• Published 25th Nov 2013
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Spirit of Loyalty - milesprower06

Discovering she's missed the cut for the Wonderbolts, Twilight and friends track down Rainbow Dash to help her see that not all dreams can be realized.

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AWOL Rainbow

'Spirit of Loyalty'
by milesprower06

Chapter 1
AWOL Rainbow

“Ohhhh, I can't wait! I'm so excited to see how she did!”

“Well, if you don't calm down, you won't see how she did because you fell out of the chariot on the way up!” Twilight told the ecstatic Pinkie Pie, as she and her four friends rode the Pegasus-drawn chariot up to the royal city of Canterlot.

“Boy howdy, look at how excited and nervous we all are, and we didn't even try out! Ah' can't imagine how Rainbow must be feelin'.” Applejack added.

“I just hope she was able to keep it together long enough for her tryout, and she didn't have a repeat of her stage fright at the Young Flier's Competition last year.” Rarity replied.

“You wouldn't have had anything to do with that, now would you have, Rarity?” Twilight said, remembering how she had thoughtlessly entered the competition last minute, and changed half of Rainbow Dash's plans for her routine. Rarity just laughed nervously at the comeback.

“Calm down, everyone. I'm sure she did fine. Rainbow Dash is the best flier we know, and we all know how much she's been practicing this last month. The Wonderbolts are sure to have her as their newest member.” Fluttershy interjected.

The time had finally come; the official Wonderbolt Auditions were under way, and Rainbow Dash was now old enough to try out. She had started planning her routine over six months ahead of time, and she had asked all her friends for critiquing that entire time, and they had all been happy to oblige. They had seen her perform it so many times even they could do it in their sleep.

Now the day had finally come, and Dash had gotten a very early morning start, and told them she'd meet them at Pony Joe's Doughnut Shop in Canterlot after the auditions were over. They were all expecting her to have an excitement comparable to Pinkie Pie, and they were absolutely certain she would make it.

So when their chariot arrived in Canterlot, and after the short walk to the doughnut shop, they found no sign of their rainbow-maned friend.

“Maybe the auditions are taking a little longer then she thought.” Twilight offered as a possible excuse.

After 15 minutes of waiting around, a pair of Pegasus joined the five friends in the lobby. They both had numbered stickers on their flanks.

“Man, I had no idea it would be so hard.”
“I guess that's why they're the best.”

Twilight approached them.

“Excuse me, did you come from the Wonderbolt auditions?”
“Yeah, we were there. We didn't make it though.”

“Sorry to hear that. We're just waiting for our friend Rainbow Dash. She tried out today too.”

“Oh, the rainbow Pegasus. She was one of the first to audition. Might've actually been the first one there this morning, too.”

The two Pegasus hopefuls exchanged nervous glances.

“Uh, she left right after her tryout. Looked pretty upset, too. I, uh, I don't think she made it, either.”

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