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Hey guys! I'm just a regular brony sharing his stories with the fandom that is MLP. I write and love to talk to you guys about stories.

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This is pretty good, keep it up. You may want to edit the story somewhere around the middle though, you accidentally repeated some words. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

3575851 Will do. I already have these chapters ready, just need to submit. And trust me, this story changes a lot....

3576060 Oh boy, I can't wait to see what you've got in store. How many chapters do you plan on making for your story?

3576071 Hell, I don't know where to stop. So far I've planned over eight, since that's what I got waiting.

3576076 Nice, now I'm getting impatient for the next one. I hope it's even better than the first.

3576082 I think so. It'll be on either later tonight or tomorrow. It's definitely longer.

3576104 I personally enjoy longer chapters. That already makes it better for me.

3576119 Awesome. I actually am posting the new chapter right now.

That was really good. I liked the way you had Spitfire make a move on Rainbow, but it didn't last very long which was a little disappointing. I'm sure you've got some great ideas coming up in the later chapters though!

3576536 Oh God. What Spits is gonna do......yeesshhh. It ain't pretty. BUT. The story shall continue.

3576548 Awwwww! You jerk! Now I'm getting impatient! A million ideas of what could happen are flowing through my mind right now. I'm going to go insane by the time the next chapter gets posted!:pinkiecrazy:

3576730 :ajsleepy: I know. I like to give as much away without spoiling. I really do hope you love them though. I might post a third chapter tonight just to ease some pressure.

3576831 Are you kidding?! I don't like it, I LOVE IT! It's absolutely fantastic! :pinkiehappy:

3576849 You have no idea how much that means to me. But this story goes where it wants to, I just hold the reins. Ha...reins....Anyway it may be frustrating later on in the story for some, but it will be intense.

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3576849 Your story is great, and actually one one of the few that likes mine. This site is strict on some stuff and really looks for new creative stuff.

Holy crap! This just took a dark turn. I was not expecting for Spitfire to turn all evil like that. I was expecting Gilda to do something evil, but Spitfire?! Now I really want to see the next chapter to find out whether or not Rainbow kicks the crap out of those two.

3581403 Oh. Well you're gonna love the next chapter. It's definitely got everything. You've said.

3581549 Aw! You're killing me! I just hope Rainbow gets back at those two in some way. I already hated Gilda to begin with but now I'm starting to dislike Spitfire. By the way, what's with Soarin? he asked Rainbow out first, but then he got really excited over Pinkie Pie. So where does he actually stand?

3581608 Soarin goes from place to place. He still wants Rainbow though but that all changes soon. And Rainbow DEFINETLY gets back at them.

3581652 Ooooh! Now I'm really excited! One thing that still bothers me, you said the every boy in the school has a thing for Rarity but there's no mention of Spike having any interest in her. Was that intentional or are you planning something else that's gonna blow some minds?

I sure love me some humanized appledash XD. so one question you arent going to pair pinkie up with soarin are ya? because i cant her with a guy since i see her as a lesbian.

3581665 That will show up later in the story when the dance is getting near.

3582118 They won't be together. Pinkie Pie will only help him find a date.

Oh ok then who do you normally ship her with?

Source for the cover art?

3582698 Aw, I was actually looking forward to Pinkie and Soarin. I thought it would have been an interesting to see those two together.

3582996 Ya that would've been pretty cool.

3582980 Custom cover art. Those two drawings are from Deviantart.

3582977 She'll be hopping around to and fro in the story.

Yees...? And where did you get them from?

You're basically stealing it since you provide no source link. No credit is given to the creators of those pictures.

3583039 I actually messages the person with the picture. They said it was ok, but they deleted it for some reason a few weeks after I got the picture.

3583039 I will find the URL and post it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes! Rainbow Dash and Applejack kicked the shit out of Gilda and Spitfire, that was awesome! I can understand why Gilda wants to get back at Rainbow but why Spitfire? Are you planning something big on the next chapter?

3584745 Gilda kinda forced Spitfire into it since Spits liked Rainbow, but couldn't get with her. She will later have her chance with Rainbow.

3584748 I love the fact that Rarity is the queen of drinking. I also liked the way you set up Applejack to be Rainbows hero and everything, but then you made her end up making out with Pinkie Pie thus breaking Rainbows heart. The was well played.

3584759 It pans out all in the end as they attend an after dance party at Rarity's. There, it is the most intense of the story.

3584766 Curse you! Also, originally before you made this story. Was there ever a moment where you thought you might have added Lightning Dust as another love interest?

3584775 Yup. Lightning dust was my first choice, but there was more to go off of on Spitfire. I would also like to warn you and others that this next chapter will be in third person instead of Rainbow Dash's perspective. I feel like I can describe more and right more from another view.

3584780 That'll be interesting to see. I can't wait to find out what happens.

That was Awesome! To hell with Soarin, he should have helped Rainbow after what he did to her. Great work, but I still can't figure out Spitfire. First she seemed interested in Rainbow, then she helps beat the crap out of her with Gilda, then she apologizes and we find out that she's dating Gilda, then at the party she tries to have her way with Rainbow, and now she tries to beat the crap out of her again?!

3586025 Ah the confusing tale of Spits. She's more confused since she really can't pick a side. Shell layer realize that she needs to choose between the two

3586067 Also, goths? Is Gilda a goth in this story? Not that I'm complaining but I thought it was interesting that Gilda somehow managed to gather up a bunch of random goths to help her beat up just two people.

3586076 She was planning it the whole time. When Rainbow wanted to fight, ego would step up, and when the goths would join her. She's very grounded.

3586099 So did Gilda stab Rainbow with her own knife? Or did she take Rainbows knife and used that one on her?

3586113 Rainbow's knife since she was saying all this stuff to Gilda and she wanted irony so she took the blade and gave it good.

3586133 This is turning into one of those stories where the one of the main characters die and the closest friend goes after the killer for revenge. I hope I'm wrong though.

3586143 I hate telling people that they're wrong but it's close. RD stays mad at AJ and breaks up. AJ is met by Soarin with open arms and a relationship. Rainbows jealousy might prove too much for her.

3586166 Wait what?! What?!?! You're lying right?! I was expecting Rainbow to survive and be forgiven by Applejack and then they would tell everyone about their relationship and everything would be okay!

3586179 Bwahaha. It's to decide if
I'm lying or not. But I think I'll write the story where Soarin seems to be way different and too much for Applejack and looks together Rainbow back and yadaydayada they tell the group

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