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A Little Crush - marineproductions100

Dinky has a little crush on a specific unicorn and she doesn't know how to tell her. So she'll just invite her to a sleepover and explain everything. I wonder how Sweetie Belle is going to react. (you spoiled it) Dammit!

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Chapter 1: Sleepover

A Little Crush

By: Cameron

Happy 20th story everypony!

Chapter 1: Sleepover

Dear Diary,

How have you been? I've been doing good, actually. I got some exciting news to tell. Sweetie Belle is coming over for a sleepover! I don't know what came over me. She said "yes," when I asked her. I'm so excited for her to come over that I even cleaned my room. Then again, I was going to do it tomorrow but it would have been embarrassing to have a friend over when you have a messy room. Especially if this friend is the one you have a huge crush on. I'm also going to tell Sweetie Belle my real feelings. I'm done keeping it to myself. I want her to know that I want to be more than friends. Hopefully, she'll have the same feelings towards me. Mommy is going to be making her delicious muffins! Even though she practically bakes them everyday. They're still yummy. Well, I'm going to wait until she gets here. I'll tell you how it goes as soon as possible.


Hooves' residence, evening.

Dinky's sitting on the couch in the living room which is right next to the front door. Keeping her eyes locked onto the door as if expecting somepony to burst into the door with confetti littering the air. To Dinky: seconds seemed minutes, minutes seemed hours, and hours seemed days. Derpy walked into the living to see her filly staring at the door.

Derpy chuckled to herself and spoke to break Dinky's concentration. "Oh my little muffin. Are you excited for your little sleepover?" Derpy asked.

Dinky turned her head to face her mother. A big grin formed on her face. "Yes." Dinky replied.

Derpy trotted up to the couch and ruffled her muffin's mane. "I can tell." Dinky giggled and her mother smiled.

*knock knock*

Dinky gasped and Derpy slowly walked up to the door. When Derpy opened the door, Dinky's hopes immediately dropped when she saw who it was. "Hey 'Shy." Derpy said.

"Hello Derpy. May I come in?" Fluttershy asked.

"You don't have to ask me, remember?" Fluttershy sheepishly smiled. Derpy's eyes rolled around in different patterns. "Come on in." Derpy replied.

Fluttershy walked in and saw Dinky with a glum face. "Hello Dinky. Are you okay?"

Dinky looked at Fluttershy and tried her best fake smile. "Hi Fluttershy. Its nothing really. I thought you were somepony else."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Who were you expecting?"

A small shade of crimson appeared on both of Dinky's cheeks. The thought of Sweetie Belle made her heart beat faster and made it more difficult for her to breathe. "S-Sweetie Belle." Dinky stuttered.

Fluttershy noticed the blush that appeared on Dinky's cheeks and she couldn't help but giggle. "Dinky, do you have a crush on Sweetie Belle?"

The blush grew more furious every second. "H-How do yo-I mean-no I d-don't."

"I felt the same way as you do now." Dinky's blush connected both cheeks with the bridge of her muzzle. "Oh my Dinky. You don't have to be embarrassed about it."

"I-I'm not." The blush started to connect on the bridge of her muzzle.

"Oh my."

Derpy noticed the blush on Dinky's face and decided to see what was going on. "What are you doing with Dinky, Fluttershy?" Derpy asked.

"She has a crush and she's really embarrassed about it." Fluttershy replied.

"Oh. Who is it?"

"S-Sweetie Belle." Dinky stuttered.

"You know that you don't have to be embarrassed about that Dinky. Have you planned on telling her?"


"Aww. Is that why you wanted this sleepover?" Dinky nodded. "Are you nervous?" Dinky nodded again. "Don't worry. I'm sure things will be okay." Derpy smiled.

*knock knock*

"That maybe them." Derpy turned and opened the door. There they were. Sweetie Belle and Rarity were standing right behind the door. "Hello Rarity. Thank you for letting us have Sweetie Belle sleep here for the night."

The unicorn smiled. "Thank you for taking Sweetie Belle under such notice." Rarity noticed Fluttershy. "Hello Fluttershy. Are we still up for the spa this weekend?"

Fluttershy smiled. "Of course. Why wouldn't we be?"

"I'm just checking, darling. That's all." Rarity drew her attention back to Derpy. "I hate to be a rush but I simply MUST get back to the boutique."

"Large order?" Derpy asked.

Rarity sighed. "Huge. I'm sorry but I must be going. I'll pick Sweetie Belle up tomorrow around the evening or so." Rarity replied.

"Its okay. Make sure to get some sleep this time."

Rarity chuckled and turned to make her leave. "Goodbye Derpy, Sweetie Belle, Fluttershy, Dinky, I'll be back."

"Goodbye." Everypony else said in unison.

Sweetie Belle walked inside the house and Derpy closed the door. She turned around and already saw Dinky and Sweetie Belle talking amongst each other.

"So what's the first thing we're gonna do?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Mommy made some muffins for us to snack on." Dinky replied.

Derpy looked at Fluttershy. "Would you mind getting these two fillies the muffins?"

"Of course. Come on girls, let's get some muffins." Fluttershy walked into the kitchen and the two fillies trotted along behind her.

Five minutes later, Dinky and Sweetie Belle came out of the kitchen. Each of the fillies had their own plateful of muffins. "Fank you Fluhershy," Both said in unison with their plates in their mouths.

"Your welcome girls." Fluttershy said.

Both fillies walked up the stairs and into Dinky's bedroom. Once Fluttershy was sure that the fillies were out of eyesight, she walked up to Derpy and kissed her on the lips. It was more like a quick kiss but it still had passion in it. "How was your day today?"

"It's better, now that you're here."

"What do you mean?"

Derpy sighed. "It's Dinky. She's still getting picked on at school and nopony has done anything about it."

"Are they still on the same subject about her being a fillyfooler?"

"Unfortunately, yes." A tear streamed down her left cheek. "I've done everything I can think of. I've called the school, talked to the parents of those children, talked to the kids, and I don't know what else I can do."

Fluttershy pulled Derpy into a hug. "Derpy, she needs a mother to come home to. Believe it or not, but coming home to a mother who loves her and supports her decision is all she needs. You've done everything you could and there's nothing else you can do except be here for her. You need to be here to cheer her up and remind her that there still is somepony that loves her."

Derpy wrapped her hooves around Fluttershy. "Thank you 'Shy, I needed that."

"It's what I'm here for. Remember that I'm also here for you."

"I will." Derpy broke the hug and kissed Fluttershy's lips. "Thank you."

"Your welcome."

Dinky's room, night.

Dinky and Sweetie Belle finished their plateful of muffins. Dinky noticed that Sweetie has been trying to avoid eye contact with her. But she couldn't really put her hoof on it. "Hey Sweetie Belle, are you okay?" Dinky asked.

"I am it....its just that...I want to ask you something." Sweetie Belle replied.

"You can ask me anything." Dinky smiled.

Sweetie Belle sighed. "Are you really a fillyfooler?"

Dinky's smile slowly faded after Sweetie Belle asked the question. Her face started to turn into a look of worry. "I...I...yes." Dinky closed her eyes. As if she was expecting Sweetie Belle to cuss her out. "I just...hope we can still be....friends."

Sweetie Belle hopped on Dinky's bed and wrapped her hooves around Dinky. "Of course Dinky. Why wouldn't we be?"

Dinky wrapped her hooves around Sweetie Belle. Tears started to stream down her cheeks. "Because everypony else at school keeps on making fun of me for it. They always call me horrible things. They call me: a slut, whore, garbage, and a waste of space."

Sweetie Belle tightened her grip. "That's horrible. Dinky your amazing. Your always cheerful and energetic. Every time your happy, I'm happy. Your the best friend that anypony could ever ask for."

"Thank you Sweetie Belle."

"For what?"

"For being here for me."

Both fillies broke the hug and stared at each other in the eyes. "Whenever you need me, just let me know."

Dinky wiped her cheeks and sighed. "There's something else I have to tell you."

"What's that?"

"I-I have a crush on somepony."

"Who is it?" A smile crept up on Sweetie Belle's face. "Do I know her?"

"Well...she's pretty and she's a unicorn. Whenever I'm around her, I always get butterflies in my tummy. My heart seems to speed up and my breathing becomes more difficult. Whenever I'm not around her, I always think about her."

"Does she have a cutiemark?"

"No." A small shade of crimson appeared on her cheeks.

"Can you tell me who it is?"

"How about I show you who it is."

Dinky leaned her head towards Sweetie Belle's and kissed her lips. Time seemed to slow down and both of their eyelids slowly closed. Then, Sweetie Belle started kissing back. She's kissing back! Dinky thought. Both fillies slowly broke the kiss and opened their eyes. "Is it me?"

Both fillies chuckled. "Yes."

"Good. I was going to plan on telling you. But it looks like I don't have to."


"Of course. I was also going to express how I feel around you. But-"

"It looks like you don't have to?"

Sweetie Belle chuckled. "Yeah."

Dinky smiled and than began to yawn. "I think I'm getting tired."

Sweetie Belle yawned as well. "Yeah, me too."

"How about we go to bed?"

"That sounds nice."

Dinky and Sweetie Belle buried themselves under the covers. Both fillies cuddled up together and yawned. "Goodnight Sweetie Belle." Dinky kissed Sweetie Belle on the lips and then laid her head on a pillow.

"Goodnight Dinky."

Best night ever. Dinky thought to herself. Soon the noises of the world became silent and she was asleep.

(This chapter has been re-styled and re-edited)

Author's Note:

I cannot express on how long this took. TWICE. I had to remake this chapter TWICE. Ugh! Oh well, I hope you guys enjoyed. I'm going to brace myself for critics. 'Cause you guys seem to stalk me now. (HELP!) Have a good day or night. :twilightsmile: