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After becoming a crystal meth addict Twilight Sparkle gets pregnant with twins, one of which that is confusingly half pony and half blobfish. How will the two foals find their place in the world after Twilight sells them to a strange old pegasus for meth money?

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Oh boy Jipop has brought out another work of greatness.
Everyone below this line is his bitch.

Oh god I saw this and I was all like:rainbowhuh:. Then I saw the author and I was all like:rainbowlaugh:

I read the first chapter, all I have to say is...

Da fuq did I just read?

I wanted to read this why? :rainbowwild:

You are one crazy sumbitch! Every time I see a weird story name involving drugs or some god-awful thing like that, it's you!:rainbowlaugh:

I fucking love Assclown, he's hilarious. GLUB GLUB GLUB!

Oww man, I've been feeling down for a while now, and your fic was all what I needed. I fucking laughed like a mad man.:rainbowlaugh:
I be trackin' dis shit yo.

I wanna go to planet Jiopop! :pinkiegasp:

I cracked up wayy to hard at this. Hahaha, every group of friends needs that one horribly addicted druggie.

My god... I shudder at the thought of the person behind this... then shudder with uncontrollable laughter after reading this.

307158 hahaha glad you liked it man, you should read I'll Give You A Nickel To Tickle My Pickle (which was Peepee Touch's debut) and The Cunt Punt (which is even weirder than this believe it or not)

307341 I am reading the cunt punt right now. I did read the pickle one a few minutes ago.
Fucking beautiful man.

307372 If you're into shock/dark humor (meaning really really really disturbing humor) then may I suggest the author mrhappyface. Just a heads up though, he's a satanic worshiping sociopath. Another good comedy/trollfic writer is Bill O'Reilly.

I got to the part where Twilight is fired and now I can't read anymore. I just can't, man.


Disculpe mi estimado caballero, quisiera consultarle si usted consume algùn tipo de estupefaciente a la hora de escribir estos maravillosos y encantadores relatos.



Exquisito relato mi estimado caballero.


Señor, usted me ha alegrado la noche.

the fuck did i just read

Who the fuck would name their kid Filthy Syringe?

307788 FimFiction's equivilent of Acid.

312998 I did, because i love morphine so much. You ever seen a drug baby before? They don't cry for nourishing breast milk, they cry because they want an opiate fix. Slam dunk MFer. :pinkiehappy:

This was sexy. Watch this if you liked this story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHVFXkUsPG8

343614 Dude did you make that??? It was awesome!!

343701 Absolutely, i do fandubs for fun. More to come. :pinkiehappy: I play the guitar and shout obscenities into a microphone.

343730 Yeah dude it was hilarious! If you ever want another voice actor hit me up! I also make music and edit videos. You should check out my channels.

343756 I'm on it. I need to rise back to fame on ED, maybe you can give me some tips. Time to watch your videos. :pinkiehappy:

343804 You're rise back to fame on ED? What kinda stuff have you had on there before? As for me I can't say for sure, but I don't think any of my material has been featured on Equestria Daily. Then again I'm kinda new to the brony community (had my conversion in November 2011).

343951 I made videos, similar to the one linked above, somepony submitted it to ED. I became outrageously notorious for my fandubs. I had to delete my account last year, and that all went away. now i'm back in black, ready for more damage. This is gonna be sweet. I would definitely incorporate your expertise in my videos. As would i, help you if needed. :pinkiecrazy:

343979 Sounds like a plan dude! I would have put pony stuff on my popular TheHastatus channel, but recently I had copyright issues and my most popular video was unfortunately taken down along with about six others... I decided to stop putting videos up on that channel out of fear of a permanent ban, and then MrHappyFace suggested the My Little Kony Theme song video last week, which led me to make the channel MrHappyJiopop. If you want I’d invite you to share the channel with us.

This is the best worst thing I have ever read.

I thumbed this up

I won't lie.
I laughed uncontrollably at Fifty Bit


What the fuck have you gotten me in to, Darkwing?

That'll teach me to not click on links made by him.

307234 Then I shudder because my name is Shudderfly.

This story's rated Teen, huh? :unsuresweetie:

I have a sticking suspicion I've accidentally fallen in love with this failed literary abortion.

I'm ashamed of myself. Truly.


I don't have bucking clue what I just read but it's hilarious!

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