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It's nice living with somepony you're close to. It's even nicer to share the same bed with that somepony, like Lyra and Bon Bon. Sometimes, it's just nice to sit next to them and watch your loved one sleep, especially when they talk in their sleep.

But when Bon Bon catches Lyra talking in her sleep, she isn't going to like what she hears.

I felt bad for Regidar being forced onto this earth, so I wrote him a short B-Day present. Enjoy!

Edited with the help of Flint Sparks, Skeeter the Lurker, and The Abyss

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Comments ( 26 )

To Regidar:

Enjoy this, you lunatic bastard! Never change and happy birthday!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Short sweet and to the point. I love it :twilightsheepish:

Great job!

Wait...chocolate orb...salty...oh my god...


You got that from this guy, didn't you?

Is that the end? I think this needs a little more

(My thoughts about the ending:applejackunsure:)

I think Bon Bon's reaction can speak for itself. :applejackunsure:

god fucking dammit bon-bon

Dammit, now I wanna know what Bon Bon was talking about! :rainbowlaugh:

Bon Bon you dirty mare you. :rainbowkiss:

3557732 this fits so perfectly with the situation. XD

Happy b-day Regi

It's like half the readers got the joke, and the other half (like me) are searching the coments to see if anyone explained the joke already

I'm not really fond of breaking the streak of non-explanations, but let's put it this way: ponies expect others to act as they themselves have acted. (I feel there's some quote along those lines, (though referring to "people") but I haven't been able to pin it down; anyone have any ideas what it might be from?) And if you are asking about what Bon-Bon thought Lyra was doing instead of just the ending, well, I admire your mind.

I can see how it might be interpreted the other way, but I'm referring to the ending. Yes, I have a mind as dirty as the average internet denizen.

I was hoping the joke might be something less straightforward. But over-analyzing about a <2k word comedy probably won't endear me to anyone; it was good, and I laughed.

A cute little one shot, and the joke at the end definitely made me chuckle.
Liked and faved, cause it was good, you know?

:twilightblush: I don't get the ending. Nice one-shot, anyway!

I'm reminded of Glen's Wads from the film Accepted.

But... damn it, Bon Bon. You are such a hypocrite.

Oh... Bon Bon.

3558225 Isn't that hypocritical of her to be angry?

recently listened to GutiuSerenade's reading of this.

very amusing and while i did expect it to be a misunderstanding, it was still quite funny.

as for what lyra heard bon bon saying in her sleep, while some are jumping on the idea it was her having fun times with octavia, i like to think (even though this was written WAY before episode 100) that it's bon bon referring to her previous line of work and wanting of few of the strings holding her back from a fully normal live to be loosened. then again, that's just me.

over all, a fun fic. liked, favourited and you get a new follower.

have a nice day, afternoon, morning, evening, night, whatever time it is for you wherever you are when you read this.

Despite the fact that it was a joke, this story should still be labeled 'sex'. :raritywink:

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