• Published 2nd Dec 2013
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Adventures on the Friendship Express - GreenS21

Spin-off story to "Sonic Generations: Friendship is Timeless", taking place during the train ride to Canterlot.

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The Alpha and the Omega Pt. III - Delta (d)

Team Defenders turned to look at them as they let out a shout in unison, seemingly challenging the enemy to come at them. Pikachu and Riolu didn’t notice anything different about the two save for how loud they had shouted, but Lucario saw something. His time mastering the ways of Aura made it easier for him to pick up on small things and this was no exception. He noticed the way they were breathing, how they made the exact same movements, and, when he used the Aura to look, their hearts pulsing at the same rate. Suddenly, water began to swirl around Greninja, forming a sphere around him while Link stood his ground. After a second, the ninja frog broke out of it, sending drops of water flying in all directions as he spun a somersault in midair before landing on his feet, but as Lucario, Riolu, and Pikachu looked at him, they realized that he had changed.

While the general shape of his body was the same, various features had changed. The yellow on his stomach and chest had almost completely disappeared, with only a single stripe above his chest that formed the shape of a collar below his neck being all that was left. The top of his head was now red and most of the peach around his eyes and on the sides of the red had changed to black, with red lightning bolt streaks next to his eyes. Finally, there appeared to be a large, solid Water Shuriken on his back. “Did he…? But that can’t be! Greninja can only be awakened! I’ve seen it before!” Lucario thought to himself, trying to process what he was seeing.

While he was thinking, the copies were still closing in on the group. Greninja and Link kept their backs together for a moment more before they broke apart, Link rushing past Team Defenders as he threw himself into the approaching horde. As he ran, he held his Kokiri Sword out to his side, energy gathering into it. Once he had copies all around him, he unleashed the energy in a powerful Spin Attack, the boy spinning in a circle several times and sending numerous dark copies flying. Greninja, meanwhile, was creating more Water Shurikens between his hands, these forming quicker and being much larger than normal due to his changed form. They held together longer and were stronger as well, so it only took a few for him to wipe out nearly all the copies on his own. Link, with only his sword, dealt with the rest and the two hurried up the mountain trail to help the others with Team Defenders following.

Up ahead, F-T Sonic and the others were still trying to fight off the copies that had stopped them, but there seemed to be no end to them, making everyone reluctant to try to make a break for it and risk either themselves or the others being overwhelmed. After kicking away a Yoshi copy, the older blue hedgehog heard a shout and looked down the path to see Greninja dashing up with Link alongside him and Team Defenders close behind. Sonic noticed how the ‘mon had changed as well as the pointed look in his eyes and realized he was probably going to try to get that meteorite up to Rayquaza himself.

F-T Sonic turned and looked up at the summit for a moment before turning to O-T Sonic as the younger blue hedgehog came out of a Spin Jump after dealing with a Rainbow copy. O-T Sonic caught F-T Sonic’s gaze as the older hedgehog gestured for him to give him the meteorite. Almost immediately he thrust his hands forward, throwing it to him. F-T Sonic caught it in both hands and looked back at Greninja, who had almost reached the group, nodded, and let out a shout that attracted everyone’s attention as he threw the meteorite straight upwards as hard as he could. The copies all either flew or jumped up after the rock, trying to get it back.

None of them noticed Greninja’s approach, being solely focused on the meteorite, and so they were surprised when the frog came to a stop a short distance away for a moment before using his stronger legs to make a powerful jump diagonally towards the meteorite. The force of the jump allowed him to reach it before the flyers could, grabbing it in both hands and then tucking it under his right arm as gravity began to pull him down. His leap had put him ahead of the copies on the ground, but the ones in the air turned and tried to intercept him mid-fall. As they closed in, Link, finding that he was now acutely aware of what Greninja was feeling and seeing, pulled out his bow and readied an arrow, aiming as he kept running. With all the skill of an archery master, he shot one arrow after another in quick succession, each one hitting the head of its target and breaking it apart.

As Greninja approached the ground, he did an aerial somersault and straightened up afterward with his left arm pointing out to the side. When he did this, a series of perfect doubles split out from him, each one holding a meteorite like he was. “What?!” Twilight asked as Greninja and his doubles made a break for the summit and Link ran ahead, putting his bow away and stabbing his sword into the back of a few copies.

“Double Team!” Lucario called as he, Pikachu, and Riolu got closer. “We have to cover him!” he said as they continued running, going for the copies after Greninja with the others joining them.

As they continued to fight the copies, F-T Tails was headbutted back by a Pinkie copy. As he recovered from landing on his rear, he noticed a portal open up beside him and turned to look at it. A yellow, metallic-looking cube with a question mark on four of its sides and an odd-looking red flower on top of it suddenly came out of it, landing in the fox’s hands. He immediately recognized the flower due to its colors and the black eyes it had. “A Fire Flower?” he asked as he looked down at it. He looked up a moment later and saw the Pinkie copy was coming at him again. Pushing aside any questions he may have had about the odd coincidence, the fox touched the top of the flower with his right hand and, with a flash, his yellow-orange fur changed to orange-red and his white fur became yellow. Feeling new power within, he stood up and spun around, throwing a fireball straight at the copy as he faced forward. It hit and immediately destroyed the copy before it could reach him.

F-T Tails’ newfound fire powers were quickly noticed by the others as he jumped back into the fray throwing fireballs at the copies. F-T Sonic looked up when he heard a noise and saw that a portal had opened up over the path with what looked like an autumn leaf with black eyes drifting down from it. It took him a second, but once he recognized it, he said, “Cool!” He ran to the side of the trail and Boosted up it, O-T Sonic watching in amazement as he shot up towards the leaf. He grabbed it with his right hand and a moment later, with a poof and a few small white clouds, he had a raccoon tail and ears, the latter replacing his normal blue ears. The wagging of the tail somehow slowed his drop and when he landed, he spun in a circle, the tail knocking any copy it hit off their feet. Facing forward afterwards, he grinned, “I’ve wanted to see what this is like for a while now!”

While they all continued to fight the copies, Greninja and his doubles kept going for the mountain’s summit, copies still appearing and coming after him despite the others’ best efforts to cover him. He made it with a few doubles to a cliff face at the base of the summit that appeared to be scalable, placing his right hand on it and wincing as he felt pain in his chest, the same pain that Link was feeling from being headbutted by a Spike copy. The boy shook the pain off and dealt with the copy swiftly and Greninja did the same, focusing again on the task at hand. He used his powerful legs to propel himself up the mountain quickly and used his free hand to grab onto the cliff face, all the while trying not to make it obvious which one was the real Greninja.

The copies capable of flight aimed for the doubles that were trying to climb to the top the fastest as expected, but with so many swarming in, they were going after the others as well. One Rainbow copy was lucky enough to hit him from behind while he was in the air, interrupting his jump and causing him to fall down onto one of the ledges sticking out of the cliff face, Link letting out grunts of pain at both. Looking up, everyone saw that the other doubles had disappeared when the real Greninja had been struck, meaning the copies would be focused on him now. He sat up and got to his feet, clutching the meteorite to his side as the flying copies changed their focus to him, the lone Rainbow copy shooting straight down at him.

Before it could reach him, a fireball and a pink beam suddenly struck it at a diagonal angle from below, the embers, sparkles of magic, and remnants of the copy drifting down onto Greninja’s face. He looked down and to his left to see F-T Tails, Rainbow, Cadance, and Fluttershy all flying up towards him, Tails’ right index finger pointing forward as he fired smaller fireballs from it and Cadance’s horn glowing with her magic. While Rainbow and Fluttershy flew ahead to intercept the copies, Tails and Cadance began hovering in place shortly afterwards as they attacked from long-range, the former soon using both fingers to throw fireballs. As he continued to shoot down flying copies, Tails looked at Greninja and said, “Keep going! You’re almost there!” The Ninja Pokémon nodded and continued climbing and jumping to the top.

While Tails, Cadance, Fluttershy, and Rainbow were stopping the flying copies, the ground-bound copies were also trying to stop Greninja, but the others were keeping them in check. They kept the unicorn copies from firing up from where they were and kept the earth pony copies from trying to scale up after the frog. The Sonic copies were proving to be a bit problematic, though, as they naturally possessed Sonic’s speed. Several managed to get past the group and started running up the cliff face after Greninja. F-T Sonic quickly went after them, running up between them and swinging his raccoon tail around to send them flying, slowing down only a bit due to the action. Greninja had managed to reach the top a few seconds before Sonic caught up, the blue hedgehog vaulting over the edge and landing on his feet nearby.

They both looked up at the two dragons still battling in the sky, though their fighting did pause for a moment and look down at them, seemingly noticing the change in the meteorite’s position. While they were looking up, they also noticed the Tornado had moved up to between them and the Rayquazas, the plane currently flying around from their left. F-T Sonic and Greninja noticed the black Rayquaza began trying to push Rayquaza back, no doubt trying to keep her from getting the meteorite. They looked at each other a moment later and Sonic asked, “Need a boost?” Greninja nodded and held the meteorite between both hands while Sonic knelt on one knee and readied himself.

As the black Rayquaza suddenly shot down at the two after knocking Rayquaza away, Sonic leapt straight up spinning slower than usual, allowing Greninja to watch his raccoon tail more easily as he waited. When the tail was coming up, the Ninja Pokémon leapt up and forward, placing one foot on it before pressing down as Sonic began to wag it upwards. He then leapt straight up, the tail acting like a springboard as it wagged, increasing his vertical leap. While Greninja shot up into the sky, Sonic landed and looked up for a moment before jumping back as the black Rayquaza came down at an angle and crashed face first into the ground. Sonic ended up going over the edge, but he didn’t worry; he still had the raccoon tail, so he used it to slow his drop.

O-T Tails saw Greninja up ahead as he was coming around and noticed that he was reaching the height of his jump. He needed to dive a bit as he got closer, but he managed to get the wings of the Tornado underneath the frog. “I’ve got you!” the younger fox said, Greninja nodding down at him. The Ninja Pokémon then turned to look at Rayquaza and then looked down at Tails while pointing at her. While not entirely sure about what was going on, the fox could guess what was trying to be communicated. “You want me to get closer?” he asked and getting a nod from Greninja as a reply. “Okay,” he responded unsurely, starting to turn the wheel to the left.

By now, Rayquaza had recovered from the unexpected hit and was eyeing the meteorite in Greninja’s hand as the Tornado flew towards her. Not wanting to give the black Rayquaza a chance to interrupt again, she snaked her way through the air to meet them partway. O-T Tails began to worry as she got closer and pushed down to dive, but neither ‘mon was thrown off by this. Greninja simply took the meteorite in both hands and repeated F-T Sonic’s earlier toss as the Tornado descended, Rayquaza shooting straight for it and catching it in her mouth a second later. It lingered there for a moment as her teeth mashed it up and then she swallowed it down, feeling a familiar sensation from further down her body as the pieces were absorbed.

She looked down and saw the black Rayquaza had recovered from its crash and was now flying back up for another round. A light green glow began to surround Rayquaza’s body as she narrowed her eyes, the green dragon well and truly sick of the dark imposter at this point. It swung its claws as it reached her, only for her to move out of the way and suddenly shoot up into the sky. Rayquaza disappeared from view and then came shooting back down a moment later like a glowing green missile. She shot head first into the black Rayquaza’s body and went right through it, cutting the imposter in two. Rayquaza pulled up and hovered in the air as the glow around her faded and she turned to observe what she had done, the two pieces of the imposter exploding in a cloud of purple mist.

Down below, everyone, including the copies, had had their attention on Rayquaza as she launched her attack and now that the one that had spawned the copies was destroyed, the ones that were left seemingly lost the will the fight as they tried to flee, only to be easily taken down from long-range. Once they were in the clear, Twilight looked at Lucario and asked, “What did she do?”

The Aura Pokémon replied, “That was Dragon Ascent, her, for lack of a better term, signature move.” They all looked up and saw Rayquaza hovering in front of the top of the cliff face as well as the Tornado coming down towards the top of it, Greninja jumping off the biplane when it was close enough to the ground. Everyone began making their way up to meet up with him. F-T Sonic gave his younger self a lift while F-T Tails, who gave him a cheeky look as they flew past each other, and the flying ponies helped did the same for the other equines. Yoshi went to climb up the side with Lucario, Pikachu, Riolu, and Link after Twilight used her magic to pick up his kart, setting it down on a flat spot at the top so it wouldn’t go rolling off on them.

Once they were all at the top, they all looked up at Rayquaza, the dragon looking down and regarding them. Her eyes seemed to linger on the two Sonics, but her head soon snapped up and she turned around, gazing at something. Though they could not see it, an angry look appeared on her face, a low growl emanating from her mouth. Without warning, she suddenly twisted her body around and flew off in the direction she was looking. Almost everyone looked surprised at this, Rainbow yelling, “Hey!”

Lucario held out his right paw in front of the cyan pegasus as she flapped her wings to hover above the ground, preparing to go after the dragon. “Calm down,” he said, Rainbow and most of the others looking at him. He and Pikachu looked back at Rayquaza’s retreating form, seeing a new portal open in the air high above the base of the mountain. “She knows,” he grimaced.

Riolu piped up, “So what about us? We have to find our own way to follow her to… whatever? That doesn’t seem fair, leaving us like this.”

Yoshi let out a cry to get everyone’s attention before running over to his kart, jumping into the driver’s seat and starting it up again. “Of course! We can use the anti-gravity in Yoshi’s kart to follow Rayquaza!” Twilight realized.

They all looked up and to the right when they heard the sound of the Tornado’s propeller. O-T Tails waved to everyone, “Hey guys! Hop on!” The two Sonics and F-T Tails looked at each other with smiles and nodded, all three of them running towards the edge as the plane swooped down. After a moment, Lucario picked up Pikachu and Riolu, both of them climbing onto his shoulders as he ran after them, catching up to them as they jumped over the edge.

Both Sonics landed on the right side of the wing while F-T Tails and Team Defenders dropped down onto the left side, all of them crouching down. The Tornado shook and dipped a bit due to the landings, but O-T Tails had little trouble straightening it out and pulling up. As they ascended, F-T Tails looked down at the wing as he said, “Wow, this is nostalgic. It’s been a while since we took the old Tornado out for a flight.”

F-T Sonic asked, “You said you were able to fix it up after the last time, right?” The fox nodded, so he said, “We should do it sometime then.” He then faced and pointed forward, “Now, let’s get after that dragon!” O-T Tails nodded and flew the Tornado straight for the new portal, pushing it to maximum speed as everyone held on tight.

Link watched as the Tornado flew towards the portal. For a moment, he had considered going with them even though it seemed like the metal bird was already going to be carrying too much. Something about its red color had touched something deep within him, some sort of recognition he hadn’t known about, but he had kept his feet rooted to the ground when Lucario had taken off running. The way he felt connected to Greninja at the moment made him not want to get too far away from the frog again, and there was something enticing about the strange self-driving cart Yoshi had.

The boy turned to look when Yoshi honked the horn and saw that everyone save for Rainbow, Fluttershy, and Cadance had already climbed onto it, the anti-gravity already activated and Twilight’s magic in effect. “Come on, Link, we’re leaving!” Shining said. Link nodded and ran over to the kart, finding a spot on the back next to Greninja. With everyone onboard, Yoshi drove towards the edge and kept going, Twilight’s magic making a road of sorts for it to drive on as it went past the edge. Cadance, Rainbow, and Fluttershy flew after them once they were sure the others would have no trouble reaching the portal. The kart’s engine didn’t make it as fast as it could be, but it reached the opening shortly after the Tornado disappeared through it, the flyers right behind it.

After they passed through the portal and found themselves in the destroyed future city, F-T Sonic and Tails expected to feel the heat of the sun all around them, but to their surprise, even though it seemed to be as bright as it was when they left, it didn’t seem to be as hot as it was then. “What’s going on? Why doesn’t it seem so hot here all of a sudden?” Tails asked.

“It’s because of Air Lock, Rayquaza’s innate Ability. It negates the effects of weather changes,” Lucario explained. He looked up at the clear skies overhead as he continued, “It’s mainly the effects of the weather that affect a battle that are negated, but as you noted, that’s not all it affects.”

O-T Tails looked down and noticed that up ahead, there were more buildings either collapsed or completely destroyed than ones still standing. Looking further ahead, he could see a massive figure standing in the lava staring down another massive figure in the water in the ruins of Station Square. “Uh, guys? You might want to see this,” he said while pointing forward. Looking ahead, they were all able to see the two figures, but more details were starting to come into view.

It was clear to everyone save Riolu and the O-Ts that the two figures were Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, but they had changed. Groudon’s body was now covered with large, thick gray rocks and what looked like lava pulsing in the spots that weren’t covered, and on Kyogre’s back, stretching up like some towering extension of his spine, was a familiar purple-tinted water creature. It seemed as though Iblis and Perfect Chaos’ earlier merging with the two hadn’t just triggered Primal Reversion; now they were in control of the two.

They could also see, in the area around where the two were fighting, a number of Legendary Pokémon that all looked like they had been trying and struggling to get the two to stop. There were four large birds, one looking like it was made of flames, one yellow with a sharp-looking beak and wings, one with light blue feathers and a long flowing tail feather, and one white with a blue underbelly and wings that seemed to end in hands, sprawled out on top of a few buildings that were still standing on both sides as they tried to recover from damage they had taken. There was also a Pokémon on top of one of the collapsed buildings on Kyogre’s side that looked like a large green and black snake, a Pokémon that looked like a large blue deer that had many branches on its rainbow-colored antlers looking on near the dividing line in concern, a large red and black bird or dragon with a long tail that was flapping its wings as it hovered not far from Groudon and Kyogre, and an orange-colored Pokémon that was smaller than all the rest of the newcomers that had a normal left arm while its right arm looked like a DNA double helix on one of the standing buildings on Groudon’s side.

“Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Lugia, Zygarde, Xerneas, Yveltal, Deoxys… Suicune wasn’t kidding when she said Dialga and Palkia were going to alert the other Legendaries,” Lucario said as he looked at all the Pokémon he had named.

“Things really took a turn while we were gone, and it doesn’t look like it was for the better,” F-T Tails uttered. Moments later, the Pokémon Lucario had referred to as Yveltal charged up and unleashed a black and red beam from its mouth at the Kyogre-Chaos hybrid, the top half retaliating with a purple-colored beam instead of a white one that met it halfway. As the two beams pushed against each other, Kyogre looked up and fired an Ice Beam from its mouth that struck the underside of Yveltal. It was strong enough to make it screech in pain, causing it to lose focus and allow Chaos’ beam to overpower its weakened Oblivion Wing. It was pushed back, the Groudon-Iblis beast getting behind it and wrapping both arms around it when it collided. The beast released several red-orange energy crescents from its body, causing further damage to Yveltal, and then threw it to the side into the side of a standing building. The creature then summoned flaming rocks and sent them raining down on the Destruction Pokémon.

Not all of the rocks hit Yveltal, though; some ended up flying farther than intended, and one of these rocks was heading straight for the Tornado. As soon as O-T Tails saw it coming, he made a sharp turn to the left to get out of the way. The heat from the fire unexpectedly caused the rock to break apart, however, and the way the pieces broke apart caused a moderately-sized piece to go the same way that the plane was going. F-T Sonic looked back and saw it coming, specifically seeing that, at the rate it was going, it was going to hit O-T Sonic. He quickly threw himself over his younger self to shield him, the burning rock bouncing off him and falling into the lava below. When he pulled back, he and everyone else saw that his raccoon attributes had disappeared. “Aw… Well, it was fun while it lasted,” he shrugged.

F-T Tails looked back and saw Yoshi’s kart, Cadance, Rainbow, and Fluttershy not too far behind following after them. He then looked at Lucario and asked, “Do you think we should keep our distance for the time being?”

The Aura Pokémon nodded, “I do, especially now.” He looked up at the sky over the two hybrids and saw a familiar dragon descending. “Look! Rayquaza’s making her entrance!” he clarified, pointing.

Not far from the center of the conflict, atop one of the collapsed buildings, three familiar Legendary Pokémon also noticed Rayquaza’s arrival. ~Rayquaza! Lucario and the others found her,~ Suicune said.

~Well, it’s about time! We could’ve found her multiple times over by now!~ Entei growled.

Raikou looked at him, ~Will you calm yourself, Entei? Your temper’s not helping us, and it’s probably not helping this world considering how unstable the ground is.~ He turned back to the fight, ~We’ve already talked about this. This mess did not occur simply because of that creature Suicune mentioned. Someone or something specifically dragged our world into this, and if they’ve been watching this entire time, they probably know of our allies’ efforts to find Rayquaza.~

Suicune nodded, ~Confinement consumes chronology. Whether they were trapped simply or complexly, they surely did not have an easy time returning.~ She looked up at Rayquaza again, ~They’ve brought Rayquaza here, however, and they’re surely here as well. She’s the only one who can get through to them now. She only needs to change into her pure form now to better achieve that.~

The two hybrids looked up as Rayquaza descended out of the clouds towards them while roaring angrily. The controllers just sneered, causing their Pokémon to sneer as well, and began focusing their attacks on her. Kyoas was the first to move, Chaos firing another purple beam while Kyogre unleashed a Hydro Pump. Rayquaza twisted around both attacks, the Hydro Pump not evaporating immediately when it crossed over due to the Air Lock effect. Groublis made its move next, the Iblis half forcing Groudon to walk forward while he readied a Fire Blast. The resulting attack was not as strong as it could be, but Rayquaza still had to get out of its path.

As she swooped around, she headed for Groublis and held up her glowing right claw as she dragged it diagonally across his chest, cutting into the exposed areas and leaving claw marks on the rocks. The beast kept moving as it swung its right claw, forcing her to break off and get out of the way. She turned to Kyoas as she pulled away, the water creature having not moved at all while she was in front of Groublis. Once it had a clear shot, the Kyogre half unleashed a Hydro Pump at her that seemed certain to hit, but she disappeared just as it reached her. She suddenly reappeared above the surface of the lava and water and twisted up to hit Kyogre from below with Aerial Ace, managing to knock the conjoined beasts up out of the water. Perfect Chaos’ tentacles tried to grab at her as it was being lifted up, but they were unable to wrap around her.

The fight continued this way for a short while, Rayquaza coming in to attack Kyoas and/or Groublis before moving to get out of the way of their attacks. Occasionally she took a hit or two, but they only managed to graze her. The group and all of the Legendary Pokémon kept their distance from the fight. The latter was still recovering from trying to get between the two earlier, but as they watched, many of them wondered why Rayquaza seemed to be unable to change like she did to save the Tree of Life.

Eventually, Rayquaza went in for a Dragon Tail attack on Groublis, swinging her glowing tail around to strike it in the chest. She broke through the rock covering it and landed a critical hit, but despite the pain, the beast was ready. Even as it cried out, it focused its power, causing new rocks to quickly climb up onto its chest to replace the ones it had lost, trapping the end of Rayquaza’s tail underneath them before she could pull it away. She was about to try struggling when Groublis seized her in both claws and stretched her out, pulling her tail free with magma dripping from the end of it. The Kyogre end of Kyoas unleashed an Ice Beam from its mouth, getting a direct hit on her and causing her to screech. Once the beam had stopped, Groublis shifted both claws to the end of her tail and began swinging her in a circle, letting go after a few moments and causing her to crash into a standing building on the Station Square side. Perfect Chaos then turned around and fired a horizontally sweeping beam at the base of the building, causing it to fall backwards with her still embedded in it.

While the two roared and turned their attention back to each other, the group was already en route to aid Rayquaza, the effects of Air Lock seemingly starting to lessen as the harsh sunlight and heavy rain began to pick up again. Rainbow and Fluttershy were the first to arrive, landing on the building and moving to help the dragon as the Sonics, F-T Tails, and Team Defenders leapt off of the Tornado, Cadance and Yoshi’s kart landing as O-T Tails flew away. They all got to work throwing off the rubble that had fallen on Rayquaza when the building landed and checking around to make sure nothing had gotten stuck in her. They were able to get her uncovered fairly quickly, but she did not move to take off, only twitching and shaking a bit as she lay there, her head turned up and back.

Fluttershy and Cadance began checking across her body from top to bottom, seeing if they had missed something. After a minute, Twilight asked, “Is she okay?”

Shining gave his sister a slightly annoyed look as he said, “Twilight, she technically had a building fall on top of her. Who would be okay after that?”

F-T Sonic shrugged, “Godzilla?”

F-T Tails shook his head and looked at Rayquaza as he knelt down. “I don’t think the impact and subsequent crash is the problem here,” he mused.

Lucario nodded, “I agree. Her scales are thick; even something as heavy as this should just be a minor hindrance to her.”

F-T Sonic shrugged, “Exactly my point. Just like Godzilla.”

Lucario continued, “The real problem is undoubtedly that earlier Ice Beam. Because of her type, Rayquaza is rather weak to Ice Type attacks. But the bigger concern is why she hasn’t changed yet. She shouldn’t need an Awakening Emera to be able to unleash her true power.”

Yoshi asked, “Yoshi, yoshi? (Well, what can we do about it?)”

While everyone mulled this over and Fluttershy and Cadance continued to check Rayquaza, Link and the still changed Greninja walked up along her neck, standing just above her on the stone. As they looked down at her, she suddenly brought her head up, catching everyone’s attention. She had an angry look on her face as she looked in the direction that the sound of fighting was coming from, but the ones who had been through numerous fights before knew it was more than that. She wasn’t angry; she was determined, ready to keep fighting even when her body was telling her otherwise. It was a no-surrender look that they all knew so well.

Suddenly, a bright light began shining from one of the pouches on Link’s waist, once again causing all eyes present to change their focus. Reaching into the pouch, Link pulled out the small stone he had found earlier, the source of the bright light they were seeing. Further down along Rayquaza’s body, a similar light began to emanate from a special sac. As the lights began to shine brighter, Link found the stone lifting up out of his hand, the boy holding both hands up as it hung in the air.

From a building still standing a fair distance away, Suicune, Raikou, and Entei could see the strange phenomenon as could O-T Tails as he circled in the Tornado. As the light began to recede, they saw Rayquaza rising up out of it, but she looked different. She now had what looked like two pinchers on the sides of her face, long orange-yellow strands like whiskers extending from the back of them and the top of the horns on her head, and while her long snake-like body was the same, there were now areas of black on her underside and amber-colored spots on her sides. As she brought her head down, Rayquaza’s eyes locked with Suicune’s, the latter nodding to let her know that she was glad to see her and that they would all have her back in the coming fight. Nodding back, Rayquaza fully extricated her body from the building before flying away, a mysterious air current following in her wake.

The strange current soon caught the attention of both Groublis and Kyoas as a new cloud covering filled the two skies, blocking the intense sunlight and causing the heavy rainfall to stop. They turned to look as she swooped around towards them, soon flying straight towards them down the dividing line. Growling, they once again focused on her as she flew in to engage them as she had earlier. With their attention diverted, Suicune, Entei, and Raikou began moving around the two cities and communicating with the other Legendaries as well as the group, everyone in the latter getting airborne again to get ready.

Once the orders were given and the plan was explained, Suicune made her way up onto one of the buildings not far from the fight, keeping an eye on Kyoas as she got into position. Rayquaza spotted her as she flew around Groublis. The beast took a swing at her with Slash and kept its eyes on her as she flew away. The green dragon then changed course and shot straight up into the sky, getting out of Suicune’s way as she fired a Hydro Pump at Groublis’ face, the air currents helping to carry the attack to its target. It didn’t do much damage, but it did hit the hybrid’s eye and caused it to focus on her for the moment, which was all she needed.

Groublis took the time to charge up and fire a Solarbeam at the Aurora Pokémon in retaliation. While it was charging the attack, Suicune stole a glance over at Kyoas and adjusted her position as she noticed where it was. Once the Solarbeam was ready, Groublis unleashed it. It shot straight towards Suicune, an orange-red energy barrier forming in front of her before it hit. She groaned as she stood her ground against the powerful attack, but after a few moments, her Mirror Coat was able to redirect the shot, sending it towards Station Square where it hit the Kyogre part of Kyoas in the back and side.

The redirected Solarbeam managed to do quite a bit of damage and threw it into the side of a building, but more importantly, it caused something to stir within Kyoas. Deep within the recesses of its mind, the repressed Kyogre part realized there was only one Pokémon present that could hit it with a Solarbeam, especially one that powerful, and it caused Kyogre’s blood to boil. Managing to fight through the dark haze over his mind coming from whatever force was within Perfect Chaos’ body, Kyogre regained control of his body and spun around, his body knocking against several buildings as it sent a Hydro Pump in Groublis’ direction. The attack managed to pierce Groudon’s body beneath the rocks and had the same effect of pulling Groudon’s conscious back to the forefront of its mind. Temporarily back in control, the two Legendaries rushed towards each other, their rivalry renewed.

The two met at the dividing line and began going at each other’s faces, fins and claws flying as they fought. They could still feel the presence of Chaos and Iblis in their minds beginning to take over again as they resorted to base instincts, but they didn’t care; they were more focused on each other. As such, they were taken by surprise when an Ice Beam attack came from above and partially froze them together, Articuno swooping overhead. Their struggling to get free was halted when a Thunder attack from Zapdos came down from above, Groudon even being shocked a bit due to the attack hitting the ice between him and Kyogre. The ice shattered afterwards and Lugia swooped down from above, an orange orb forming in front of its mouth and being fired as a beam that that struck the space between the two disoriented Pokémon, causing an explosion.

Kyogre was lifted out of the water and Groudon was pushed backwards by the explosion, the two, for the moment, separated. Seeing this, Rayquaza, Deoxys, and Moltres flew for the two, Rayquaza aiming for Groudon while Deoxys and Moltres were focused on Kyogre. Once they were close enough, Deoxys charged up and fired a Psycho Boost attack while Moltres unleashed a Fire Blast, a glowing orb and a star-shaped Fire type attack hitting Kyogre and pushing him back into the ruins of Station Square. Rayquaza, meanwhile, had twisted around and slammed into Groudon, her claws on his shoulders as she pushed him back away from Kyogre and back into the city, letting go of him when his legs were thrown out from under him due to colliding with a collapsed building. She then flew up and away, Moltres and Deoxys doing the same. The two were separated; it was time for the next phase.

The Tornado flew over the dividing line, Yoshi’s kart, Rainbow, Fluttershy, and Cadance close behind it. As everyone in the plane looked over at the Station Square side, F-T Sonic noticed the slight shaking from his younger self as he looked down at the water and knew that his, no, their fear already ran as deep as the depths of the Labyrinth Zone. F-T Sonic nodded to himself, “Well, it’s time for us to complete this ring.” He looked back at Lucario and called, “You guys ready for this?”

The Aura Pokémon nodded, “You bet! Let’s go!” They looked back down and saw a spot to jump down: one of the larger buildings floating on its side in the water, yet it was tilted upwards somewhat due to it being collapsed on another building. After a moment, F-T Sonic and Lucario (with Pikachu and Riolu on his shoulders) leapt off of the Tornado, the biplane turning to fly towards Groudon with Yoshi’s kart and the flyers behind it as they fell. The two managed to roll upon landing and kept their momentum going as they started sliding down once they were standing again. They felt a slight tremor beneath them a second later and knew that their aid had joined them. Suicune and Raikou were running down after them while Lugia, Articuno, Zapdos, and Deoxys flew overhead.

Kyogre, meanwhile, had been pushed to the back of his mind as Chaos took control again due to the stress of the situation, Iblis likewise doing the same to Groudon in the other city. As Kyoas emerged from the water, Chaos’ vantage point allowed him to see the Pokémon while Kyogre’s eyes picked up movement above the water moving closer. Choosing to focus on the bigger targets first, both parts of Kyoas focused their attacks on the flyers, Lugia countering Kyogre’s Hydro Pump with its own while Zapdos and Articuno used their Electric and Ice attacks to stop the beam that Chaos fired.

Deoxys, meanwhile, flew down to follow F-T Sonic, Lucario, Suicune, and Raikou through Station Square’s ruins. Lucario used ExtremeSpeed to keep up with Sonic while the Legendaries had no trouble keeping up as the two ran over the floating roads and cut through the destroyed buildings to move through the city. As they got closer, Kyogre’s eyes caught sight of them, alerting Chaos to their presence. Realizing it was a two-pronged attack, Chaos turned to focus on them while Kyogre kept the Pokémon busy. Seeing this, Sonic and Lucario glanced back at Suicune and nodded, the Aurora Pokémon nodding back before she turned right and started looking for a destroyed building to climb up while everyone else kept going forward.

Once they got close to Kyoas, they all came to a stop and focused on drawing Chaos’ attacks, using the buildings and roads around to move around as best they could, Deoxys using its Psychic powers to aid them. Suicune, meanwhile, had managed to locate a building that she could use and began heading for Kyoas again, firing an Aurora Beam off to the side as she ran as a signal. It was seen by the other Legendary Pokémon, including Xerneas who began to make its way towards Kyoas at it.

Suicune soon reached the top of a building near Kyoas and positioned herself at the edge of it as Articuno came down from above, the light blue bird flapping its wings to stay airborne as it prepared to unleash a Blizzard attack. Suicune readied the same attack and they both unleashed a freezing gust of wind from their mouths straight at Perfect Chaos. The water creature began to growl and screech at the cold, feeling itself begin to freeze underneath. It began trying to get Kyogre to move them away, but Xerneas came bounding through the city as Lugia got over Chaos and dropped down.

As soon as it landed on Chaos’ back, Lugia wrapped its wings around the beast to try to restrain it as best it could. The two main tentacles were caught under its wings, but Chaos kept trying to get Kyogre to move them away and summoned more tentacles from its body to attack Lugia. Sonic and the others watched as Xerneas galloped past them and got up in Chaos’ face, its many antlers catching the new tentacles while its front legs pressed down on Kyogre’s head, messing with him. It wasn’t exactly a secure spot to be standing, but the large cervine stood its ground as it tried to keep Chaos restrained.

Thanks to the Delta Stream, the cold winds of the two Blizzards didn’t hurt Lugia as much as normal and after a minute, it released Chaos and flapped its wings to get away while Xerneas backed off. By this time, Chaos’ entire lower body had been frozen and the ice was quickly climbing up to its head. Suicune and Articuno stopped when it was completely frozen, a layer of ice having spread down over Kyogre as well. They didn’t have long.

Sonic, Lucario, and Riolu quickly got in front of Kyoas while Raikou took Pikachu with him up onto a nearby rooftop. Nodding at each other, the three jumped up as high as they could as Deoxys flew down behind them, both sets of its tendrils forming into arms. It held both hands out with its palms facing forward as it unleashed a powerful wave of Psychic energy that sent the three flying straight at Chaos. Lucario gritted his teeth as he tried to remain Steadfast while readying a Focus Punch, throwing his right fist forward while Sonic curled up and Riolu readied a Focus Palm as they approached Chaos.

For a second the frozen form held against them, but with a little extra push from the Psychic wave, they broke through it and kept going. They emerged from Chaos’ back and managed to grab onto the side of a building behind it before looking back. They had managed to break the water creature in two, the still-frozen upper half of its body falling into the water in front of Kyogre. Knowing some of him still remained inside the Sea Basin Pokémon, Raikou leapt from the roof he was on with Pikachu on his back while Zapdos hovered in the sky overhead. Deoxys swooped down to get Sonic and Lucario, the latter holding Riolu up against his chest with his left arm while his right paw was in Deoxys’ hand, and flew away with them. Suicune, Lugia, Articuno, and Xerneas, meanwhile, had all started retreating to get as far away from Kyoas as possible before the Electric Type Pokémon all unleashed a powerful Thunder attack on it.

Meanwhile, in the other city, nearly everyone else was working to take down Groublis. Spike had earlier discovered that the weak spot in Iblis’ forehead was still present in its fused form when he slipped into one of the openings in the rock armor and they were now trying to open the armor up for a finishing blow. It wasn’t easy as Groudon kept trying to shake them off, but they were being aided by Zygarde and Entei, the latter riding on the former as it crawled around on the beast’s body, both of them trying to draw its attention to them. O-T Tails, Yoshi (with Twilight’s support), and Fluttershy kept their distance as they flew around, being the ones to swoop in and catch anyone who fell.

Groudon wasn’t the only problem; Iblis was constantly calling upon its flying spawn to help it deal with the attackers. Entei, Link, F-T Tails, Cadance, Rainbow, and Greninja were doing their best to send them packing, but they kept coming in swarms. F-T Tails was using both hands to throw fireballs and knock them back, but it wasn’t enough to slow them down. Eventually one managed to land a bomb at his feet. He wasn’t hurt or sent flying due to the Fire Flower’s protection, but he did lose its power. Seeing this, Link began preparing three arrows at a time and firing them at the spawn to pick up the slack.

After several minutes, something began to shine brightly on Groublis’ forehead as the rock covering became thinner and thinner. “What is that?” Applejack asked when she saw it.

“It might be Iblis’ core,” Shining suggested.

“Let’s try to get it as open as we can! We’ve got to give Yveltal as clear a shot as possible!” F-T Tails called. At all this talking, Groublis’ eyes narrowed and it began struggling harder and swinging its head fiercely to try to shake them all off. No one was prepared for its renewed struggles and so nearly everyone was thrown off. F-T Tails took flight and managed to catch Rarity in midair while O-T Tails was able to get the Tornado’s wings in Shining, O-T Sonic, and Greninja’s flight paths, Shining sliding and needing to slam his front hooves on the edge of the wing to keep from falling off. Yoshi caught Pinkie in midair, and Entei leapt off of Zygarde and ran down Groublis’ back, leaping to get underneath Applejack and Spike before they could fall too far. He was able to land on Groudon’s tail and made a running leap to get the two to safety.

Only Link remained on Groudon’s head, the boy managing to get the tip of his sword lodged in the rock just above the glowing spot and wrapping both hands around it. He did his best to hang on as Groublis shook its head and the rest of its body to try to throw him and Zygarde off.

Suddenly, Zygarde slid off and plunged into the lava below, the tail end of its body wriggling as it seemingly burrowed down into it. Groublis kept trying to throw Link, the boy still holding onto his sword for dear life. A minute later, Zygarde resurfaced and slithered up on top of one of the drastically shortened buildings, straightening up and looking at Groublis. It began to glow light green a second later, similar rays of light beginning to shine up out of the lava in front of it as the ground underneath began to crack and break.

The ground cracking underneath it caused Groublis to halt its struggling, swinging its head down as it tried to maintain its balance. Now that he was able to place his feet under him again, Link pulled his Kokiri Sword free and held it in his left hand while he pulled out a bomb with his right hand, throwing it forward. It exploded against the glowing spot, exposing it further and causing damage to Groublis. Link was prepared when Groublis dipped its head, pulling out his Hookshot and turning around to fire it into a gap in the rock to get a secure grip. Groublis covered its head with its claws, leaving the glowing spot only slightly exposed.

As the Tornado flew around its front, Greninja took a running jump and began creating and throwing Water Shurikens as he soared through the air, pulling the big shuriken off of his back and lodging it into the glowing spot just as he was about to land. Not missing a beat, the frog dashed forward and grabbed Link as the boy pulled his Hookshot free, both being knocked down Groublis’ back as it swung its head up. Greninja’s powerful legs absorbed the impact of landing on the tail and made it easy for him to jump, Entei managing to get underneath them while Rainbow flew up and shot down in a Sonic Rainboom at the almost completely exposed spot, the impact raising a rainbow-colored mushroom cloud that disoriented nearly everyone nearby and sent her sprawling through the air.

While Cadance and Fluttershy flew to help the cyan pegasus, Yveltal got into position. It flapped its wings so that it could hover in the sky at an angle to Groublis, its sharp eyes locking on to the glowing spot on the beast’s forehead as it gathered energy in its mouth. It fired a black and red beam a second later, striking the spot dead-on. As the beam continued to rain down on it, the rocks covering Groudon’s body began to crumble and fall off, the lava underneath also breaking away. After no more than ten seconds, the Oblivion Wing attack ended. Groudon’s head was facing down and there were only a few hardened bits of lava left clinging to his body right now. He almost looked like a dried husk now, as if the life force had been drained out of him, but that was not the case. Yveltal’s Oblivion Wing had actually been targeting Iblis specifically, pulling the monster’s presence out of their fused form while leaving Groudon little worse for the wear.

This became apparent moments later when Primal Groudon’s bright red coloring flared to life, the lines across his body glowing yellow as well as his eyes, which were now visible. As he began to regain consciousness, Moltres swooped down and slammed into his back in a Sky Attack. It didn’t do much damage, but it pushed against him for several seconds, forcing him forward and causing him to stagger when Moltres stopped and flew away. He ended up stopping near the dividing line, his claws on his knees as he panted.

Primal Kyogre suddenly crashed headfirst into the top of his head a second later, the Sea Basin Pokémon having been sent flying by Xerneas and Deoxys after Chaos had been electrolyzed from him. He dropped down into the water on the other side and Groudon looked at him when he resurfaced. He seemed just as dazed as the Continent Pokémon, but he too appeared to be back to normal, his eyes no longer green and having a reptilian look to them and his normal blue color restored. It seemed like they were going to be all right.

All of a sudden, they both heard an angry roar and looked up. Mega Rayquaza came down from the clouds overhead, a purple aura surrounding her as she shot straight down at them. The two Pokémon let out a terrified screech and hugged each other, knowing there was no chance of them escaping this. She crashed down a second later, creating a large explosion that was heard and seen by all in the two cities.

As the smoke from the explosion settled, O-T Tails found a fallen building that was long enough for him to land the Tornado on while Yoshi looked for a building to park his kart. He soon found one and set down on it with the wheels down. He began honking the horn to alert everyone else to his, Twilight, and Pinkie’s position. O-T Tails, Shining, and O-T Sonic soon caught up with them, and it didn’t take long for everyone else to join up as well, F-T Sonic, Team Defenders, Suicune, and Raikou making their way over to that side. As they all stood on the rooftop, they saw that Greninja, who was still on Entei’s back with Link, Applejack, and Spike, had returned to normal. They all then looked in the direction of the explosion as the four slid off, seeing the smoke was almost gone.

Once the air was clear, the three Pokémon that had been obscured could be seen. Groudon was lying on his back on their side, Kyogre was floating in the water on the Station Square side, and Rayquaza was strewn across the both of them, the impact having apparently knocked her out. They noticed that while Rayquaza was still Mega Evolved, both Kyogre and Groudon were no longer in their Primal forms. The two soon awakened and carefully pushed Rayquaza off of them so as not to wake her before standing up. They both seemed dazed and confused, neither one looking entirely sure that they knew what had happened.

Suddenly Rayquaza jolted up between the two and growled at them as they stared up in fear at her. She seized them both by the back of their heads and slammed them together a few times; she then held them apart and snarled at them while they seemingly tried to placate her, neither one having much success.

While the group watched the admittedly odd display from the rooftop, F-T Sonic scratched his head and said, “Wow. They really are like siblings, huh?”

Entei gave him an odd look, ~‘Like’?~

Twilight started, “Maybe we should…”

Raikou interrupted, ~I wouldn’t worry about them. This is…more common than you would think.~

Cadance suggested, “Maybe one of my love spells would help them all calm down.”

Lucario shrugged, “It’s worth a shot, I suppose.” Suicune nodded thoughtfully; it seemed like the crisis was over.

Author's Note:

*sigh* ...Well... you know what they say about good intentions...

How about some inspiring words from the man to help deal with this disappointment?

"What does it mean to be a hero? It's more than just superpowers and costumes. It's being scared, but standing tall anyway. It's digging deeper, and pushing further than you ever thought you could, in the face of unthinkable evil. True heroes band together to do what's right. Sometimes, it takes extraordinary circumstances to prove that maybe, just maybe, there's a hero in all of us."

-Stan Lee, Lego Marvel Superheroes trailer

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