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After the moon, Richthofen had everything, but what he didn't have was friends. He was in the middle of a fun game of zombies when Richtofen heard the voices in his head and then thats how the chaos started throughout Equestria. What happens to Richtofen.  Will Richthofen save the world.

First Published
28th Nov 2013
Last Modified
8th May 2014
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You know what? I'm going to give you a fimfiction welcome!

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Not to be mean or rude or anything, but this seems like it was run through Google Translate or something of the sort.

#5 · 182w, 2d ago · 3 · · time to party ·

Horrible spelling and grammar? Chapters less than one thousand words apiece?

Jesus dude. I would normally help out and stuff like that. Give you some tips. But even I am speechless by your lack of effort. Please don't take any offensive to this, but still. Damn.

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>>3548138 Don't take this seriously man, but this story is complete garbage. There are many guides around to help you make better stories, please take them into consideration. Okay?

Good luck bro.

Could be better but still your first time you'll get better trust me I still have alot to do with mines

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I'm sorry... But I do not think that I have seen a story this bad on this site before. I've seen better writing from a first grader.

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Was this supposed to be a serious story?

I'm sorry, but this is awful.  

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