• Published 5th Jan 2014
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A New World, a New Way - zeusdemigod131

To protect his Pokemon from harm Arceus has moved most of his worlds populus to Equestria in hopes that they can live in peace, but peace is often harder to obtain than one might think.

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Lord Arceus, creator of the Pokémon world, stood in his personal pocket dimension, watching his pride and joy. To him the Pokemon world had always been one of the greatest accomplishments of the multiverse, and he had seen several. But that was before the humans had forgotten the old myths. Before the Dragons, the guardians, had gone soft or feral. Before a man named Lawrence of the Kanto region had kick started something terrible.

Arceus looked to the Johto region and saw Suicune, the embodiment of the northern winds, running from a Trainer on a Rapidash.

Arceus looked to Snowpoint temple and saw Regigigas, one of his first creations, trapped as a statue, imprisoned by his own son’s essences.

Arceus looked to the Unova region and saw Reshiram and Zekrom, the guardians of the region, in the Pokéballs of N and Hilda, separated from each other by miles.

Arceus looked to the Hoenn Region and saw Regirock, Regice, and Registeel still imprisoned to keep them from their father.

Arceus looked once more upon the Unova region and saw Genesect, the newest (but not youngest) Legendary hiding from the remainder of Team Plasma who still searched for him.

And a single thought rang in Arceus' head. “Enough.” The god as old as time itself had lost patience. "The normal Pokémon do well enough, but my Legendaries have suffered enough.” As of date only Reshiram, Zekrom, and Xerneas had been captured by Trainers, the Fairy-type’s capture had been the final straw, but the rest were constantly tormented. This was especially true for the ones who roamed, such as Suicune and Latias, who were still being tracked by those thrice damned Pokétches.

If Arceus had his way then he would have made it clear to all humans that the Legendaries were off limits. “Probably would’ve destroyed everyone of those damned Pokéballs while I was at it,” He thought as he paced, eyes still glued to the multitude of screens flashing before him. “Never once did I think the humans would be able to build something like those.” In truth Arceus would have rooted for Team Plasma in the final battle had he not known Ghetsis’ true plan from the get go.

“But I can’t do anything while I’m stuck here, and thanks to those sages all those years ago...” Arceus paused as the memory of the ritual that had taken place thousands of years ago came back to him, filling him with rage. “I STILL CAN’T LEAVE!”

The screens before him shook and fizzled out temporarily as the Hyper Voice attack took effect before switching back on.

The event in question had taken place before any living human, and most living (and unliving) Pokémon, had been born. Arceus had discovered that a small city state in the Hoenn region had been treating his Pokémon not as partners, but as slaves

When the Alpha Pokémon had discovered this he had freed the Pokémon and moved them, along with a few good humans, out of the city, before completely obliterating it using Judgment. (There hadn’t always been a desert in the middle of the region).

Most of the sages of his and of the other Legendaries temples had witnessed these events and attempted to reform the humans to treat Pokémon as equals. But a few rebellious sages had decided that it was time for the Pokémon God to leave humanity to it’s own devices. Hiding their plans and thoughts with dark magic and disguising the ritual as an ordinary honoring of him they used the seventeen plates that linked him to the world to imprison Arceus in his pocket dimension.

Then the temples of Dialga, Palkia and Giratina had done likewise, though their spells tended to wear thin at times, and the Regi’s sages as well as Jirachi’s had done the same before the other Legendaries had gone into hiding.

This had all happened so long ago, and many of the Legendaries around today had never even seen Lord Arceus, outside of dreams that is. Arceus could enter the dreams of all beings, even while imprisoned.

The humans had trapped the four most powerful Pokémon in existence so that they could do whatever they wanted. This had horrified Arceus and the others to no end for centuries, and without him to put the world right even worse events occurred.

First the Dragon Pokétmon, the ones Arceus created to guard his Pokémon, had gone feral or soft.

Hydreigon had gone from the most respected Pokémon, to the most feared.

Kingdra became odd and moved permanently into the sea along with Dragalge.

Salamence, Garchomp and Druddigon, more often than not, abused their powers on the ones they were meant to guard.

And Goodra... Arceus actually had no idea what had happened to Goodra, it was still pure Dragon and still sought to guard the Pokémon but it had somehow gone from fearsome to a laughing stock.

There were still a few Dragons that Arceus was proud of though. Goodra aside, Dragonite, Flygon and Altaria were still guardians, although they had gone somewhat soft.

Haxorus and Noivern had been the most unchanged across time and with the revival of Tyrantrum there was hope that the first non-Legendary Dragon could set things right.

The next event was the creation of the accursed device known as the Pokéball. After making the universe and the creation trio Arceus had set his sights on creating life. He began by forming a single Pokémon from his own DNA. Mew. And Mew, using her gifts and imagination, had created the Pokémon. As time wore on Mew birthed more species and others developed naturally, giving rise to most of the species today.

But Mew, sweet, pure Mew, felt that the world was missing something. A species that, given time, could grow and become something more than even Mew’s boundless mind could come up with. And thus she birthed the Human race.

At first Arceus hadn’t thought much of this new species, and when he first looked upon them he felt naught but pity. For in making the humans “more” as she put it, Mew had inadvertently removed the ability for them to interact with the forces of nature, but she had given them a mind unlike any other. At the time they were only comparable to Genesect, and that race had gone extinct alongside Tyrantrum and many others after a rather cataclysmic incident involving Kyogre and Groudon.

One thing Arceus did notice about the early humans was how cold and calculating their minds were. Expecting trouble from this he created Uxie, to grant them knowledge, Azelf, to give them Willpower, and Mesprit, to give them emotion.

These served the humans well at first and they did grow, much as Mew predicted. But over time they lost the ability to speak with the other Pokémon and then began to separate themselves from them entirely. Fast forward several thousand years and they discovered Apricorns.

Arceus had no idea how the nuts had the ability to encapsulate Pokémon. And Shaymin, the Legendary tasked with maintaining the flora of the world, said it had to be something the humans did in their factories.

When Arceus saw the first 'trainer' capture a Pokémon it is said that his screams of rage could be heard even from within his pocket dimension.

The battling didn’t upset him, Pokémon already did that, and Arceus understood that not all trainers were bad, in fact more than a few were wonderful beings, but just the thought of his Pokémon forced into mobile cells was too much for the old God to bear.

To right this grievous wrong Arceus, with the help of Mew, created new Pokémon that he hoped would dethrone humans. But Mew, still believing that the humans would come around, had drastically altered the Clefairy family from Arceus’ design. And while the designs for the Beheeyem family had remained unaltered the Psychic-type’s intelligence and love of learning had overwritten the goal Arceus had set and they began to research the world much like the Pokémon professors.

It took Arceus several decades to figure out how Pokéballs worked, and it truly terrified him.

Originally Arceus had assumed that they worked by honing in on the shared code of all Pokémon, which was why they couldn’t catch humans. What Arceus discovered was that instead of focusing on what Pokémon had the Pokéballs focused on what humans didn’t. Meaning that the Pokéballs could theoretically capture any creature that wasn’t human. Even if they didn’t share common DNA.

This discovery had led Arceus to make one last ditch attempt to... remove the humans. This time without Mew’s help. Searching several universes for something he could use as a base Arceus discovered a world in which humans had been overthrown, but not completely exterminated, by robotic creatures similar to the Magnemite family. Unfortunately that group, alongside the Metang family, had existed for quite some time and wouldn’t be to helpful in Arceus' plan.

So Arceus gathered his energy and created a new family of Pokémon. The Klink family. Arceus had been so proud, he had intended for this new group of Pokémon to send the message to the humans that it was time to return to the old ways.

But, as was becoming usual, something had gone wrong. Without Mew to help shape the new species the Klink, Klang, and Klinklang had developed with a mind similar to... anything in the Pokémon world couldn’t compare. They were completely logical thinkers. No emotions whatsoever were found within their minds and they only sought to further their own standing in the world. In hoping to do this they realized that 1.) Attacking humans unprovoked would more than likely lead to their downfall. 2.) They had more to gain by working with humans rather than against them. And 3.) Once their goal was complete Arceus was no longer going to have need of them.

Arceus had begged the lake trio, Mesprit especially, to alter their minds but the sisters had grown fond of humans and they were rather against Arceus’ plans.

Thus ended Arceus' final attempt at stopping the humans and, in the few centuries since then, he had been angered on more than one occasion by humans meddling in his affairs.

His greatest anger had come in the form of the Porygon, Grimer and Trubbish families. Arceus had never even considered that humans could create their own Pokémon, even by accident, but they again proved him wrong. While Arceus was mildly accepting of the Porygon family he was originally set on destroying the other two if he ever escaped. That is, until he saw how the humans treated their creations.

Having formed the Poison-types from their own pollution the humans had been initially more horrified than Arceus at the new beings. This had set about a campaign to gather as many Grimer, Trubbish, Muk and Garbodor as possible and eradicate them.

Seeing the humans cruelty towards their own creations Arceus had frowned and said. “Just when I thought they couldn’t get any worse.” Arceus had then named both families, along with the Porygon family, Pokémon in full and ordered the Sacred Swordsmen to escort the remaining Pokémon to safety. After several years the humans also accepted the new Pokémon and stopped the campaign.

However not all of the humans meddling in creation affairs were unwelcomed. When the first Aerodactyl was revived from a sample of DNA encased within ancient amber Arceus had been elated that his first creations could be revived, and soon Kabuto, Lileep, Carracosta and even Tyrantrum joined their modern day relatives... and Relicanth.

Two instances of genetic meddling had even resulted in new Legendary Pokémon being appointed. Mewtwo, after learning to control his powers and temper, had been inducted when Mew had asked Arceus to do so, claiming that he could help set the world on the right path. Seeing as how most Pokédex entries claimed that the actually rather level headed psychic was the most savage Pokémon in existence this plan didn’t get very far.

And when Team Plasma revived and upgraded a the last member of the Genesect race Arceus had sent the Eon Duo to rescue the ancient bug and reintroduce him to the new world. While the ancient Genesect had been rather cold and calculating the revived specimen had been given a more advanced brain and was quite possibly the smartest Legendary after Uxie. Not the wisest mind you, only the smartest. And after his training was complete Genesect had been inducted into the Legendaries.

The last reason that Arceus was upset with the humans over was more of pet peeve rather than an enraging incident. At the time when Arceus was banished many humans, both male and female, shared happy lives with their Pokémon partners, and that’s partners in the. “Do you take this Gallade to be your lawfully wedded husband?” Sorta way. Arceus actually had no problems with this. He understood that love was love and that he couldn't mess with it. Cresselia on the other hand, could, but she wasn’t around yet.

What upset Arceus was that when humans reached a certain point of separation they decided that being in a romantic relationship with a Pokémon was “unbecoming” which later changed to “disgusting” and eventually became “perverted”.

When the law banning Poképhilia was first passed it was seen as more of a suggestion, then it became extremely serious. Human trainers who fell in love with their partners were arrested and jailed for decades at a time, even if the Pokémon could argue that it gave its consent.

This just sorta miffed most of the Legendaries but one was extremely upset by the entire ordeal. Cresselia, the Legendary with the greatest dealings in love immediately complained to Arceus about it and asked if there was anything he could do... actually she had been enraged that some humans were breaking up what could be true love and she had been screaming at him to fix it.

Being trapped in a pocket dimension meant that Arceus could do no such thing and all of Cresselia’s attempts ended rather poorly.

The problem was that Arceus did not want to eradicate the humans, many of them were wonderful people, he just wanted his Pokémon to live at peace... and for evil groups to stop trying to use the Legendaries for evil every decade or so.

He knew from experience that blaming the many for what the few have done only ends in pain and suffering on all sides. What Arceus truly hoped for was that one day he would be freed and that he could find a way for all humans and all Pokémon to live together in harmony.

A man named Giovanni had pretty much smashed that hope several decades prior, and with humans becoming resourceful enough to capture some of the most powerful Legendaries the only hope he had was that he would be able to set things right.

But for that to happen he would first have to escape, a goal nearly impossible without help from a human. This, in fact, was exactly what Arceus was contemplating as he watched over his world.

“That Iris girl would be a good choice, if she can get a Haxorus, a Hydreigon and a Druddigon to trust her then perhaps she’d be willing to help me escape.”

Arceus had tried to convince humans to free him in the past but most had given up or decided that his contact with them had just been a dream.

“Cynthia might also be a good choice and, while I don’t like him very much, N would doubtlessly come to the rescue of a Pokémon in need.”

For Arceus to be freed a human would have to gather all seventeen elemental plates, which had been scattered around the world, and undo the ritual in the place that it had first been enacted. Spear Pillar.

Arceus himself could no long view spear pillar or his plates, a byproduct of his imprisonment, and therefore had no idea what dangers awaited the heros he chose to go after the objects he required.

Arceus shook his head. “It would be all to easy for-” What happened next utterly shocked Arceus. He felt his prison come undone.

“Impossible.” He whispered in disbelief, but contrary to his belief, the “door” of his pocket dimension slowly ground open.

“Impossible.” He whispered again as he stepped through the door and exited above spear pillar. The god looked around in disbelief, seeing the world through his own eyes for the first time in millennia.

He was so taken back by his sudden freedom that he almost didn’t notice the human standing on the shattered marble floor. Arceus only really took notice of him when the human yelled. “Blaziken, use Sky Uppercut!” But even after several thousand years Arceus’ battle instincts never dulled. He used his connection to the elemental plated and pulled the Spooky Plate towards him, activating it a moment before the attack hit and rendering it useless.

The trainer looked on in shock as his Blaziken passed directly through the Legendary Pokémon. The Blaziken landed effortlessly behind the Alpha Pokémon and looked back at his trainer. “Blaze?” He asked, worrying that they had bitten off more than they could chew.

The trainer, however, regained his composure and said. “No matter. I’ll just have to change strategies. Use Overheat.” Blaziken responded by focusing his inner flame to maximum power, then releasing it outwards and towards Arceus.

“Typical Fire-type move.” Arceus said as he switched to the Splash Plate to lessen the damage. “Hit it with everything you have and hope it passes out.”

At this point Blaziken was seriously doubting that he could beat the Legendary who had yet to attack a single time. The trainer still wouldn’t believe that he could be beat, he had traveled the world and visited every region. He had some of the most powerful non-Legendary Pokémon on his belt. I’ll just use another one. He thought.

“Blaziken return.” He held out the Pokéball and Blaziken disappeared in a flash of red light. He pulled another Pokéball from his belt and threw it. Calling out. “Dusknoir, I chose you!”

The Ghost-type appeared in a flash of white light, prepared to take on the challenge, until he saw who he had been set against. “Noir..” He whispered nervously preparing for battle.

Arceus, however, was not in the mood for such a trivial matter. “Enough,” He said, focusing his power and returning the Dusknoir to its Pokéball.

The trainers eyes widened and he stammered. “H-h-how?”

Arceus flew towards the trainer and only stopped when he was face to muzzle with him and could see the fear in his eyes. “I created this world from nothingness, I am the archetype from which all Pokémon are formed, I am directly responsible for the creation of the most powerful beings in the universe and I control all of space and time. If I couldn’t manipulate your technology then I would be a sad God indeed.”

He backed away from the trainer, who was still attempting to keep a calm demeanor, and continued. “Now normally for attacking a God I would trap you in the distortion world and leave you there.”

At this the trainer lost his calm demeanor and started to show fear. “But...” Arceus continued. “Since you did free me I suppose I can let you off with a warning.” Not wanting to deal with the trainer any further Arceus said. “Be gone.” And the man disappeared, probably finding himself back at his home, or in a volcanic cavern.

Arceus smiled. “Now then, let us begin.” At that point several things happened at once. First, more creation energy than had been seen for a thousand years was released, this energy was the cause of the rest of the incidents.

Three pocket dimensions reopened, truly releasing their occupants for the first time in millennia, three Pokéballs, two in Unova and one in Kalos, exploded outwards and released their occupants, three locked chambers in the Hoenn region also opened, and a crystal deep underground in the same region exploded outwards, in the Sinnoh region a statute’s outer crust crumbled to dust and released the begin within.

Then, Spear Pillar, a long decrepit temple atop an ancient mountain, rebuilt itself in a matter of seconds, growing to its once former glory.

And finally, a call was sent out, a call that had not been heard since before Arceus' banishment, and one that had never before been sent at this magnitude. This call was for a meeting.

Arceus sat at the front of a very large, very long table that sat within one of the largest rooms in existence, waiting for the others to arrive. He wouldn’t be waiting long.

In three almost simultaneous flashes of light the Creation Trio appeared. Giratina was the first to speak up. “Greetings father,” He said. “It has been some time since our last meeting.”

Arceus smiled. “Yes my sons, it most certainly has.” Arceus looked over the three and saw the shame in their eyes. “And worry not, I know the events involving Team Galactic were beyond your control. And that you weren’t in control of your bodies for most of the time.”

Dialga smiled, the god of times uncertainty melting away, and said. “Thank you father.”

Palkia too was relieved that his father was so forgiving, and he would have voiced it, had another flash of light not interrupted his thought.

“Dad!” A small green blur shot towards Dialga and latched onto his face. “I missed you.” Tears of joy fell from Celebi’s eyes as she hugged her father for the first time in too long.

The God of time smiled and said. “And I missed you Celly.” A single tear slid down his face. Arceus smiled and cleared his throat.

“What about Grandpa? Don’t I even get a hello?” Celebi smiled and greeted and hugged her grandfather before taking a seat next to her father.

Not a moment later another three flashes filled the room, this time fading to reveal Mew with Mewtwo, the Lake Trio, and Jirachi.

Arceus smiled and greeted his old friend and daughters kindly, but to Mewtwo he said. “It is a pleasure to finally meet you Mewtwo, you have done a truly wonderful job in the Kanto region.”

The Psychic-type thanked Arceus and took his seat, rendered almost speechless by the praising. The next Legendary to arrive flew in from the largest of the tunnels leading to the outside, his serpentine form coiling around the table. “Rayquaza,” Arceus greeted the sky lord.

“Arceus,” He greeted in kind.

Soon after four beings entered the room. “Greeting Lord Arceus,” Cobalion greeted, bowing along with the other swordsmen. “It is an honor to finally meet you.”

Arceus smiled again. “Rise Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Keldeo, you bow to no one my swordsmen, for none have done more than you to protect the world in my absence.”

The four rose and took their seats as Latios and Latias entered the chamber, followed quickly by Deoxys and Landorus. Not long after that Ho-Oh, Lugia, and the Legendary birds flew in accompanied by Tornadus and Thundurus.

Greetings were exchanged as Suicune, as well as her brothers entered the chamber, soon followed by all four Regis and Shaymin in her sky form.

Before long almost every Legendary was present. Kyurem, Zekrom, and Reshiram having been the latest arrivals. Only two were still missing from the meeting, Darkrai and Yveltal.

“Must we wait for them?” Xerneas asked, perturbed that the Dark-types, and the other half of the Mortality Duo, were holding up the proceedings.

“Yes Xerneas, I shall not begin until we are all present.” As soon as he said this the shadows in the room seemed to grow darker and converge at one point. Soon fading to reveal the two Dark-types.

“My apologies my lord.” Darkrai said as he floated to his seat. “Yveltal had some... misgivings about attending this meeting so I took it upon myself to convince him otherwise.”

“Good, good,” Arceus said as Yveltal took a seat at the end of the table near Xerneas. “Now we can begin.”

“I believe you know why I called you all here.” He began.

“It has to do with the humans correct?” Heatran asked.

“Indeed, as many of you are aware,” His eyes darted to Reshiram, Zekrom, Xerneas, and Mewtwo. “Some of you too aware, as of late the humans have been getting worse in their ways, even going as far as to capture we Legendaries in their accursed Pokéballs”

No one made eye contact with Reshiram, Zekrom or Xerneas as Arceus continued. “Even so, I cannot bring myself to punish all humans for the crimes of the few and thusly... I have reached a dilemma.”

Several Legendaries gasped at this, for Arceus always had a plan. “I cannot leave the Pokémon in harms nor can I allow things to continue as they are. And so, I look to you my Legendaries... does anyone have any ideas?”

For a moment, no one spoke, every Pokémon in the room shocked into silence as Arceus admitted that he was in need of advice. And no one answered, until Mew broke the silence. “Couldn’t you just move the Pokémon?”

Everyone looked to her in confusion until Manaphy asked. “Where to? There aren’t any regions void of human life and if Groudon made a new one they would show up there soon enough. Plus we can’t really move every Pokémon on the planet to one region anyway.”

“Yes, but Perhaps,” Mew said deviously. “We wouldn’t have to leave them on this planet.” Whispers went up amongst the Legendaries until Arceus asked the question on everyone’s mind.

“Mew...what are you suggesting?”

“What I’m suggesting, father, is that we move the Pokémon to an entirely new planet, I know they exist, Deoxys is proof enough for that.” The former space virus suddenly found every set of eyes in the room locked on him, he subconsciously shifted to defense form. Mew continued. “And with you and the Creation Trio free, there’s nothing stopping you from moving all the Pokémon to a new home.”

Arceus thought for a second but Cresselia interrupted a plan brewing in his incomprehensibly vast mind. “Or you could just turn all the humans into Pokémon.” That stopped his train of thought.

Darkrai, the other half of the Lunar Duo, rolled his eyes and said. “And give people like Giovanni actual powers? Great idea.”

Cresselia glared at him and rebutted. “Just make him a Caterpie or a Sewaddle, Bug-types don’t typically live that long.”

The pair continued to bicker until Hoopa spoke up. “If you two lovebirds are going to argue could you at least do it in private?”

The Mischief Pokémon accentuated the last word just enough that everyone in the room fell silent again and a deep blush crept to the cheeks of both lunar Pokémon.

“Thank you Hoopa,” Arceus said. “Now if I may continue,” He looked at Darkrai and Cresselia, who, sitting next to each other, had moved their chairs as far from each other as their other neighbor would allow, neither of whom were allowing very much. “While I have... considered transformation to be a possibility, I believe that Mew’s idea is the best course of action.”

“Wait,” Uxie said in confusion. “There are actually other worlds that could support the Pokémon out there?”

“But I thought that you created everything dad,” Mesprit added.

“Perhaps he made a backup world in case anything like this ever happened,” Azelf finished.

While he didn’t say anything, a shiver ran down Rayquaza’s spine, it always freaked him out when those three did that.

“Never once did I say I created everything, I just said I created the entire universe,” Arceus stated.

“But... the universe is everything... my lord.” Ho-Oh said.

“No, it’s just all of reality, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other realities. Just look at Giratina, he rules over a reverse copy of the material plane.”

“Lord Arceus?” Virizion asked. “What exactly are you talking about?”

“Alternate universes my dear. Worlds parallel to our own... and I think that is what I shall do, but I couldn’t separate some of the humans from their partners. So I think that perhaps Cresselia’s plan could also be put into effect, to a certain extent anyway.”

With most of the room still confused Genesect decided he would try to work out Arceus' plan. “So let me get this straight,” He began. “Your plan is to move the Pokémon to another world that exists outside of this universe?”

“Yes,” Arceus answered. “As well as some of the humans, but they themselves will have to become Pokémon so not to cause too much trouble.”

Cresselia smiled as Arceus revealed his intent to use her plan, she had several humans whom she was currently watching, and making them Pokémon would make their lives so much easier.

Some of the Legendaries were still unsure of the logic behind Arceus' plan. Lugia, one of the sea lords, decided to try and clear up part of it. “If you plan to transform the humans into Pokémon, why not just leave them all on Earth and change them all?” Arceus was all to happy to answer.

“Originally that was one of my first plans, but Darkrai made a good point, and besides that, I do not intend to transfer all the Pokémon to this new world, those Pokéballs only go so far in bending their prisoners will and they don’t even do it at all if the trainer is a kind soul, some the Pokémon members of these teams, Rocket, Galactic, Magma, and even some of the wild Pokémon have also strayed from the path of righteousness... I don’t think I’ve ever actually used that word before but it’s surprisingly accurate.”

“Hang on a second,” Deoxys said, tapping a gelatinous finger on the table. “Your plan is to move most of the Pokémon of Earth, excluding the ones who, I’m guessing this council deem ‘too far gone’ or something like that, to a planet in an alternate universe, along with any humans that are deemed ‘worthy’ but those humans will be transformed into Pokémon so that they can live at peace with all the others?”

“That about sums it up, and the Lake Trio will be in charge of finding the right humans, patrons of all Psychic-types and what not.” Arceus answered. “Now, give me a few minutes and I’ll find a desirable world.”

And with that, Arceus disappeared in a flash of light, leaving fifty-three of the most powerful Pokémon in the world, most of whom were wondering what had just happened, to prepare for some kind of God level event. Uxie was the first to break the silence. “Should, should we start looking for humans now? Or does he have some kind of step-by-step plan?”

“I’m beginning to wonder if he ever had a plan to begin with,” Palkia said in disbelief. “Maybe he just created the universe and then just ‘went with the flow’ as the young people say.”

“Is it possible that he went insane?” Phione asked. “Maybe all those years trapped alone drove him mad.”

Groudon shook his head. “No, he acted like this even before he was locked away... I actually thought several thousand years in solitary confinement would make him act a little more sensical sometimes... boy was I wrong.”

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