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I would love to see a continuation of this.

Well. I can't look at Shy the same...Ever again...:raritydespair:


After initial shock, I realized, this is funny as fuck. :pinkiecrazy:

After initial shock, I realized, this is funny as fuck. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh.. Sweet Celestia... Ok thats enough gore for today.. :pinkiecrazy:

Ohh! Saving this one for later, can hardly wait!!

Pretty nice rapefic... Really liked the way Rainbow was broken, but a sequel would be nice! Perhaps even a happy(ish) ending?

Oops...sorry muwhahahahaha :flutterrage:

Yes wee, very wee!!!

Funny huh? You're strange...I like you

I like you too...

Oh come on, that was nothing :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks! I love breaking Rainbow heheh

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You may be in luck...I have a bit of an idea for a sequel. I have to write a DaringDash fic first though :twilightsmile:

3596443 Hey, I am known as the 'insane' kid in our school, and to my friends, I am also insane.

This just screams sequel! :pinkiecrazy:

i hate fluttershy now what a pice of s**t

Heh, then why'd you read it?


Interesting story...I still think Fluttershy rules, but she can rule on the other side of some bulletproof glass...

I liked this story :twilightsmile:

It could have been a bit longer but over all it was a rather 'interesting' read and it actually stayed true to the characters!

Also I know a lot of people complain that this story has a lot of gore, seriously has anyone else here read: "My Little Slave"? :pinkiecrazy:


I really dislike rape, it's a boner killer for me
Yet, the overall the writing and characters are pretty good.
Even tough I do not find this cloppable, but interesting, a sequel would be nice.

Honestly, it wasn't really meant for clopping, of course some people do enjoy it for that reason and there's nothing wrong with that. But I personally wrote it more for the shock factor than anything else.

Yeah, I know. There's barely any gore at all compared to most stories out there.

Why does my sick curiosity do this to me!? :fluttercry: I seriously gagged at one point! :pinkiesick: I guess I can't handle stuff like this. The odd thing was that it was from the sex, not the gore or anything like that. Well, that's the last time I go to the Clopfic group. Of course, with all do respect to people who enjoy this, but I just can't do it. Oh, the fic itself was good, if disturbing to me. I wish the best of luck to you Dreamscape, you monster. :twilightblush:

There wasn't even gore in this story or maybe I was reading too much gory fics.:ajbemused: Plus I was playing "Dead space 3" so blood and gore seemed natural now. :derpytongue2: Also this disserved a sequel.

Not ment for clopping to oppsy i injoyed this a bit much then lol

Hey, at least you enjoyed yourself :raritywink:

What in the seven hells did I just read :facehoof:

You know what? I see this story was made purely for the sense of clopping and honestly I'm not a part of that :pinkiesick:

So, I'll just leave you all to it. :pinkiesmile:

4277192 you just read the best clopfic in the universe

You asked what you just read.
You just read the best clopfic in the universe i have read this story evry day over the past 14weeks and memorised allmost evry word.
Yet i am still not bored of it.
Also i dream about it now and can play it in my head.
Im creepy like that but you get the pic this is a awsome fic.(yes all of this is true)

One of the better f/f rapefics out there!

4609099 more more more more more more more will there be more?

Good stuff here

Linked this to sombody and accidentally wrote "true story".:scootangel:

Cool story, but reeeeeally dark. I love FlutterDash. :yay::heart::rainbowlaugh:

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