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When the call to go to war in foreign lands has finally arisen, Shining Armor takes one last look at the pictures that adorn the hallway and staircase. Doing so reminds the unicorn of times of innocence, peace, and devotion to the greater good.

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This was rather fun to write, hope everypony enjoys reading it:heart:

Okay....I kind of really love this.

Very cute, I have to say I love it. :twilightsmile:


Yea, instant favorite.

But..what happens next!? My mind will run wild with possibles! Crap, there it goes. Very good story.

Heh,I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear.
Good job,

"I feel... proud. Great things are in store or her, I can just feel it..."

...or her? oh poor twi. Great things... or her. oh my, Shining, that was mean. :fluttershysad:

355173 Woah, thought I caught all errors. Thanks! ^^

Very well done, and sadly that all I can say at the moment and congrats on getting featured on Equestria Daily :twilightsmile:

You sir, have earned a watch and a fvorite. (with a side of thumbs up)
Great story, I enjoyed it, and please continue to write

. . . Ow, I think I broke my finger from trying to click the fav button so hard. I don't think I can emphasize just how fantastic this was! Seriously, I've been sitting here trying to describe how I loved this story, but I can't! Let's just say it will be a dissapointment to me if this ends up being somehow contradictory to the show canon (which knowing my luck, it will).

Progression of my facial expressions while reading: :ajbemused: -> :applejackunsure: -> :fluttercry: -> :pinkiesad2:

All in all a very enjoyable read.


I... don't know why, but this made me burst out laughing.
Thank ye kindly.

Saw your story on EQD and I am glad I checked this out. Damn man these feels are too powerful. Manly tears were shed. Good job on this story.

This was adorable. Thumbs up, faved and tracked simply cause the first two didn't seem enough

Wow. This was fantastic! Thank you! So now we know why we didn't hear about Twi's brother until now. And how he met Princess Cadence. Very well written, I must say :twilightsmile:

Manly tears...I missed those. Thanks for the story! :pinkiehappy:

Nicely written, a very heart warming tale for a little known about character. Well done.

Fury of the Tempest approves this story.

My reaction was mostly :derpyderp1: but then when Shining was saying byebye to baby :twilightblush: I was all :fluttershysad: then I was :twilightoops: because the story was over and I'm used to much longer stories. Gratz on another EQD feature. Um and I'm talking to you on Kong right now too! :derpytongue2:

Nice story, and nice attempt at predicting how Shining Armor and Cadence would be introduced even though it got thoroughly Jossed by the episode itself. Little Twilight was adorable. :)

The age discrepancy seems a tab bit large to fit canon, in my opinion. If Twilight is in her early 20's in the season finale, Shining is probably only in his later 20's/early 30's. Then again, that is going on the assumption that's the growth rate of ponies is equivalent to that of humans, which may not be the case at all. But, regardless of that, this was a well done fic, in it's structure and composition. Shining's lines near the end seem a little, for a lack of better terms, forced, but other than that I enjoyed how you wrote this piece of literature. Keep up the good work!

And the age difference isn't that large. Ten years is the max I'll accept.

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