author's Notes for the Love of all that is HOLY!!!


Aww, but my name's on the author's note as well. :fluttercry:

Why does nobody love the editors!? :flutterrage:


Gah!!! Not spoilers! Anything but spoilers!

Loving this so far


It should be madpony shouldn't it?

I'm glad this gets updated so often. :twilightsmile:

Fucking spoilers!
Run Dash! Run!
Wait, you can fly... :twilightoops:

And now the wild conclusions shall be drawn! Maniacal laughter ensues XD

This chapter was really fun to read, and I can definitely feel Dash's and Dumbbell's relationship taking on a form. I cannot wait for the next chapter! :rainbowkiss: I want to know where Dumbbell has gone, what Fluttershy will tell other ponies, what Dash will do now, etc.

But most importantly, how you're going to tackle this particularly tricky relationship. I've gotta admit, though, this is going to be awesome no matter where you decide to take this.:twilightsmile:

Oh. Oooohohoho!

This is going to be fun! Just wait 'til she has her spa meeting with Rarity; that one treats gossip like oxygen...


This was exactly my thoughts! :rainbowkiss:

Okay I don't get it? :rainbowhuh:


What don't you get? Maybe I can explain.

Kids picking teams is an awful, awful practice. And just the thing both of these muscleheads would do, heh.

"I’m not expecting any more surprises, heh.”

You're not? Oh, you poor, poor thing... let me assure you, there'll be surprises in your future!


The point of the new chapter.

Damn this chapter is awesome! I love your interactions between characters! :rainbowkiss:


Point of a chapter? :rainbowderp:


I don't get any correlation to the story line in chapter 5


Well its a slice of life fic so I'm not following a strict plot. Just following the days of Dash and Dumbbell towards Hearth's Warming Eve.


I'm sorry, but what? What do you think the main storyline is? I was under the impression that it's building upon Rainbow Dash's and Dumbbell's previously hostile relationship. This chapter has done a pretty significant leap towards, dare I say it, friendship!


And, as the author pointed out, this is very much a slice of life romance. One can't simply jump straight to the romance; that would make no sense given the parties involved.

3657927 , 3589067

I'm thinking I completely missed that there, sorry.

I was rather than looking at the big picture looking at the smaller details.

I sort of tend to lose the point of things when looking for details. Like here. I just re read the chapter. And while I can see what you mean. That sort thing just doesn't seem to come forward to me. I'm not in a "okay getting to friendship" point yet though from my out look, although it may be wrong.

I'm seeing the nuetral zone going on here. I dare say we have a while before friendship really should start to even really start peaking.

Wounds of the past are never easily forgotten when forgiving. That's one of the concepts I've been seeing for the story.

And I I know it's slice-of-life. I haven't seen one so accurate to actual "life".


Wounds of the past are never easily forgotten when forgiving. That's one of the concepts I've been seeing for the story.

Well to be honest I don't think these 'wounds' were ever all that bad. Dumbbell was just a bully. This isn't as serious as say, an abusive parent or lover.


Yep but even the smaller ones can be a bit of a... complication.

Just my opinions pay me no mind.

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