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Hello! I am an armature author that is trying to get back into what i used love to do. Which is writing! My twitter is @jack_rabbit74 and my discord is Blasting Cap#7187


A civil war that has been raging for seven years has destroyed most of the Equestrian landscape. Nopony knows why but, when an explosion in a military installation, an investigation leaded to an external explosion causing the reactors to meltdown. For some reason Celestia blamed Luna for the explosion and demanded her imprisonment by turning her into stone for 100 years. But, Luna fled when she got wind of the plan. When Luna fled she found her part of the army from the Changeling war, ready to fight for her and only her fled to find a place of operations. They managed to take other several bases with almost no resistance. The fighting has been going on ever since. This is the story of a young stallion that has been trained in many variety of combat but, his main mission is to be a sniper. But, when he is captured right out of the gate on a mission. Suspicions began to arise of a spy out to get him and his friends. But, as the lunar republic gets closer to see who is it. A new player decides to join the war.

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I would've been more interested to read this if the description of the story didn't give away the whole fucking thing!!

3558417 hey just read it. it may surprise you.

What happened to his wing?

ALthough, this is developing very nicely. I can see your grammar has improved, and this is becoming very interesting...

3805794 thank you but his wing was cut off

3841265 Is there a Flashlight in this story?

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