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Fire of Love - Alexpuddy

The meaning of Friendship is one thing. But what about the meaning of love?

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Chapter 4

Fire of Love

-Chapter 4-

Fire, smoke and ash. That was all that filled Spike’s vision. Flames jumped from bush to bush, setting the trunks of trees ablaze. The black smoke rose from the inferno into the sky above the forest, hanging over the mass of trees like a gigantic, threatening thunder cloud.

Spikes wings flapped in the air, holding his massive form aloft. Fire expelled from his maw, bathing the treetops and forest floor in licking flames. His powerfully flapping wings pushed the air downward into the torrent of flames, only adding oxygen to the mixture, making it bigger and bigger by the second.

While the Spike’s flames ate away at the forest, another kind of flame at away at his heart. It was a fire of rage and denial. Deep inside, Spike was a soft and kind dragon. But having been denied by Rarity hurt him gravely, shattering the kindness that kept him from going insane. Not anymore.

Suddenly, the glazed over look of Spike’s eyes vanished, and he shook his head, clearing the fog that clouded his consciousness. Seeing the flame before him, Spike shouted out in shock.

“Oh crap! Did I do that! Crap crap crap crap! What do I do?” Spike yelled as he thought hard about how to put out the flames. The purple dragon began to flap his wigs harder, trying to douse the flames. Instead of the desired effect, the flames only grew. Shouting loudly, Spike turned around and began flying away, leaving the forest to burn. He didn't want to, but it was all he could do. “I hope Twilight doesn't hear about this.” He muttered to himself as he flew away.

“Wait….. WHAT HAPPENED!?” Twilight yelled at the stallion pegasi courier whom had just delivered an urgent message to her, and now stood in the door entrance.

“Like I said, Twilight. A dragon was spotted over the birch-wood forest, burning it down. The dragon had the appearance of Spike,” He stammered, slightly shaking. “though no-pony could see clearly due to the smoke. Even the pegasi in the area had to clear out because of the danger of. I’m sorry Twilight.”

Twilight sighed and paid him the two bits for the message. “Thank you, Bolt. As usual, I’m glad you brought the message to me.”

Before leaving, Bolt grabbed Twilight by the hoof and looked her in the eye. “Twilight, if you go after him, please…. Stay safe.”

“Oh Bolt, you’re so sweet. But don’t worry. I think I can handle Spike. Besides, I’ve been raising him since he was born. I highly doubt he would hurt me.” Twilight laughed as she slipped her hoof out of Bolts. She shut the door as he left, and then leaned against the wooden portal. She sighed loudly and headed into the main room where Rarity lay, still unconscious. It probably wasn’t the best idea to mention the ring, but her friend had the right to know.

Feeling confident, Twilight went over to Rarity and woke her up with a simple spell. The white unicorn slowly sat up, yawning and rubbing her eyes.

“Huh? What happened?” She moaned quietly, not realizing she had fainted.

“You fainted. Rarity.” Twilight used her magic to lift up Rarity and set her up on her hooves. “I have some bad news. Spike is causing trouble that only we can fix.”

“What kind of trouble?”

“Well…….. You’re going to want to sit down for this one.” Twilight conjured some chairs and sat in one. Rarity took the other. Feeling comfortable, Twilight continued. “Spike was spotted not long ago.”

“That’s good news, isn’t it?” A smile began to form on Rarity’s lips, but vanished at Twilight's next words.

“He was burning down a forest.” Twilight finished her sentence, wincing as she spoke the words.

Rarity looked at Twilight with a face of confusion for a few seconds before it turned into complete shock. “B… burning down….. a forest?” She asked, staring at Twilight. It looked like she was going to faint again.

“Don’t faint, Rarity. I’m going to need your help.” Twilight said, getting up and going over to Rarity. “We need to find Spike and stop him. We can fix this. You, can fix this.”

Rarity looked at Twilight and smiled slightly. It was one thing for somepony to tell Rarity that they believed in her. But it was another thing entirely for her to believe it. And she believed Twilight, here and now. “Ok,” she said, getting up from the chair. “What do I have to do?”

“Well, for one, you have to help me locate Spike. Second, you need to tell Spike how you really feel about him.” Twilight went to a closet and began pulling out some backpacks and filling them with essential survival gear. “I’ll get everything packed. You just sit there and rest.”

“Twilight. Was Spike going to propose to me?” Rarity was right behind Twilight, an expression of regret and fear on her face. “Tell me the truth, dear. I need to know.”

Twilight sighed and turned to face Rarity. “Yes, he was going to propose to you. I told him not to, that it wasn't the right time.”

Rarity sighed and turned away, heading for the door to leave. “Great. If only I’d have known. Oh well, too late for that. But maybe I can still fix it. I hope I can. Come pick me up at the boutique.” She left the library and started her walk home. Thoughts buzzed through her head, both pleasant and unpleasant.

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Ok who drew the picture. Cause its just heart wrench-ingly adorable.

That would be Kilala97
Her art is actually what inspired me to write this story.

Needs longer chapters

Ok. Small sized is a better description, thank you. And I will change the tag.

Thanks for the feedback, and thank you for not assaulting me with criticism. I appreciate it,

I try my best, I really do. I'm just really used to writing short one-shots. I'll try to make the next chapter longer than 1,000 words. maybe try to hit 1,500.

3771722 I understand.

Ok, be honest guys. Should I continue this story or not?

The Pegasi air tankers battled the blaze,:derpytongue2: " Damn Cap, what did this?" Lead called back to Cap" Don't worry Princess Twilight's got the bits. Who cares how it started":rainbowlaugh:

Nice if you guys finished what you start.:facehoof:

Okay I'm starting to agree that these chapters are way to short. Lengthen them for the love of god!:flutterrage:

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