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Silent Earth

Evil is evil. Greater, lesser, middling, it's all the same. I haven't done only good in my life. But if I’m to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all.


~A Dark Souls Crossover Short~

An undead lays dying upon the steps of the city of the gods and is visited by a vision of the sun.

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Comments ( 42 )

Hnng! Damnit, you made me feel!

Celestia is so...well...human I guess. Bad term, I know. But she is so anthropomorphised in this story.

Definitely loving it.


Thank you for the kind words! Very glad you enjoyed it.

We rarely get to see a more vulnerable, more... "human" side to Celestia, and I thought that this particular crossover would be a good opportunity to explore that.

Thank you for reading!

I have no idea why, but this story just resonated with me. I won't lie, it made me shutter and stutter a bit, and even though it was so short, I thought your characterizations of the two characters were great and really helped to contribute to helping really feel. I also love how ya didn't specifically identify the undead. It's just a lost soul searching for hope in a twisted and lonely world, where death is both a blessing and a curse. So interesting... Now I actually want to write my own story like this now XD Have yourself a like, favorite, and follow, mate! :twilightsmile:

One of the the best Dark Souls crossovers I've read, and I'm writing one lol.

I've read few one-shot crossovers in my time here on fimfiction. Sure, there are those longer ones draw you in, especially if you know both (or all three, four, etc.) universes pretty well. Sometimes, a shorter one-shot just does justice to both universes, and this is certainly one of those stories.

While i have played Dark Souls for more than quite a few hours, I've yet to beat it. I think it's time to take up that mantle once more, and strive for it.

I see all kinds of images with Solaire 'Praising the sun,' AKA: Celestia in some way, shape, or form, and I am always blown away when I see them. Something about this story just hit me in the right places, and I can't place why. Maybe it's just the two universes colliding and melding nicely instead of one being forced into the other. The Mass Effect universe is the only other one I've seen come close to this kind of meld.

I am at a crossroads, though. Your writing, characterization, and flow are certainly excellent, and I feel like I should follow you for that. But my own personal rule conflicts that feeling. Have three+ stories faved, or 200k words between stories faved, whichever comes first, and I follow. You'd be surprised how often the second happens before the first, honestly.

Screw it, I'm making an exception, just this once. Thumbed, faved, followed.

Read a second time, to make sure my words were right, before posting this. I believe I may have figured out why this struck me like it did. The undead's gift. Solaire gave Celestia his medallion and soul. The greatest gift he could possibly give her.

Very much appreciated! I'm glad that the emotions I was trying to evoke come through in the piece. And if it made you feel a little bit teary, well, I suppose I did my job. :twilightsmile:

Happy you enjoyed it! I shall have to give it a read soon! More Dark Souls is a good thing!

Thank you kindly for the comment.
It took me a long, long time to finally finish Dark Souls. I can definitely say it is well worth the effort. One of the things I enjoy about it so much (and perhaps something that helped these two worlds meld to form this piece) is how open to interpretation it is. If there is one word to describe the game, it is that it is bleak. But there is a kind of beauty in it, as well. I wanted there to be some amount of light and hope there, however faint or fading. That's what really was the inspiration for this.

Also, I appreciate your personal rule, and I'm humbled that you would make an exception for me. I recently joined the site, and I've mostly been focused on the writing, and haven't had as much time to read and browse other works as I might like. I will definitely work to rectify that.

Thank you again for your time.

3574354 :pinkiegasp: Another Dark Ssouls Crosssover I havn't read yet? Running to it now.:ajbemused:

Loved the story, and the introspection is pretty much spot on for many of the undead.:twilightsmile:

Love Darksouls, also Running a game using the Elite Knight set, broad sword, Crest shield, Pyromancy, and blessings. all I have to say. It's frigging hard.

Thanks so much, glad you liked it!

And yes. Yes it is. I ran with a full set of Havel's armor for most of the game. :scootangel: I'd like to try a faith build at some point.

When I reached the Duke's Archives (or rather, the prison within them) for the first time, I immediately thought, "Twilight would like it here..."

Hmm. Food for thought. :twilightsmile:

3575488 I also did a Artorias Runthrough, suffice to say. Using his sword and shield is a lot easier than using the set I'm currently using. next will be a black Knight runthrough With Hawk eye Gough's bow.:twilightsmile: should be easy enough.

I'm scared for NG+, to be honest. :fluttercry:

I also kinda regret not really spending much time collecting/crafting some of the better weapons and equipment. I'll have to go into that a bit more next time around.

3575549 the most powerful Dextarity weapon is the scythe you find in the crypts before you meet the boss that gives you the Rite of Kindling. as for NG+ just have good armor and at least a 1000 health and you'll be fine against anyone but the Darkwraiths.:twilightsmile:

No problem! From what little i've played of Dark Souls, I got just that vibe from the game, and you portrayed it perfectly here.

Also, rarely do i make an exception to that rule, but that's why i have it as a rule. Rewarding exceptional authors early, and so i keep up with them. I do plan on keeping an eye on you, Grey, and hope you enjoy your stay here. I've been here since August 2011 or so, and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Likewise! And if my first few weeks have been any indication, I'm sure I will.

I will say this now... Need more of this.:twilightsmile:

Glad you liked it so much. :pinkiehappy:
If I ever happen upon an idea for a Dark Souls crossover that clicks for me as much as this one did, I will not hesitate. And with DS2 getting closer every day, who knows...

Agreed:twilightsmile: DS2 is going to be Epic.

3640775 Praise the Sun! \[T]/

You have a fantastic avatar. Praise the Sun, my friend! :yay:

Took me a bit to realize it was Solaire and it depressed me even more D: especially since he succeeds in winning in the game but is doomed to a fate worse than death =/

I was pleasantly surprised by this. Definitely one of the better crossovers I've read, for sure. It's really quite powerful.

Liking and faving, and now I'm going to take a look at the rest of your work.

Inspiration v2.0 On DS2 NG+ so maybe I could do something with that considering that I told myself that when DS2 comes out that I would forget everything about this one except solaire the sun, and of course sif, and the lore. This was very nice, and it gave me such a warm feeling that I have not felt in practically years now. You have my total gratitude for this story good sun heir. PRAISE THE MOTHA FUCKIN SUN!

Thanks, happy you liked it! Hope you find something else to your liking.

Comments like these really make me smile. I'm so glad that something I wrote could do that for you. The gratitude is mine, my friend.

4205341 And it is good to see another pony's soul as dark as yours for once. In other words your the first dark soulation brony I have met.:pinkiehappy: You have an xbox?

Alas, I do not. :ajsleepy: Have to wait for the PC release of DS2 on the 25th.

4205705 That sucks. here is a tip, if you never want to respec your skills then kill the old ladies for the equivalent of 9 humanities. You need any information about anything then PM me. I am on NG+ which is almost like a totally different game(literally) to me.:pinkiehappy:

Cool! Thanks for the tip. :twilightsmile:

A truley Beautiful fic, thank you for Writing it.

Jesus that was beautiful... Its so much more simpler than other Dark Souls crossovers such as "Grossly Incandescant" but somehow the meaning and the impact hits even harder.

Short and sweet, true to the character of Celestia, true to themes of Dark Souls, melding the two universes in a way that feels natural, and with prose that paints vivid imagery from very simple actions. While I'm not entirely sure about Celestia arguing in favour of letting the fire die, this is a very strong piece that I can find a lot to praise about. Considering its length, you accomplished a lot with it. A good example of a crossover handled well. Nice work.

I had this in my "Read Later" for too long... this was glorious.

I kind of want a sequel mini-chapter where Celestia keeps that medallion on her at all times, and at one point it begins resonating... but only while near a certain pony; his reincarnation. Perhaps a Pegasus Guard with a Cutiemark of the Warriors of Sunlight emblem?

I've thought about writing another Dark Souls crossover at some point, though if I do it most likely wouldn't be related to this one. I also probably wouldn't retroactively add another chapter to this story, as I'm satisfied with the ending as it is. Still, I like the idea. Perhaps, should the opportunity and inspiration present themselves... Well, I won't say it's impossible. :scootangel:

Glad you enjoyed, now, to get to my own "Read Later" list...

4734860 My Read Later is at 157 and growing... and then I have 115+ favorites updates I need to get around to... procrastination man...

I'm guessing the speaker is Solaire?

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