• Published 3rd Jan 2014
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Great and Powerful: The Story of Trixie Lulamoon - Pastel Pony

Trixie isn't perfect, and she knows it. But behind the flashing lights and fake bravado there is another pony the world rarely sees, somepony who is just trying to protect the only pony she truly cares for.

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Wine: the solution that isn't really a solution

Why was it that everywhere here seemed to lead to a bar?

Trixie sighed. Somehow, she’d ended up back at her usual place for self-pity. She slowly walked up the last few steps on the path that led to the little building. Pushing her way past the old swinging door with its rusty hinges, she plodded over to the counter and slid onto a stool.

Slim, the barkeeper, hustled over with a smile. “Trixie! Back from Ponyville, I see! Did my favorite girl have fun on her little vacation?”

Trixie simply groaned in response and flopped her head down on the counter. Slim gave a knowing grin and leaned closer.

“A day for the good stuff, I’m guessing?”

Not quite willing to surface from the cool wood she was resting on, Trixie merely shook her head sullenly without looking up. As Slim walked away to fetch her drink, Trixie turned her head slightly to look around the room. There wasn’t much to be said for The Prince’s Mare, it was a simple, old-fashioned spot. While a little run-down, it had a nice atmosphere with a cozy feel to it.

Trixie grimaced slightly. Finding a nice place to just relax was difficult around here, places like this were pretty rare. Slowly, she managed to sit up, leaning her muzzle on a hoof, she sighed. It was rather ironic that one of her favorite places was a bar, given her distaste for liquor. Her mother’s problems had led her to never touch a drop of beer, vodka, and their like. However, a nice glass of wine never went amiss when she’d had a really bad day.

Slim trotted back over to her with a small glass of red wine. She smiled slightly, and took a sip, savoring the taste.

“So,” said Slim, “Are you going to tell me why you're in here and obviously feeling miserable, on your first night back from what you told me was supposed to be a relaxing vacation?”

Trixie snorted, “I suppose that’s what I told you it was. But to be honest, I have no idea what it really was. Sparkle thinks it was a business trip, and I told my mother I was going to join a convent.”

Slim gave a hearty chuckle. “You in a convent? With a mouth like yours, they’d have to wash it with something a lot stronger than soap.”

Trixie made a face and took another sip of wine. “I’ll have you know I have a very refined way of speaking.”

“Whatever you say, darling. Now, what did happen in Ponyville? And don’t lie, I figured out your tell years ago.”

Trixie groaned, “I really don’t want to talk about it. I promise I’ll give you the whole truth sometime, but…I’m not ready yet. Just…promise me that when the newspapers come out tomorrow you’ll remember that there are two sides to every story.”

Slim raised an eyebrow. “Newspapers? What makes you think anything you did in Ponyville will end up in papers here?”

She winced slightly, “Trust me, It’ll be there. And no doubt they’ll be over-exaggerating things. So…try not to hate me.” She glanced down at her glass, forcing herself to hold in the tears.

Slim’s face softened, “Trixie I know better than most people about what newspapers can do. Besides, unless you blew up half of Equestria, I don’t think I could hate someone like you. You’re a good pony,even if life hasn’t dealt you a good hand.”

Trixie smiled slightly. “Thank you Slim.”

Slim nodded and winked , turning away to clean a few dirty glasses. Trixie sloshed around her glass, trying to keep her mind of what would be coming tomorrow. She had no doubt that the papers would make her out to be some kind of monster. What else could be expected after challenging an element of harmony?

A foul smell rose to meet her muzzle, leaning away in distaste, she turned her head to see a rather drunk looking stallion grinning at her.

“Heeeey baby” he slurred, “What’s a pretty mare like you doing here alone?”

“Shove off.” she muttered.

“And what if I don’t?” he leered, moving closer towards her while eying her flank.

In an instant, Slim appeared, glaring at the stallion. “Hey, that’s my sister your talking to. Now get your ass out of my bar before I kick it out myself.”

The stallion froze, his face turning white. Even as drunk as he was, he knew when a threat was being made. He quickly jumped off his stool and bolted out the door.

Trixie laughed as she watched him flee. While Slim’s chocolate brown coat and lack of a horn stood out in a pretty clear difference from herself, his mane was a close enough shade of blue to fool most stallions, especially given how drunk they always were.

“You know, eventually one of those guys is gonna be sober enough to figure out we’re not related.”

“Aye,” said Slim, “But I’d kick his ass anyways.”

She grinned. “Slim,” she whispered suddenly, “Did you ever have a dream?”

“A dream?” he frowned, “Well, when I was younger I fancied owning a pub on the North side. A real fancy place with good food and liquor….Why?”

She sighed and shrugged, “I don’t know, I just…wondered.”

“Does this have something to do with what happened in Ponyville?”

She nodded, “I had a dream…once. I came so very close, then had to give it up for the greater good and watch another filly walk away with the prize.”

He sighed and shook his head. “That’s a hard thing to do.”

“Yes, it is.” She whispered. “Well, I guess I’d better be going…” She reached for her bag of bits only to realize it was still in her case. “Damn, forgot my money.”

He smiled, “Don’t worry, darling. This one’s on the house.”

She shook her head. “You’re too good to me Slim.” She hopped off her stool and walked towards the door. Calling a goodbye over her shoulder, she pushed outside. Stopping for a second to savor the cool night air, she started on her way home.