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Just an amateur writer trying to give ponies a good story. Oh, and I fap to horses :P

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3580292 well you are the first to catch the reference :derpytongue2: though I personally preferred the N64 version

got the ref' instantly...PLS MORE

fav and email update

Well that settles it. I am gonna make a second chapter. Hope you're ready Dashie :rainbowhuh: Don't worry, you'll love it

You never truly experienced the rainbow road experience if you didn't do the snes one, where stars and mushroom are your worse nightmare. the rainbow really knew what over the edge meant back then.

New chapter coming out today! Prepare your pants and/or your socks :rainbowlaugh:

Not to be mean but your taking too long to post each chapter

I'm liking this story so far, keep it up. I have been seriously procrastinating a (non clop) story so far, I really need to get to it :twilightblush:

3725177 Glad you like it. Hopefully I can gather the motivation to keep going. I am in mid chap 4, so it should come out...eventually :twilightblush:

My office NOW, perfect name for a chapter.

>>Flutterfan69 I'll be waiting :rainbowwild:

Tank's a TORTOISE!!!!!!


Somewhere Fluttershy shivered. Twilight asked her what was wrong “I-I don’t know. I just feel like somewhere, somepony mis-identified an animal…” Twilight rolled her eyes and went back down on the yellow Pegasus, giving the animal caretaker a completely different kind of shudder.

Flutters agrees :yay:

Hmmm not a fan of rape, but i suspect this chapter will open up some interesting future events. Not to mention it's fiction and who am I to question someone's creative process.:pinkiesmile: Looking forward to what comes next.

I liked this piece a lot, as well all of your stories. Hope you'll be back soon!

About time you published a new chapter! :twilightsmile:

New chapter? Where? Am I missing something? :derpyderp2:

He is just a turtle:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::rainbowlaugh: that has forgone of the funniest things I have ever heard keep it up

:pinkiegasp:...:pinkiesad2:...:fluttercry: SOARIN HOW COULD YOU
Also yandere Soarin much

I love this story, but this chapter made me feel sad.:raritydespair:

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