• Published 3rd Apr 2014
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The Dark Side Of The Sun - ocalhoun

Celestia will always struggle with the pain and shame of what happened that fateful night, but it's nothing compared to what happened next.

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Chapter 5 ~ A Voice In The Darkness

The little purple filly in front of me looked up, her eyes full of hope. “Would you like anything else with that?”

I sipped my tea – the same raspberry blend I'd been living on since my encounter with Nightmare Moon. “No.”

Crystal let out the breath she'd been holding, and her eyes sank to the floor. “Do you suppose anypony will come back to the castle today?”

“No.” I had been alone with Star Crystal for some time now. Nopony had dared to stay in the castle since I lost the ability to resist the burning demands of the elements... nopony except for Crystal.

She was exceptional, this filly. She laughed away the worst of my schemes to enrage or terrify her, and even the most debauched of my intentions for her tender, young body were met with acceptance... and in time, even eagerness.

Still, she was but a mortal unicorn. One day, she would die, leaving me alone again. She couldn't replace Luna. Nopony ever would.

A surge of pain ran through the well-worn paths of elemental power in my body, and my compulsions grew stronger. I knew I would need to relieve them again soon. I winced. Every time I thought I had grown accustomed to the awful pressure, a new definition of 'unbearable' presented itself to me. What would it be this time? Another cruel joke, or would I take advantage of her nubile little innocence again?

A noise in the hall caused her to turn around and look, putting her tight, round flank in full view.

I liked my lips as I brushed her tiny white tail out of the way. This was going to be–

Three loud knocks rapped from the door.

I gasped at the pain and pressure the elements pushed through me at the thought of a fresh target, but I didn’t release Crystal's tail.

The door burst open without my permission. “Princess Celestia! What is this? What are you doing?”

I stared at him, momentarily speechless. He wore a blue cloak and hat, frilled with tiny bells, and a huge white beard grew from his grey face. I had never seen any unicorn like him. Another jolt of fiery compulsion shot through me. “Why don't you come in,” I purred, “and find out just what I'm doing?”

“Princess, look at yourself! You're covered in filth, you clearly haven't been sleeping, and all the color is gone from your mane.”

I narrowed my eyes. “I have killed ponies for lesser insults.”

He stared me down. “No, you haven't. I've read the history books.”

My eyes narrowed further.

“Look, Celestia, you have to–”

“That's Princess Celestia to you.”

He groaned. “Your Highness, my name is Starswirl, and I know what you're going through–”

“You can't possibly know.”

“–and I know you're suffering.” He stepped inside the door. “I have developed a spell that should free you from the effects of the elements.”

I shoved Crystal to the side, clearing a path to the intruder. She squealed as she skidded across the room. I stomped down, destroying a fragment of old photograph. “Nopony can do that. Nopony has that kind of power.” I glanced away. “And I wouldn't want to, anyway. I like what the elements have done to me.”

“No you don't. But you're right – nopony has the power to separate the elements from you against your will... but if you cooperate–”

“You will still fail. They can be removed only by death!” My impatience boiled. “Nopony has such power.”

“Did you ever stop to wonder who has been raising the sun in your absence?”

I sat down and crossed my hooves in front of my chest. “No.”

“It was me.” He took another step forward, making his bells jingle. “I do have the power to help you, Celestia.”

My eye twitched at his lack of royal courtesy. “I will never need help, especially not from a gaudy unicorn with designs on my throne!” I rose to my hooves, baring my teeth. “Yes, I see your plan. You would attack Equestria's royalty while they are weak, moving in while the Princess of the Night is banished and the Princess of the Day recovers. First, you take over their celestial duties, then betray the Princess of the Sun to her demise, before taking the twin thrones for yourself!”

“Princess, I–”

“But I'm too smart for the likes of you! Did you really think I hadn't seen plots against me like this before?”

He raised a magical shield, as if it could possibly help him against a pony as powerful as me.

“You are a traitor to the crown and usurper of the throne!” I let my voice drop low. “For that, I sentence you to death. Immediately.” I focused my full power into a beam of solar energy and set it loose against this Starswirl. He would never accost me again.

The beam rippled against his shield and sent him skidding out of the room and into the far wall of the hall, but it didn't pierce through and incinerate him as I had hoped.

No matter. I had even more powerful magic available to me. I would turn him to stone! I gathered the power of the elements, the rainbow ring swirling around me, and prepared to blast... an empty hallway.

He was gone. I smashed my hooves against the floor, sending cracks radiating away. I promised myself I'd kill that pony on sight if I ever met him again, and I pulled the elements' energy back into myself.

I screamed and fell to the cracked floor.

The pent-up energy coursed through my body, worse even than when I had used the elements against Nightmare Moon.

I staggered to my feet. Only one thing would save me – release. “Come here, Crystal,” I rasped, with my pink mane already reaching out for her. “Turn around.”

* * *

I tossed my teacup against the wall of my bedchamber. It shattered, sending a spray of chamomile tea and shattered fine china down onto the growing pile of filth in the corner.

Crystal winced. “Did I not make it right, Master?”

It had been perfect... but my compulsions would burn me alive if I wasted such an opportunity. “No, you did not.” I sneered at her. “If this happens again, you will be joining my sister on the moon.”

“Yes, Master.” She cringed.

I sighed and looked away. That little filly's usefulness was wearing thin. Each release of my urges against her gave me ever-diminishing relief. I might have to dispose of her soon. Tormenting her no longer gave me the fulfillment I desperately needed.

Or maybe the compulsions were just growing stronger? What if nopony in the world could satisfy me anymore? Only one way to find out – leave Crystal behind and seek out new victims.

Either way, the filly would have to be disposed of. How best to do it? What sort of demise would best relieve my–

A familiar knocking came from my door.

So, Starswirl had dared to return? Thankfully, I had been planning for this day. There would be no escape this time. I brushed my magic across the line of magically charged diamonds behind me, activating them all. Nothing could survive the onslaught of this magical arsenal.

I grinned through clenched teeth as the first few beams of pure energy shot through the door and wall, and I prepared to channel the power of the elements. With any luck, I'd be able to–

Crystal screamed.