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"I think everything is perfectly set today? Yeah. Everything is good. Just gotta get those flowers."

Flowers hold very special meanings in the world of Equestria. Yes, they're food, but they're also symbolic gifts. They have their general meanings, but some flowers hold very special ones for certain people.
For Rainbow Dash, she buys blue bells every year for a special somepony. Someone she knew since birth.

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Awww... What's with this fandom and somepony's parents having to be dead?

Carrots, pans, apples, hoofwatches, muffins, and more more items

I think one too many (s)more's there.

She’s about to enter Advanced Flight Camp soon in Cloudsdale after Heath’s Warming Eve. Warming Eve

Much as I love Heath bars, there's no holiday for them (Yet!)

Lovely Piece of writing. Short sweet and feelful.

3571026 Great story by the by. Glad to see it isn't a sad story (I think I wouldn't have been able to finish it.)

Awww, this wasn't bad at all.

Very nicely done.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3571093 So what do blue flowers mean?

Aww. This was nice. I'm glad you fixed the hearth's warming typo as I was going to make a snickers joke. :ajbemused:Ahem.
Anyway, I like this story, so I gave it an upvote. Keep it up.

To Rainbow Dash, they signify acceptance and serenity. Also, my headcanon is that they are her dad's favorite flowers.

Already a downvote? On a story like this? Looks like I have a hater.
I've succeeded.

A really sweet story, something beautiful to read before I go to bed :pinkiesad2:
I was thinking to write a story about Rainbow's dad that would be based on a song, and if I do it, I'll make sure to include the blue flower. :rainbowkiss:
Anyway, I like this story. Is short but cute and full of feelings :fluttershysad:

3571312 You are doing something wrong if you don't have a hater~

Exactly. And I have so many for that on my most popular ones.:rainbowwild:

and now my emotions are confused... help me

A short story that says what it needs to and conveys all the emotions it does? That is a job well done, my friend.

Thanks, m8. I tried to keep it nice and simple, and not a tear-bait-jerker. Death is sad, yeah, but we can't mourn forever. (Oh and anybody else reading this comment, please take that with a grain of salt if offended. I really do have empathy with anybody who just lost someone important to them.)

You're very welcome. I agree with your sentiment, and you certainly accomplished what you set out to achieve. Cheers, mate.

That would be pretty awesome.

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