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Chris the Blue

I used to love MLP, but then I stopped liking it. But now I like it again and I want to write stuff about it.


Book One of The Kardanomicon.
A blue box. A box filled with impossible things beyond a pony's imagination. Twilight finds it, and enters to a world of excitement and mystery.

Constructive critisism requested!

The episodes of this story will split in chapters.

Doctor Who is the property of BBC, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the property of The Hub and Hasbro.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 83 )

I can tell this is going to be a fun, wild ride. But you might want to slow down the pacing a tad. There are also some places where entire words are missing. Some punctuation errors. But other than that, its good so far. :3
(Pinkie's an alien... makes sense to me.)

Are they only going to be visiting pony based alien worlds?

616388 No, they're going to visit *spoiler* and *spoiler*. This isn't a ponification. For some reason, I don't like the idea of the Doctor going to another universe, and turning into a pony. So the worlds aren't going to be pony based worlds, unless I can dream some up. And what parts have missing words? I already wrote the first few chapters and posted them on my deviantart account, so rewriting them will be a pain.
You'll have to excuse the mistakes. English isn't my first language. Then again, I did completly forgot my entire Korean vocabulary and replaced it with English when I moved to America.

616650 I was hoping you'd say that. About the worlds I mean. I do like ponified!Doctor, but it's nice to have something different for once.
At the top, Twilight says Pinkie is 'defiantly equine'. I think you mean 'definitely equine'. That's not what I was referring to, but I'm a tad distracted at the moment so I can't find them. The missing words. I know there was at least one, but I can't find it now. I might've imagined it? :twilightoops:
But there is definitely some missing punctuation. Mostly quotation marks and commas. Not too big a deal, I suppose.

616741 Alright, I'll fix that up! And if your wondering, he borrowed that perception filter from some Saturnynians. And with his history, I'm sure you can work out what I mean by 'borrow'.

616818 Heh, you know, considering it's Pinkie she's talking about, defiantly might not be so inaccurate. :rainbowderp:
In some places (all in dialogue) there was odd... things, like for&#133. Some kind of formatting error?

616917 Yeah, that is odd. It keeps popping up in my chapters, following me. Like some sort of warning... or a message...
Actually, it is a formating error. I'm typing this via iPad, and copied it from my deviantart page. That &#133 happens whenever I write ...

Woah. Just how many chapters have you already written?

I like your Doctor and Twilight interaction. It's funny.

617300 Just four at the moment.
As for the Twilight Doctor interaction, thanks. I was going for funny.

617351 Aww darn. That means I'm going to have to..... WAIT.:fluttershysad:
Oh! Before I forget: I think this site has a way that you can embed links into the story. I don't know how to do it, but I've seen it done.

617366 Neat. You gonna post them in a blog entry thing?

Something I thought of just now: I think it'd be neat if in future situations where she needs a human name, she used the name of her voice actress Tara Strong. Just a thought. Twilight I mean.

617374 I dunno, doesn't that count as breaking the 4th wall? Never did like doing that. I would tell you more about the situation, but its a bit spoiler-y and I'm not even 100% sure that I'm going to contribute it to the story.

617399 Only if she refers to Tara as being her voice actress. If she doesn't, it's more like a meta joke, or perhaps poking the fourth wall. But not breaking it.

617399 Are you familiar with TVTropes? I think this sort of situation would be this trope.

Comment posted by LandUnderWave deleted Apr 15th, 2013
Comment posted by LandUnderWave deleted Apr 15th, 2013


Did I read the description right?

'Doctor Who is the property of BBC America'.


'BBC America'. Doctor Who is not American. :ajbemused:

620473 W-What are you talking about? That's not what the Description says! And I definitely didn't just edit it when I read your comment!

Your chapters are a bit short, but you make up for it with quick updates. I like updates.

#9: Just like you stupid apes. Never thankful for the stuff they got.
#10: I'm sorry. I'm so, so, sorry.
#11: Well, I was planning on writing more, but I already reached my word count goal, so my whole brain just went "What the Hell!"

670318 At first I was like: o_0
But then I lol'd.

In all seriousness, I didn't mean to sound like I was complaining. :ajsleepy:

Very very good. Now just need to wait until next chapter.

Darn. Companion!Braeburn would've been awesome.
Great chapter. :pinkiehappy:

699969 Yeah, but most of me was worried that he would just be a rewrite of Mickey Smith,.

617374 By the way, I've been meaning to ask, how do you like the art I made for the fic? I posted them ages ago as a blog, but nopony seemed to comment on them.

I just reread it but I didn't see anything different. What's been changed?

Also, can't believe I didn't think to ask this before, what does Twilight look like when she's disguised as a human?

Long awesome chapter is long and awesome. :pinkiehappy:

Twi has a crush. I totally knew it. I picked up the hints from chapter 2 and on but I didn't ask or mention anything in case I was just imagining things.

I can't remember if you mentioned something about this already, so I'm gonna ask: since this is called 'series one', is there gonna be a series 2?

779952 In the holy words of Big Machintosh...
Do I really have to continue this sentence?

hello i am a brony and what is this.
Good writing and great character capturing

825454 Buck the what? What does that mean? Some sort of humorous change of order of what the buck, which deprives from the common phrase, what the f:yay:k?

Need more please i am thankful for what is here.

Ah, this is the worst chapter I have ever written. Maybe when I'm done, I could spruce it up, or rewrite it.
Also, fun fact! A majority of Episode 1 was written while watching a walkthrough on The DW Adventure Game, The Gunpowder Plot.

i see what you did there with the 1963. very nice

825680 Whew, I was hoping someone would catch the reference.

I'm too tired to fully enjoy this so I'm gona retread it. Of what I did read, it seems good.:moustache:

Love the cover pic. MS-Paint is an under appreciated art form.


Watch more youtube. All I can say.

DAEL?? What the buck is that?


Happy Halloween.
A rather serious episode.
By the way, I'm holding a contest. You see, since quite a few people are following this, I can do that.
Remember Go for the Gold/ Get the Gold? Well, I'm holding a contest for a short story idea, and the best will become a real chapter. Second prize will be... a moustache? I dunno. In fact, screw second prize, I'm holding a winner takes all contest!
Geez, you could really make a drinking game from that comment.

P.S. I won't except any stories where Weeping Angels are defeated by a sonic screwdriver. What sort of rubbish was that? Even an idiot like Mickey knows that they aren't much of a threat if they can be stopped by a sonic screwdriver. So in short, don't add any unstoppable enemies for the short.

620473 Soooo... is that why you don't like it?


Umm, bad shit? I'm writing it now and making it up as I go. Who knows? I might just make up some random new monster never seen before. Or the world will just end. Or both.
Wont be finished by today however. It's still morning here. Then I have a bunch of crap to do.

A story idea? I have tons of those in my head!:pinkiehappy: Let's see.... hmm..... Well, an interesting one could be the Doctor and Twilight stumbling across something that accidently switches their minds. (i.e. The Doctor is in Twilight's body and vice versa.) It would be really interesting to see how that would affect an adventure.

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