• Published 26th Nov 2013
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Avoid Malnutrition: A Don't Starve Crossover - Herr Director

In his attempts to capture the heart of Princess Luna, Bronium Chloride, a royal gentlecolt scientist, is imprisoned by a demon in a mysterious dimension. Can he escape, AND win Luna's love?

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(Generating World)

"Say, Pal. You don't look so good." Bronnie groaned as he was woken up by a voice. With a start he realized he was being spoken to by THE voice. The voice from the device. His eyes flashed open. He was lying in a patch of grass. A strange creature stood in front of him. The creature had two legs and was very tall. His mane was short and was neatly combed. His nose was long and hooked, his eyes were small and beady, and he wore a dapper suit. He looked very much like a human. Bronnie had read about humans not too long ago. They were rather interesting creatures, intelligent, but unpredictable. The man stood tall, towering over the stallion. Bronnie tried to get up, but he couldn't move, and he could only groan quietly. "I've never tried bringing anyone from your dimension before," the man spoke. "Looks like it worked." The man took a few paces away from Bronnie.

"Don't leave me!" Bronnie mumbled, although it came out like "Mun mwee muh."

"Oh, and one more word of advice," The man turned around and looked directly into Bronnie's eyes. His gaze seemed to pierce Bronnie's very soul. "You better get some food before night falls." With a small chuckle, the man disappeared in a puff of dark smoke.

Bronnie found that he was now able to move. He stood up a bit wobbly, but quickly straightened himself out. He looked around at his surroundings. He was standing on a patch of grass with a few pleasant smelling flowers. To the north and the west, there was a forest with lots of trees. To the south there was some kind of savanna. To the east there was more grassland. Bronnie decided to explore the grassland first. He straightened his saddlebag and set off. The ground was very flat, which was good because Bronnie hated hills. After passing a tree or two and some little saplings, he came to a bush laden with red berries. Bronnie didn't like berries very much, but the man did say to find food. He gathered all of the berries and put them into his bag. Out of curiosity he popped one into his mouth. It tasted a bit like a huckleberry, but sweeter. He ate a couple more, and then stopped himself. He didn't want to waste this food, as he did not know where his next meal would come from. Bronnie looked around for a bit, trying to find something else he could work with. Eventually, he found some flint and picked the sticks off one of the saplings to make an axe. When Bronnie was very young, he was a member of a Colt Scout troop. He always chopped up firewood on camp outs, and everypony in his troop said he should grow up to be a lumberjack. However, Bronnie stuck with science. Maybe if he had become a lumberjack, he wouldn't be in this situation. He went over to the forest. The grass was darker here, and was a bit muddy. Bronnie set his eyes on a medium sized tree. raised his axe and gave the tree a chop. It made a clean "thwok" sound when it hit. He hacked at the trunk furiously until the tree came down with a massive "thud". Bronnie was able to salvage two decently sized logs and a pine cone from the tree. I wonder if I can eat that pine cone, Bronnie said hungrily. He quickly dismissed the notion and went back to chopping more trees.

A while later, it became dusk. As of now, Bronnie had found more berries, some sticks, a few cut grass clippings, a couple red mushrooms that he really didn't want to eat, and now some firewood that he had spent a long time, chopping trees from the forest. His axe was worn down, and he was tired. He wasn't planning on anymore exploring, he wanted to save the savanna for tomorrow. So Bronnie decided to set up camp at the patch of grass he had started on, and where the strange man had spoken to him Bronnie set to work on making his campfire. He set the logs up in a teepee style. Just then, night fell. It was very very cold. Bronnie worked faster, until he heard a noise. It sounded like a large animal.

"WHO'S THERE!" Bronnie shouted, hoping to scare the animal off. Just then, something bit him. "AHH!!" he cried out in pain. The animal had bitten him in the side, and it hurt very badly. He pushed the grass clippings into the fire and used the flint to light them. The fire blazed up and Bronnie swung around to face his attacker only to find... nothing. Whatever it was, it was gone. Bronnie looked at the wound in his side. He had sustained a large bite mark, in fact, if he had been bitten any harder, his entire side would have been taken off. But it stooped aching, now, and when he touched the wound, it did not hurt. This world may have some strange properties that affect pain sensitivity, Bronnie thought. His attention was then directed to a different kind of pain. His stomach growled harshly and a bit painfully. And other effects on hunger, which make you hungry quickly. Of course, this could also be from the fact that I have not eaten anything all day, and that I have been doing much strenuous activity lately. Bronnie ate some more berries. They were surprisingly satisfying. As he was eating, he decided to try to roast some. Holding the berries over the fire for a few minutes, they came back as a sort of berry goop-like substance, sort of like jam, but not quite. Don't knock it till you try it, Bronnie thought as he lifted the hot goo into his mouth. The goop tasted very good, a bit like pie filling. It was somehow more satiating than the berries on their own, and Bronnie felt a bit better just from eating a hot meal. He looked at the wound in his side, to see that it had healed slightly. Not much but slightly. Bronnie cooked up the rest of his berries and shoveled them in his mouth until he was full. He loved the sweet taste so much! His wound was almost fully healed. Unfortunately, he was now out of berries to make into goop and was rather upset.

As Bronnie finished off the last pile of berry goop, it turned to day. "What? Already?" he said aloud in confusion. He sighed. This new world would take some getting used to. None the less, Bronnie steadied his axe. He was going to make his own in this new world. It was a fresh start for him. He breathed in the sweet scent of the flowers and the smoky smell of his smoldering fire. Today, he was going to get some real work done.

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