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"But I don't wanna go to bed! I wanna stay up!"

"Come on now. You have school tomorrow."

A simple story of a father and his daughter living their lives together in Ponyville.

Words from the Author:
Writing this story in order to see how well I do with cute scenes.

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Does someone wish to be a father soon? :trollestia:

A nice sweet story... keep writing happy things like this, gives me a reason to keep being dark...

But I'm still young, and I know no girl would desire me.:rainbowlaugh:

3560688 Oh yeah just curious, did someone do that cover art for you?

If its any consolation, you seem like a nice guy and I don't care what people look like as long as their nice, I would date you, but I am afraid of commitment and I don't want a baby because I wouldn't be able to care for another life.

Awww~ 3560688 I used to think exactly like that. Life tends to take everyone for a curve when you least expect it.

Yeah. Check out the source.

And you're still young. Younger than me!:rainbowlaugh:
Although I forgot by how much.

True. I have low expectations for my future.:applejackunsure:

Also I hate people and have trust issues. I am almost 15, and besides, the woman is uaually younger then the man anyway :raritywink:

3560764 You should join the 'Club of People with Low Self Worth Who Believe They may Never 'Get the Girl''. There is a reason I write so much romance!

Hi fanfiction writer, I'm Dad.

Is there really a group for that?

Ah. 3 years younger than me then, and of course.:derpytongue2:

3560912 no lol, just saying the two of us are similar in that we don't believe women have interest (flirted with? yes. but I don't trust women who flirt when you just bought a house and are buying stuff for that house)

Oh yeah. I totally don't trust women like them if they only notice that.

3560979 Indeed. Then again, after highschool ("no large amount of money and only slightly above average looks? clearly bad husband material, stupid nice guy!", girl who was cheated on the entirety of highschool) I don't really trust most women.

Mmmh. Well I wouldn't say I would distrust them that far.

3561044 That was something that actually happened. It was great watching it explode. Most women seem to agree I look 'better then average' but so far I have gotten shot down 48 times. Now if only women my age realized that nice guys finish last because we aren't assholes...

They're too busy being fooled by the media into thinking there are plenty of dream guys out there, and that they shouldn't aim lower because of that.

Hay...I actually shoot for the nice guy, attractive guys I don't trust and I think they will use me or take advantage of me, I like a nice guy over a pretty guy who isn't smart any day. I am the 1%!

3561088 Indeed. My standard is 'can't be too fat, and can't be too ugly'. Then again, with how well Twilight sold... (specifically, how an 'average' girl can be with a 'perfect' (according to my research said several hundred times to describe Edward) guy with little to no effort)

Hooray for the 1%!

It's quite awkward, knowing that most girls have their standards so high. And guys waste their money to by buying all these products to get better and stronger. Don't forget the make-up industry for girls, and all dem plastic surgeons going around.

3561169 3561108 yeah. admittedly make-up can make a huge difference (saw a video of a japanese guy making himself look like a woman, it was creepy). Beauty is far too popular a problem. There is no problem with looking good (a little make-up, eating properly, exercising, and proper hygiene), but I do have a problem with extreme body modification (had a major even screw your face up? fix that. Want to look more like the publicized 'perfect woman', go get some confidence.

I don't weir makeup I have never gotten my ears pierced and I don't care about what other girls think about me, I would rather be with the guys, Screw societies take on what a girl should be. SCREW IT!

And just what brought this on?


I don't know. Longing for something I may never get?

3561440 You will never get it with that outlook man :P

Well... I think I'm ugly, compared to standards.

:heart: I daww'd

Also in comment section. :rainbowhuh::rainbowderp: Believe me laddie, you are a swell guy, you will meet someone one day:twilightsmile:

3561508 Oh you're ugly are you? Well if you are one to think that relationships last on good looks alone then you are fooled my good man!

3561306 fight the standards of society, fuck them!

3561508 and who says "standards" are to be your guideline?

3561543 Well wishful thinking...but if you do. I will be the first one to say I told ya so~ Stay positive and you will be allrighty:eeyup:

Great story! I don't think I've seen this side of your writing before :pinkiehappy: (or I'm just too stupid/ignorant to recognize it.)

And going through these comments... Man, you seem like a really nice guy and you say you're 'ugly compared to standards.' :ajbemused:
What kind of standards are you using? Any girl worth keeping around would want you for who you are, not for what you look like. :ajsmug:
Keep your chin up, and keep moving. :raritywink:

Oh, and are we ever going to see a facecam of you? :rainbowhuh:

3562229 Face Cam! Face Cam! Face Cam! C'mon guys let's chant! :rainbowlaugh:

Face cam! Face cam! Face cam! I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

That sounds kinda funny...

3562438 Sounded funny? Definitely probably not. Now if only I had a face cam...

I'm a guy who believes on first impressions. I know in the long run, emotions will win. But I believe that first impressions are really important. Appearances usually fall in that category.


Well... I'm not shy to the point where I can't bear to let my identity be known over online, but not publicly. I may do it in a private skype call.

If you'll get on Steam--->Terraria, sure.
I feel confident enough to try to take on Plantera.


Aww yeah, The "muthafuckin'" Hobbit!

3562686 Eh. Close enough. :pinkiesmile:
I'll be on steam/skype throughout the week so maybe then.

3562686 Welp. Lemme go download Skype then. :rainbowlaugh:

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