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A nameless bounty hunter is sent by Tenpony Tower to find a certain pony called Careless Garden in the Raider-infested ruins of Plate River.

(Experimental story, might not get updated in a long time)

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Comments ( 12 )

This story looks pretty good, decent chapter size you can read on a phone :D

The main character reminds me of the mysterious stranger in a sense.

3579387 Thanks! This is just an idea that appeared in my mind, and I wanted to put it on paper so I could focus on Viva Las Pegasus.

Might add more stuff later, I don’t know. Once again, thanks!

Holy shit... This is pretty good. Gonna follow it and see where it goes.

I like it so far

3585557 3584569 Thank you both! This is just a prologue and I am currently working on my main story, Viva Las Pegasus, which I really recommend you to check out.

Anything you write, is worth a like :twilightsmile:

4056740 Thank you very much!

4056814 coming from a guy that actually made time to read your story, and i mean print off all -glances over at the FoE: VLP binder I have- 680 pages total. When i read this new chapter for this new story, I was immediately back in the pacing of your previous work. I love it and will continue to read your work S3rby.
-Written Sound -previously known as danteTod-

5576349 Haha, thanks... although to be honest, I don't really know if this story is actually going anywhere. It was more of a proof of concept, something to try and push me out of the blockade I was suffering with VLP.

5576650 Even better, if you have the power to hook someone in in only 1076 words, you're doing it right.
-Written Sound

5576653 Well, thanks for the kind words!

It is a pity that you gave up the story

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