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Pearl Harbor? Really? I just had to read the date. Nope. *walks away with a middle finger proudly standing tall*

You're a monster.

Bahahahahaha! These angry comments- I found this story funny, Imagining Pinkie in some Japanese zero divebombing some american ships. Short, I did not see much errors grammar wise, Fun little story


Comment posted by Akasuna no Sasori deleted Dec 7th, 2013

3589320 Fuck off, intolerant loser.

3589302 Too proud? Eat a dick, Yankee.

3589290 I'm joining the Navy next year, and even I can joke about this. Get over yourself....

There is a difference between intolerance and being offended by someone who would make tasteless jokes about something so terrible.

Insensitive bastard.

No you can't.
There is a line here and not only did you cross it but you shot it and left it for dead in a roadside ditch.

3589456 Seriously, it's just a joke about something that happened so long ago, all of the people alive during that time are either dead or senile!

No one is hurt by these jokes unless you let yourselves be hurt by something you have no personal attachment to!

By the way, the word you're looking for is "shot". Learn some grammar, douche.

I'm human, therefore I do have a personal attachment to it.

Alert the media, my comment had a single typo.

3589519 You're very name is red shirt! Do you even know what a red shirt is?

Did you pick that name solely because you like the sound of it? Or are you really someone who hates America because of their politics?

I don't really give a shit about your opinion on this story, but if you hate me for parodying the concept of the attack on Pearl Harbor, then you can just leave this forum and never speak to me again of such ridiculousness.

Sorry. I just don't find this funny.

If your intent was to write a trollfic to rustle jimmies, congratulations, it worked.

.....It's a Star Trek reference and a jab at my horrid gaming skills.

3589553 Actually, that was my intent. Thank you for noticing, and not starting a flame war over it.

3589555 Well, that's all well and good, but I'm tired of your autistic ass commenting on my story in such an unnecessary way. You made your point, now be on your way.

You do realize you could have avoided all of this by saying that this story is a crack fic and in no way represents your beliefs.

People will be offended actually. If you haven't noticed, people have kids. Kids who care about what their parents did or died for. I can tell you right now that there is probably a shit load of people who have lost their parents to WWII and Pearl Harbor specifically. You should at least think and find a fucking heart before writing something,

Oh well, jokes on all of you. I still get views XD.

If you don't like it, fine. But don't assault the author for his style. That is the ultimate taboo for a writer. Show some respect.

Oooooh boy look at all this hate. Time to Like all of OP's comments and story only to amplify it. >:D

Dude, this is just sick. There's a few things in the world you don't joke about. And everyone who was there is dead or senile? What about there kids? This is just pathetic.


TBH I think he just accomplished doing the most ultimate of all trolling. He got everyone's Jimmies rustled. Mmm

3589719 It was meant as a joke, and quite frankly, I enjoyed myself thourghly. I couldn't really give too much of a shit about what these people think. They are far beneath me.


They are far beneath me.

Ooooh you're good. ;)

Yeah... no.

Comment posted by ObsidianPony deleted Dec 7th, 2013

3589733 It's doubly funny because they are quite literally below me in the comments section, and I don't give a fuck about their opinions.

Comment posted by Akasuna no Sasori deleted Dec 7th, 2013

This is why we can't have nice things.


Mmm... You know I have a fetish for narcissism. I'd sex you if I culd. ;)

Comment posted by ObsidianPony deleted Dec 7th, 2013
Comment posted by Akasuna no Sasori deleted Dec 7th, 2013
Comment posted by ObsidianPony deleted Dec 7th, 2013

Some days I question this fandom, like the Twilicane incident...fucking Hasbro knew what they were doing with that. :trixieshiftleft:

3589800 I'm actually 18, and consider yourself banned. Bye, bye dumbass.

Comment posted by ObsidianPony deleted Dec 7th, 2013
Comment posted by ObsidianPony deleted Dec 7th, 2013

I didn't read this, but I gave it a thumbs up just because you had the sheer fucking audacity to write about something so touchy and I'm also a charitable fellow. I'm also not American, so I'm not nearly as offended as most of the people here are.

But really... fuck me, I don't know what to think about this at all.

Comment posted by Akasuna no Sasori deleted Dec 7th, 2013

3589840 Hell yeah. After I finish writing 2 more fics: one where Applejack causes 9/11, and another where Princess Celestia is responsible for the Trail of Tears.


Mmmm.... Don't get meh horny too soon my man. ;)

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