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After the hectic events of "Dragon Quest", Twilight and Spike are once more in the safety of their home in Ponyville. However, during a late night study session, Twilight's mind is abuzz with questions regarding her number one assistant, and she considers just how important the young dragon truly is to her life.

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I'm not a big fan of Twilight being Spike's mother, but I liked this. This was good:moustache:.

Do me a favor and fix the title? "Since the Day He Hatched", capitalize the pertinent words. People overlook stories when the authors do that, assuming that the author didn't put much care into the work, something that is obviously not the case here.

An interesting take on their relationship. Well done.:twilightsmile:

You use way too many periods for ellipses. It's three ... not ...............

Ignoring my hatred for the mother/son, it's okay. Although, this makes the whole Rarity's mane thing even more confusing. :twilightoops:

So for Spike that would make Celestia his grandmother.

3568712 Yeah, I was hoping nobody would mention that. Kind of puts the whole rerlationship into a creepy place.

Nice, I for one am OK with the whole "Twilight being Spike's mom" thing and this is maybe the best one-shot of that type I've read.

3568712 thats because this is a fanfiction and not the canon from the show. If he ever calls her "mom" in the show then yes it'd be awkward but until then the scene is perfectly fine^^

3569356 Happy to hear.

Yes, all my yes. Cute, well paced, and with a satisfying conclusion :twilightsmile:

she brought her head forward and muzzled him affectionately, a gesture which he returned

Might want to fix that :twilightoops:

3569356 Have you ever read "A Day for Spike and Twilight?" that one's pretty adorable, too :twilightsmile:

3570688 Who's that by?

3571758 Jetfire.

Tragically, it's on Equestria Daily instead of FIMfiction.

It's also a Sequel to another story by the same author. Reading the first one isn't required, but it is highly recommended.

3570688 I'm probably going to regret asking this, but is there a problem with me using the word muzzled?

3572609 I assumed you meant "nuzzled", i.e. the act of rubbing with your face, since I've always known "muzzling" someone as meaning to put a restraining face mask (aka a muzzle) on them. I thought it was a typo :twilightsheepish:

3572937 Ah :twilightoops: in which case I probable DID make an error. Apologies :twilightblush:

3573718 No problem, just wanted to catch that real quick for you :twilightsmile:

i more think of them as brother and sister :twilightsmile:

I'm with a lot of others in the comments here. Their relationship on the show has always felt more like siblings than parent-child to me. Still a cute little story, though.

Very few people seem to grasp how much could be drawn from Spike and his situation in the show. The fact that he's part of a different race and has rejected that race as his own is ripe with potential.

But you kinda failed at the end; there is no way in Hades that Twilight - a little filly who had just started school - would have been allowed to raise a newborn, especially a freakin' dragon. An adult would've had to take that responsibility. The show's writers simply haven't provided one yet, so fans tend to get confused and place the label of mother on the only familial presence Spike seems to have.

Brought tears to my eyes my friend :fluttercry:, warm and joyous tears. :twilightsmile: I don't care what anyone else says, I believe the bond/relationship between Spike and Twilight is indeed that of a mother/son. :heart: Heartwarming story. :scootangel:

Nice though you might want to correct that there in the first paragraph where you wrote pones. I'm firmly of the belief that they are mother/son so I have to say I rather enjoyed this little piece. It was a nice read to uplift the day with, thank you.

I thought of bro and sis but still man tears

This was a well written story, and when you think about it, this relationship is a lot more believable then the relationship of brother and sister. The reason that I say this is because Twilight Sparkle provides all the basic necessities of life for Spike and she has ever since the first day he was entrusted to her by Princess Celestia. She also, of course, loves and appreciates Spike. She was also the one to hatch him with her magic. While that may not be the normal way for a dragon egg to be hatched, that doesn't make the act any less important. In return, Spike does his best to make her life easier, and he always takes her worries seriously and tries to put her needs before his own.

To go to a people you would consider you own

"you" -> "your"

Such a touching tale. This certainly improves upon the ending of "Dragon Quest".

Twilight has, in canon, always appeared as if she didn't ever truly see herself as a mother figure. However, for Spike, she'd have to be. He would want to always please her and always desire to be with her. Perhaps it just felt too uncomfortable to be called "Mommy" and to call him "Son". Given twilight's age when Spike was hatched certainly would make "Friend" more adequate.

You earned some tears from me when you had Spike tell Twilight how he already had a mom. It was very properly placed. You built up all the emotion to hit strong with that moment. I had a feeling he'd say something, or mumble something in his sleep, but certainly not what you put in there to put the feels off the charts. Well done!

ive always been in the mind that, while twilight sparkle hatched spike. it was twilight velvet, with the help of celestia who raised spike. this was a nice take on momy twinkels doe.
have a fav

Such a simple concept and scene... and so brilliantly played. I was all getting feels and then got way more than I bargained for. Seriously, I had a chill when I read that last line of dialogue. I love it! :twilightsmile:

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