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A spin off from Twilight Sparkle: Green Lantern of Sector 2812 and Earth 52: Side Stories of Twilight Sparkle Green Lantern of Sector 2812

Picture belongs to Deviantart user BlackBeWhite2k7

Takes place on Earth 52

Applejack now know she is Ap-El one of the only survivors of the planet Coltron with her sister Applebloom or Bloom-El. As Supermare she is Ponyville's protector Supermare, but may have to face her greatest challenge in the from of Jax-Ek a disgraced military leader from Coltron who has escaped from his prison in the Phantom Zone!

Up for adoption with some conditions

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 13 )

Rarity as Lois Lane.
I'll love you forever.

3558964 sorry she is the mare do well or batman of thighs in universe

Wow, you really need an editor man. The contents within the story itself are good, no complaints, but wow are there some glaring errors here!

okay, I'm calling it: Jax and Faora are Big Mac's biological parents...

3559117 If your not going to finish this, could you do the first superman movie with applejack as supermare.
And maybe the rest of the superman movies, including Superman Returns and Man of Steel.

7570347 thats nto how I do my stories

7570912 Can you finish this? I really want to read a Supermare story, staring Applejack. Can you base this off the 90's movie

7615901 I don't know if I can and I don't think I can base it off jsut one source

7616566 I could help give ideas to help. I can help edit and proofread.

7617418 thanks but I meant that I didn't jsut want to use just the one source, I liked the movie but I wanted to base it on the overall material and nto jus thete one source

7617451 Ok, PM the next chapter if you want an editor/proofreader.

7617479 thanks but right now it's cancelled though I may get back to reviving it someday

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