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only the most brony among bronies could possibly comprehend the subtle lessons of this complex philosophical treatise

Well, that was... a story? I think.

She didn't wash her hands!

Reads Title: Rainbow Dash Takes a Dump, is that it, is that all happens?

I think you are misguided in your assertion that this deplorable story has some sort of higher meaning behind the fatuous and idiotic description of which you herald so.

TL;DR: ur a feg

3548099 PLOT TWIST- She gets the zombie virus from her detailed dump, and proceeds to destroy the world.

Put this in a museum

I shed a tear.

Screw you. I'll fap to Dash's Brown Chocolate whether you want me to or not!

I guess in the sequel, she goes on her period and you describe what she goes threw...maybe describe the readers how blood Is coming out of her... You know what I mean.. This story is pretty odd and wonder why this is even a story...but it's your story I guess...maybe I'll poop and write a story about it!

What is there to say?

>1.6K words

Quite a bit, I guess...

Tears were shed when I glimpsed the brilliance that was this fic. :fluttercry:

My life has meaning now. :pinkiesad2:


I came buckets.

A story about Rainbow Dash's poop gives your life meaning?
:rainbowhuh: I'll take it.

And there it is. Can't say I didn't see it coming. (No pun intended)

Eagerly awaiting chapter 2 of The Saga of Corn and Blood: RDumps 2: The Sharting.

*reads description*

This was better than half the shit on this website, and for a story about pooping, that's saying a lot.

I can' tell if that was supposed to be a pun, but either way, I lol'd.

I laughed hard at this. Might of gotten aroused...

what in gods name made you write a story about a girl- rainbow dash at that-humanized- taking a shit before thanksgiving
a detailed story nonetheless.
ok i'll admit it, I know the lesson in this...there is nothing' like a good shit to make enough room for thanksgiving food, and family.

dear fuck why

what the fuck did I just read?:unsuresweetie:

Well would you look at that!

I'm not sure why you're claiming it's not erotica of some sort when it seems to be intended as that. Either way; good description and... well, boy, it sure was unique!

I like that it's rated Mature when it's about poop. : ] Made me lol.

"Loved the story though it made me question my meaning in life"
Fun: *****
Unique: (*x10)

After searching countless hours for that "perfect story" that everyone so craves, I came across a new edition in the "human" category on the popular site we all know and love. Aptly titled, and I quote,
Rainbow Dash takes a dump"
I stared at my screen for sometime unsure of what to make of it. Deciding that in the spirit of the holidays I should give it a chance. Not only was this the best decision I have made in the past 4 years with my life, but it also inspired me to finish college as the Valedictiorian, run for office, and pull the mattress tag off the mattress. Yes, it will instil extreme boughts of confidence in you, and lead to over inflated egos.

Educational wise, it takes an in depth look at the Modern Equestria heroine, and what it really takes to be the braver one on the toilet. I am self assured that now I can defecate in peace knowing that an Element of Harmony has bowel move te as I do and has pulled through what some may consider "Hell on earth"

In conclusion I can say only this. "Rainbow Dash takes a Dump" is the only reason to keep moving forward. It gives one more confidence than Morgan Freeman giving an academy acceptance speech. Take this wonderful work of literature to heart and with you! Wherever you may go. You will also have the confidence to brave the bathroom, knowing there is light at the end of the rancid smelling tunnel.

Great read. Buying copies for Family and Co-Workers, and have Pinned it as well as Tweeted the link.

All righty

The best part is how brutally straight faced the narrator is while he tells the story. You're in tears laughing and he's just explaining, in graphic detail, somebody having a shit.

On a side note, I think Rainbow needs to improve her diet. It sounds like she had a fair struggle.

I was not expecting much from such a short story, but your attention to detail is spot-on. Thanks for such a vivid visual of the whole thing, it's beautiful!

I didn't get a *BOING* but i found this amusing.

Wait.... Did she wash her hands?!

6876734 well, shit. (Pun totally intended)

I don't know what's weirder the fact you wrote this, or the fact I read it and um :twilightblush: liked it :twilightoops::twilightsheepish:

Good lord, I can't believe I found this fic again. I even remember when this was published (Thanksgiving).

If I'm not mistaken, this was the first fanfic I ever visited this site to read (or at least one of the first).

Two words: TACO BELL!

Also I repent for nothing. You can't read such verbose account of a bowel movement and not empathize with the feelings that would be attached to it. We've all been there and know the satisfaction of a good dump.

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