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Twilight Sparkle lived a long and happy life, now there's only the matter of what comes afterwards.

Authors Note: Another story out of the way... let the progress train continue!

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Nice, but "grandcolt" and "grandmare" make no sense. Just say "grandson" and "grandmother".Would have liked some more insight into how this afterlife works, too. Either way, nice job. :yay:

On the one hand - it's a rather nice story.
On another - dialogue between Twilight and Dash(at least the beginning) looks strange to me - especially that she forgot her own and Twilight's names after living(Not-living?Staying dead? Existing? Whatever, insert appropriate verb here) in the same house for the last ~50 years. And attending her funeral just hours(at most) ago. Unless you explain this away with time shenanigans or something - that simply doesn't really make sense to me.
Also - no mention of Spike. Which looks really strange too.

The one speaking is Rainbow Dash.:twilightsmile:

This actually ties in with the reply on how I'd imagine this type of afterlife working... wait a few lines and I'll see if I can write it down... either that or defer it to a blog post. The admission of Spike was - once again - for conveniences sake, however I can very easily fix it this time and have done so... whether it's a good fix or not is another matter.

This implies nothing whatsoever and has absolutely nothing to do with how I was originally going to write this story :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

Firstly... I think the colt/son thing is a bit of a personal opinion-type-deal so I'm just going to leave that as that.

EDIT: the mother thing on the other hand has been changed, thanks for the pointer.

The afterlife explanation on the other hand... I think it'll be more convenient if I make a blog on it and leave a link in the authors notes of the chapter. I have a feeling that it'll end up scrolling a little way down the comments section. As vast as this story's interpretation of the afterlife could and probably should have been, it would have been hard to write it in as implications, implied descriptions as opposed to direct, which makes sense if you ever try to directly describe a concept like death and the afterlife... read as too much effort was required.

3531696 Is the title a reference to the song by Fall Out Boy?
Because that is an awesome song.

Can't say I've heard it.

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