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can zero get back to Ciel after the explosion from Ragnarök.?!?!
Proofread by JGM16 on fanfiction.net.
Chapters will be short so no bellyaching!
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People generally don't like it if you have less than 1000 words per chapter. Try elaborating on what's going on. Describe the setting more.

Also, I can't really tell what's going on because the formatting is so poor. Try getting an editor to look that over for you.

Comment posted by Sketch Scribbles deleted Jun 29th, 2014

Okay there are a dozen plotholes in this chapter alone, the biggest of which being; your nonsensical interpertation of reploids. The term is derived from Human Replicant Android, they're machines. They don't have bones, their blood is hydraulic fluid, their DNA computer data, and that armor is his skin. if you've seen any of the battle damage shots from any of the X or Zero games, you would know that his internals look like someone tried to cram a Tesla coil into a terminator's gut, and other reploids are more or less the same.

Second, reploids being reconfigured isn't painful. X does it to himself ALL THE TIME. so do axl, and every newtype reploid ever. even if it was, zero's been BLOWN IN HALF multiple times, and didn't let that stop him from melting sigma's face despite being a scrapped chunk of torso, so i doubt his pain tolerance is that low.

third, given that it triggered in their sleep in the show, poison joke takes HOURS to kick in. not seconds, and even if it did, it doesn't just reverse itself it needs to be treated.

fourth, your way of showing thoughts reads like a script. how did that get past moderation?!

fifth, unlike most characters luna has very specific speech manerisims that break suspension of disbelief if they're absent. I'ts like having Zecora not rhyme.

Comment posted by Sketch Scribbles deleted Jun 29th, 2014
Comment posted by Sgt GobSmacker deleted Jun 29th, 2014

4617656 He was going from mechanical to organic when he's unconscious Thus can not block out the pain but thank you for your constructive criticism. I only have mmz colection.
Zero evolves and becomes more human.:rainbowwild:
plus MAGIC!

4617656 she got over it with night classes:twilightsmile:


He was going from mechanical to organic when he's unconscious

How does one render someone who is essentially A COMPUTER unconscious outside of his recharge cycle? And don't say injury because again, I bring up zero having previously been able to remain awake and alert after being blown in half. As in he's a chunk of torso, a head and an arm, and that's it, but he's still able to make a killshot against Sigma.

The only thing that seems to stop Zero, even temporarily is getting killed, and even then, canonically, four out of the five times that's happened someone has just rebuilt him.

I only have mmz colection.

Okay, well here's a brief rundown of everything you missed. Fair warning, it's one big spoiler for everything from X1, to Zero 3.

Zero is the oldest functional reploid in existence, older even than X, given X was destroyed in MMZ2. Most estimates put him between 250 & 300 years old. He is the last great creation of Dr. Wily, and designed to be superior to X in every way. (X being the last creation of Dr light.) He originally caried inside him a viral weapon that he attempted to take control of sigma with when they first met. Said weapon malfunctioned and bonded with sigma's AI creating the Maveric Virus, which is the central plotpoint of X1 - X7. After sigma defeated him in that confrontation, he was brought to Hunter HQ and supposedly reprogrammed from the raging berserker 'red maverick' into a maverick hunter, who fought against the now corrupt Sigma for over a century. Some time after that his AI was downloaded into a spare body and his original was stolen by Weil, Hence Omega. (Fans speculate that Weil didn't actually write omega he just reactivated Zero's original AI with it's berserker personality) Zero defeated omega but was badly damaged and put into storage, where Ciel found him a century later.

Zero is usually portrayed as cold and calculating, he doesn't speak much compared to the other characters, though he does have an ego occasionally reminiscent of his older "brother" Bass, and other than a brief period of self doubt running from Iris' (a fellow reploid he loved, and seemingly never got over) death in x4, up until the cryopod ending in x6, he has always been confident in his purpose and abilities. In total he has been defeated only five times; in chronological order, disabled by sigma, blown up by vile, blown up by X, Battled to a draw by omega, and sacrificed himself to stop Ragnarok. With the exception of the last one, each time he has been rebuilt/revived stronger than before.

If you believe the theories about Girouet's origin, in megaman ZX, technically he's come back from the dead five times, and died six.

Also it's spelled Ragnarök. Not Roanoroke.

4618068 He did a emergency shutdown for the heat of reentry.

If that's true, find a way to work it into the fic, or atleast hint at it, ahead of the event in question, don't just justify it after the fact. otherwise it just feels like an asspull.

4617656 Heres a spoiler for you:twilightblush:
"Ceil you need to rest!!!" Cerveau said concerned for she has been working on a device to track Zero using his battered helmet for 3 days now with few breaks.
"Five more minutes and then i'll rest..." Ceil said in a half hearted reply.
"Fffffiiiinne...." Ceil knows he was right but she needed to finish this now to find her missing fiance.

Comment posted by DuskPhoenix deleted Jul 1st, 2014

oh...oh my. you're going to need an editor. and more words.

Okay, so I read it. :twilightblush:

First of all, and most prominent, you writing style is very unrefined. It feels very much akin to a stream-of-consciousness passage that I normally use to keep my chapters on track. I would advise acquiring a good editor/collaborator who could help you with this from chapter to chapter until you've developed some more.

I won't profess to know anything about anything having to do with the Megaman series, but going off the comments and what I remember as a kid, this Zero is essentially a robot. How does poison joke affect him to begin with? Granted, poison joke was never explored beyond Bridle Gossip and Filli Vanilli, but I find it very hard to believe that an organic organism can affect a semi-sentient machine. Magic or no magic. Secondly, why would poison joke turn him into an alicorn? It's suppose to play an ironically debilitating joke, not reinvent him according to his power level. Lastly, the bit with the poison joke comes and goes immediately with no rhyme or reason. How did the PJ get there, and why? What purpose does it serve?

Another thing. You've established that all the mane six are in Canterlot Castle, and even gave Twilight her own room. But again, there's nothing here to explain when, why, how, or if that detail is even important. Did Twilight move in with the princesses? Why are her friends with her? What are they doing there?

Also, Zero has bones? If Zero has bones, he's not classified as a robot or android, he's a cyborg. He would also require a brain, which is an extremely delicate organ. Even if you could say that he doesn't have a brain and only has bones because reasons, having bones alone would require him to consume some kind of resource to sustain his semi-organic structure. AKA, some form of digestive system, and at the very least a means to synthesize some kind of organic goop. And don't forget that this 'goop' also needs the nutrients for cartilage, otherwise the joins would grind themselves into dust.

Regardless of circumstance, having bones in a robot (cyborg) is a HUGE design flaw. Bones are not made to last, despite the fact that they are usually the last organ to completely decay. After the first 30 years tops, bones can no longer repair themselves faster than they wear out, not to mention the fact that bone cannot in any capacity fully heal a break. If put back in place within the right timeframe, bone can re-bond where it broke, but there will always be a fracture line marking where the break was, leaving that area at a drastically increased risk of breaking again. And, to my understanding, if the same fracture breaks too many times, it cannot heal anymore. Over the scope of an average lifetime, it could be counted as a minimal problem. But given Zero is designed primarily for battle, and the fact that he's at least 250-300 years old, and is implied to have the capacity to live indefinitely, those bones should be nothing but ground dust and chunks averaging the size of a human fingernail. There would be literally nothing left to break and his bones would be effectively dead in an organic capacity. Therefore lacking a solid internal structure to support even minor blows and rendering him almost completely useless in battle.

Even if you said that Twilight could just use an age spell to make him better-than-new, you're talking about undoing hundreds of years of damage, the likes of which would require stupid-levels of power to even pull off. And by stupid-levels, I mean that I could only accept it as reasonable possibility if you managed to: reform Tirek, give him all the Earth, Pegasus, Unicorn, Chaos AND Alicorn magic in Equestria, and then get him to perform said spell. Might want to throw in the Elements of Harmony and the Alicorn Amulet for good measure. Sketch Scribbles really makes Zero sound like BAMF of the century, so he'd need at least just as much bad-assery to reverse all that. (On that note, I am now wondering what Ascended Alicorn Rainbow-Power Sparkly Cosmic Tirek would look like... could be fun to look at, actually.)

Another question that comes to mind. How did Zero even get sent to Equestria? Universe-hopping isn't easy by any means (and I despise the fact that the show and comics make it seem like any back-road hick could pull it off with the right object, a mirror, and stones) For that matter, why was he sent to Equestria? Equus isn't exactly known for their technological advancements in robotics. (Though, given the idea that Hasbro wants around twelve seasons out of all this, I suspect that to change inexplicably at some point.)

Also, if you're a robot/cyborg and you're injured, should you be taken to a hospital... or a mechanic?

I could go on and on all day, but the point here is that this needs some major rethinking. Too many things have to be taken on blind faith here, and there's not enough reason to support what little fact there is. If you need help with design, storyboarding, and general spit-balling, I'd be glad to help. I'd prefer the use of an Instant Messenger if you have one. :twilightsmile:

5345824 1.Zero has a alloy based skeleton.
2.it will later be explained why the main 6 are in the castle but I can tell you they are guests.
3.I'll let Ceil explan how Zero got there.
4.I would love to have your help:twilightsmile:
5.Zero is in a copy of his body the original body (Omaga) he had to destroy.
6.Zero is a fully seintent being. (WERE HELL did you hear he was semi-sentient?)

I don't get it.

Oh, my god, what the hell? This was approved with such a tiny word count!?

6961455 there is more than these chapters published they are currently being rewritten im sorry for the inconvenience.

6962108 Even so, the word count on these two chapters is, to be frank, pitiful.

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