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This was pretty good, I like the way you characterize SS. Usually ppl just have her follow DT because she's scared or something stupid. Here, she does it out of loyalty/love. You took her generic fandom personality and changed it to the point where I'm interested in actually reading about her.

thanks that means allot. I was afraid it didn't have as much heart as my "Alcohol's effect on friendhipping" but it is always good to know I was both true to the original character as well as adding more depth to her personality. Especially when it comes to BEST PONE Silver Spoon and my OTP :duck:

Might be a bit strange to put that here, but after the part with Filthy Rich, I wonder if Silver Spoon is bi.

3568419 They are pretty amazing, aren't they? :heart:

A story where Silver Spoon is not a mindless drone sent from the future to redeem the destroyer of worlds, Goddess and keeper of the fountain of Brony Tears, Diamond Dazzle Tiara? I'm gonna stuff my face this enticing tale!

Seriously, I'm a about to make as many DT and Silvy emoticons as I can find. This site needs more emoticons!

First of all WHOA I want to read THAT story!:pinkiegasp: That is a pretty awesome scifi take on SS/DT!:twistnerd:

If it doesn't exist I am tempted to write it:pinkiehappy:

what if she is actually a cyborge sent back in time to KILL Diamond Tiara. She gets close to her target. Too Close, seeing there is redeeming qualities in her and falls in love with her instead and tries to redeem her? A Terminator crossover kina thing. Maybe when it is learned that the first Terminator has deviated from her mission they send another. Babs Seed:twilightoops:

OH and HELL yeah we need SS, DT. and Babsy emoticons!:raritystarry:

well that would be telling now wont it?:duck: I suspect I will be revealing all three sexual orientations in the next chapter. :raritywink:

Damn Auto Correct!:flutterrage:

I'll revise here shortly. I just saw one of those errors in the first chapter. I wonder how many there are?:twilightoops:


it is now your duty to write that story. What shall it be called? The Spooninator?

naah.. nothing so corny:facehoof:

And I decided her adversary won't be Babs, it will be :unsuresweetie:bot

I might actually do it. I even know of an awesome Terminator Sweetie poster to post up for it.

Sadly I have hit writers block for my chapter "Conquests: The Heart" damnit!:raritydespair: right when I get close to the climax of the story!:raritycry:

Alright. Now that I've read what's currently available, I gotta say that I'm pretty engaged by the characterization here. I like the way you portray the way these three characters interact.


Ah, yes, of course. That's a better fit, yeah.

Eeyup, the block always strikes at the worst, possible, time! :duck:
Sorry. I'm very tired and couldn't resist. Anyway, I hope your creative spark returns quickly.

Yes Sadly we don't know if Babs had any feelings for her new friends because of the cold and callus manner in which she dumps them. I don't have allot of respect or like for canon Babs Seed. I watched the episode again before committing to the story and the truth is I WISH she did go over that cliff!

First she betrayed her own cousin and then her two new friends she had hung out with for more then a week. In my opinion, she used Silver and Diamond and then when she had no use for her charade she cast them aside and publicly humiliated them!

maybe they deserved a little taste of their own medicine but Babs was more of a bully then they ever where. And she dumped them as if they had no feelings.:flutterrage:

I'm very passionate about it. So I gave Babs some concern for Silver Spoon to show she does care. But I don't like Babs much at all.:twilightangry2:

and her accent is a pain in the ass to write.:unsuresweetie:


You and I have a similar view of Babs, it seems. As far as we can see, she never got her "karmic reward" for her bullying.

I can only see Babs blatant betrayl as a means to increase Diamond's hatred and mistrust. She didn't even try to preserve their friendship. And she could have told them it was over without threats, if she really didn't want to be their friend.

Lets face it. If Applejack wasn't there she would have made a real threat like she did to her own cousin and shove them in the mud with her bare hooves. I think Babs is just naturaly violent. Maybe she changed by the time she came back for the reunion but I wasn't hearing any of that shit, after what she did to my girls:flutterrage:

maybe that's why I hit a snag here on the next chapter. I don't like Bad Seed at all.:unsuresweetie:

You can probably bet this is the last fic I write with her even in it. I cant say I hate her cause I have RPed with some cool Babs Seeds on tumblr.. well only one of two.. the other was kina still a dick to my older Silver Spoon. The user had his muse not even remember Silver Spoon! that kina pissed me off.:twilightangry2:


Oh, yeah, we're about eye-to-eye regarding Babs, here. I'm perhaps a bit less passionate, though. Babs and the way she interacted with Silver and Diamond weren't explored much, nor were her motives, really. That's what stories like this one are for, though.

And yeah, I can see the issue there. I dunno how you might get around that to finish this. Just gotta ignore your own feelings and focus on the story, I guess. Gotta stay neutral on the issue, at least until the story is finished. That's the best I can think of. I wish you luck.

well it helps to create an empathetic Babs Seed who cares about Spoony but it's hard writing when I know how it ends.

"Conquests: The Soul" if written will be a future scene after Babs has mended fences with them. If I get it written.

and looking forward to seeing what you have going.:twilightsmile:

3570203 OH SISTER I would read the hell out of that story. Anything with more Babs and DT&SS interactions is all good by me! That would be the baddest badflank story on this site if done well, and with what I've read from you so far, that seems like a fair estimate to make.

Speaking of, I think you're the first ever to write something that ever made me actually exclaim out loud "OH COME ON!" when I hit a brick wall oh an ending. It left me wanting a colta cola really bad.

You certainly have an incredible imagination for this. I can't wait to get more of this high quality writing. This was just incredible. The way you painted Babs as a bit of an usurper and DT trying to retain her Alpha Bitch title was just, hawt I guess. Felt like they were gonna hoof it out there and then when Babs got into DT's face.

HA I laughed at that "oh my god what is WRONG with me!?" part. Masochistic Silver Spoon? Not sure that's the proper term for her wilds, but she gets very turned on by even thoughts of getting spanked or spoken down to. Yeah, I'd say she's a total masochist! lol xD

I finally found the time to read this without being bothered and I have to say it shattered my expectations and just made me go from "This seems like a good story." to "OH COME ON!" torture of having to anticipate and wait on future chapters.

Yes Silver Spoon is a budding young masochist and Diamond is a sadist. Part of the reason Diamond Tiara enjoys being a bully and Silver Spoon joins in out of service and devotion to her mistress. Both are just discovering their natures. But not Diamond, not in this fic.

Silver Spoon is begening to question her own motives and desires since we are being told the story from her POV.

if you haven't already, read "Alcohol's Effect of Friendshipping" for a more indept look at how they settled into their roles while having no knowledge of a sadomasochistic dynamic.:twistnerd:

3572082 This pleases me more. Also, totally agree with you on your Babs Seed canon dislike (also, it was 3 weeks, but at the start it says one week, so I imagine that Babs was having such a great time that her parents let her stay another 2 weeks. That why she'd be able to see the Float Parade too at the festival.) Meh, details. Sorry, I'm pretty nitpicky.

Babs had the best chance of becoming a sort of neutral part, a bridge between DT and AB. And then we got the usual shite writing to avoid having to make anything original. Not to mention it made me dislike AJ a bit and I love AJ.

3572871 Way ahead of ya. It was on my to read list after this story. You do good work. Hope that spark returns with a vengeance and we get a fitting climax.

I have to wonder if Babs ever looks back to her 3 weeks with DT and SS and wonder if she regrets how she ended their friendships. I doubt it given her character flip-flopping portrayal though. A 5 year old could of written a better ending to that episode...

well why did you dislike AJ? I mean beside the fact that she let two fillies get pushed in the mud without raising a hoof.

and DEAD ON! I was thinking the same thing. Babs had the upper hoof, it was obvious. her threats and postureing were unnecessary. She could have served to bridge the gap between SS/DT and the CMC. Instead she chose to BURN that bridge and piss on the ashes! The truth is SHE DIDN'T give a DAMN about Silver and Diamond and neither did the writers! Silver and Diamond are nothing but mindless drones with no feelings! Even Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis get more love for buck sake!

I HATE Babs Seed (in canon) there I said it. she can go buck her self with a cactus!

oh and thanks for all your support. Let me know how you like the other fic.:twilightsmile:

Yeah like it never occurred to her that Silver Spoon may have become a bully in the beginning because she is afraid of being bullied and Diamond protects and cares for her.

I mean lets face it. she's adorkable. and while we find it endearing, that's a terrible crime in the school yard!

oh an speaking of rewrites for One Bad Seed, check this out. What If

I kina :flutterrage: at the author for leaving Silver Spoon out of it entirely. You can find my note on it in his comments. But when he told me why he did it, not to hate on her, but to SPARE her I couldn't help but applaud.

Sadly, needs of the episode. They wanted to show that Babs had changed, was stronger now, and couldn't actually solve the problem with DT and Spoon without losing the characters, so Babs bullies yet again. To a couple of ponies who thought her a good enough friend to show up to say good-bye. That and her failure to give a quick sorrowful look over her shoulder after her first bit of float wrecking are two things I wish could have been different.

I do like Babs though, despite how she suffers a bit from the writing. Hence why I've used her in a few of my stories: "Attitude" (reconciliation with Babs, DT, and Spoon), and "Too Cool for Mule" (my own twist on "One Bad Apple"). Do wish they'd used her more in "Apple Family Reunion", rather than wasting time on Granny Smith and her cousin.

Oh yes "too cool for mule" looks very fun. I have that in my "read later" stash but I think I'll read now!:twilightsmile:

as for Babs I gave her the benefit of the doubt but she never showed ONE sighn of remorse until her cousin tried to kill her! Seriously dropping a float off a cliff is no prank! And into a river means she could have drowned!
Bad AB!:applecry:
BAD WRITERS!:pinkiecrazy:

I'm trying to have fun with Babs in this fic but knowing how she'll dump my girls makes it hard.:raritydespair:

3572208 Is there ever a good time for writer's block to hit? :unsuresweetie:

Not when your fic is screaming "You're going TO WRTE ME!":flutterrage:
and your readers all like "when's the next chapter coming out":raritydespair:
And your all like "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!":twilightangry2:

3577539 Trust me, I know just what you mean. :twilightoops: You've read Return of Mare Do Well, which has been on hold since the 21st of October. The last chapter I finished of Starbloom Chronicles II was 24th of November. :facehoof:

Freakin` Wurm Online is so distracting though. :fluttershyouch: I keep telling myself I'm going to work on a chapter or two today, then I end up spending 10 hours working on something in that game. :fluttershysad:

Course I can't blame just the game either, I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas myself. Also this past two weeks the kids have been home from school which makes it hard to focus on anything when you have four noisy kids running around. :applejackunsure:

This made me thinking about Silver Spoon in a different type of light. Nice Job. :pinkiehappy:

Babs accent was a lot stronger this chapter I felt. Was she eating food or did she get a fat lip between last chapter and this?

Well, it was nice to see more slice of life stuff before things get to well... places I guess. Still wish the chapter was a bit longer. Hope you somehow manage to tie up the story all the way up to the betrayal, or just write your own take on those events. Either or.

no I have no intent to dramatize the betrayal. It happens as it happened and ends just as tragically for SS and DT. Why should I write about it? The next chapter is slated to end after sexy time. the following chapter will skip ahead to the greatest day of Silver's young marehood.

sorry if Babs's accent go too heavy hoofed.:twilightsheepish:

UGH so much i like, need to do to fix this junk.

For one the teaser says that Babs suggested Spin The Bottle and it was ME when I later wrote the chapter.

and secondly her accent is just AWFUL!


well someone actually cared enough to put this in some group of "abandoned fanfics". I seriously need to revise the earlier chapters and water down Babsy's accent. But I got writers block when I got close to the actual sex scene.

you have to be in the right mood to write a threesome between your OTP and their new best friend.

Plus it is heard for me to write their good times knowing it's going to end with Babs dumping them like they have no feelings.

I'll skipping over that part and into adult hood.

I want to get back to this story but as I said writers block is a bitch.:twilightsheepish:

3613270 (sighs) Babs Accent is what I fear most in rereading this and revising :unsuresweetie:so I can continue and finally get to the sexy time.:yay:

but dear gawd her accent is so heavy it crushes the entire fic :applecry:

stupid NOTSOsexy Babs Seed:facehoof:

5155002 lol I'm sure she'll not have much time to sound NOTSOsexy when she's buried between Diamond and Silver's thighs. :p

Yeah, she sounds so butch. I think I'd died laughing someone making lovey-dovey stuff in such a thick accent. Who knows, it probably excites DT while it just scares Silver. Who knows. xD

And it's good having ya back. :3

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