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The magic comedy hoers.

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This will be fun.

You've got my interest.

~Skeeter The Lurker

“Think about it this way. Do you want me experimenting with powerful and untested arcane arts in the middle of castle grounds without somepony there who knows enough to say ‘stop’?” Or whatever their safe word might be.

:rainbowlaugh: OMG BAD! bad horny Twilight

Also I was kinda hoping that Sweetie was aged up, :unsuresweetie: Oh well Sweetie is best Evil Minion. Also Fleur... hmm... Willing to risk mental, physical, and emotional health all for the sake of social advancement... seems legit :duck: Trixie Must have sexytimes :twilightblush: rough, angry, awkward, desperate sexytimes :trixieshiftleft:

I really like this and want more!

Oh BTW High Society why not invest in some Soundproofing Magic?? Naw because that would make too much sense and why would the Elite have to make concessions for everyone else.

Oh... this gun be good. And no, I can't be arsed to look up the gif.

Daaaaaaaaemon! You've finally succumbed to the dark side! Welcome, my son. Also, the cookies were a lie!

I am totally in. Please continue.

Couple of minor nitpicks:

Fleur Dis Lee, I know that is what MLP wiki says but it is wrong. I believe the accepted fan spelling is Fleur de Lis.

Also, this seem to be a very a smiler plot to another story with Twilight finding new magic with a group of eccentric unicorns. Almost with the same cast of characters too. But that, admittedly doesn't matter.

I wholeheartedly support Twi X Fleur as there isn't enough of it.

OH god... Trixie xD

Welp, this is going to be entertaining.

Well, any story where Trixie gets to express her horribly conflicted feelings for her rival is potentially a good one. I could do without the other three wasting valuable screen time, but that's just my own preference, y'know? (Just make sure that you establish well what Sweetie's role in this story is. To my knowledge, Foalcon is a bannable offense, and that would be a real waste.)

A few errors I'd have to point out, though:

Twilight’s expression was flat and hardly bemused

'Bemused' is not synonymous with 'amused'. Bemused means confused, baffled, distracted. I don't think that's what you were going for.

You use words like 'someone' instead of the show's idiosyncratic 'somepony' a lot. Unless you're trying to establish that the character includes non-ponies in the context, you may wish to correct that. Heck, it's probably fair to assume that most ponies say 'anypony' and 'everypony' by standard, unless they're explicitly trying to express that they're being non-pony inclusive.

I'll track this for a while. I'm not much for explicit clop, but I do enjoy romance and sexual undertones. Particularly involving my favorite pairing. Mix in the potential for comedic magic mishaps (probably guaranteed with Trixie and Sweetie Belle involved) and this could be very fun to read indeed.


He is one of us.

One of us. One of us. One of us. :rainbowlaugh:

Not afraid of explosions, abrasions, transmutation, transmogrification, parallel worlds, elder beasts, and copious amounts of chickens?

All it needs is a 60 pack of Redbull Shots and it would sound like a normal Saturday evening to me :derpytongue2:

Mythbuster Vinyl Scratch.
Seductress Fleur.
Frustrated Trixie.
Sweetie Belle, one-third of the Destructive CMC.
And a bored and horny Twilight (who is so into mares) in charge of them all.
Please continue and finish this story.

her mare in shining armor (a phrase she abhorred for obvious reasons)
-obvious reasons? I don't get- OH... I get it now! nevermind guys, I'll writing this now.

Not afraid of explosions, abrasions, transmutation, transmogrification, parallel worlds, elder beasts, and copious amounts of chickens?
-kinda surprised Pinkie Pie didn't show up.

Now that is a hookline I can fall for.

good No, Great story... Wait... Trixie? And Princess Twili?... :ajbemused: Not again...
I hope this is different than the others I've read...:applejackconfused:

And well... FINALLY! FEUR DE LES (or however you spell her bucking name) GETS IN A STORY! I haven't seen one of these in a while:raritystarry:

But I'm still not forgiving the "Twixie" Part... No... just no:fluttercry:

One rather hopeful mint-green unicorn, however, did get as far as “copious amounts of chickens” before she ran screaming the other way.

Ah... One too many experiences with Cuccos, Lyra? It's okay, we understand...

:pinkiegasp: Wait... Does this mean that Bon Bon is Zelda? :rainbowderp:

Well, I'm hooked. Someone queue up the 'dis gun be good' memes while we await the next chapter.


Oh dear.... I can see this going a certain number of ways..... few of them good, but more often than not any story with Trixie x Twilight shipping is going to be intresting

Looking forward to more! Can't wait to see how this goes.
And I feel kinda sorry for Twilight now. Vinyl, Fleur, Trixie, and Sweetie Belle? She's going to have her hooves full keeping the bedroom stuff away from Sweetie.
And Rarity has a problem with it? Wonder what that problem is?
Also, Trixie's almost bipolar feelings towards Twilight were hilarious. Wonder how Twilight will feel about her?
She's got a DJ who loves the idea of both the subject matter and the teacher, a model that turns ponies brains off just by standing there, her old rival, and one of her best friends' little sister. This...is going to be interesting.

Funny thing is, Sweetie's probably the only one who will actually be able to learn everything she has to teach as far as the magic, because she's still young enough to think outside her own box. ...sudden mental image of Twilight testing Sweetie after teaching her a few focusing exercises, explosion happens (either the other Crusaders stop by for a visit or Trixie blows something up), and then Twilight gets to say, "So that's what it looked like from the outside when I did that."

Hmm, I'm interested. This will be good.

Oh, this was a good intro. Loved the pervy and wicked and sexual frustrated Twily as well as how the four apprentices got introduced, with Vinly being all in for explosions and hot sex and Fleur not noticing the destruction her beauty causes around her and Trixie being vaught in a love-hate-love attitude towards Twi ending with her fantasies getting the better of her and ofc Sweetie being SUPER-happy that she can learn some real magic and become a real unicorn and that withe the most magical alicorn princess of them all! She has no idea what she's in for. XDDD

No, there isn't any foalcon


...You have my attention.

Huh. The hand has been dealt. Now let's see who makes the first move...

Good, good. You have my attention, we shall see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

3525462 It just means Twilight's figured out the aging spell :twilightsheepish:

Things are looking good so far, can't wait for more chapters. Each of the potential apprentices is interesting although I feel like I've seen Trixie portrayed this way a dozen times before, but to less extremes. I'm particularly interested in Vinyl Scratch. How are you going to decide pairings? Will you decide as the story progresses, or let readers vote on it?

Or is Twilight going to try being a player? :twilightblush::twilightsmile:

I don't think Celestia would approve of that... or any of what is coming, really.

i'd prefer the far latter. group sex, constant character development, no feels (that are sad), recurring, but varied, sexual partners. it's one of the reasons i personally favor small (4-7 members) harems.

agreed. but at-least there's still copious amounts of multiple-partner sex.

3524703...sudden mental image of Twilight testing Sweetie after teaching her a few focusing exercises, explosion happens (either the other Crusaders stop by for a visit or Trixie blows something up), and then Twilight gets to say, "So that's what it looked like from the outside when I did that."

And maybe Twilight will learn what it's like to be turned into a potted plant. :rainbowlaugh:

Nah, Fluer and Trixie get that treatment.

They never said what age she is. Could be 18. Have yet to read though.

wow, haven't read yet and can already tell, the sauciness is strong with this one :trollestia:

Looks fun up to now, reading on.

Just a heads up: It's "Fleur de Lys". It's French.

There needs to be a group for Twilight abusing her new title in awesome ways.:trollestia:


Just when I thought I could join you guys...
You had to lie about the fucking cookies.


Must... Track.... now...

Oh great, someone new is joining the dark side? Did you lie about the cookies again?

Lol the race is on! Who shall be Twilight Sparkle's apprentice? Find out next week! :pinkiehappy:

3527169 all four of them and then their will be an orgy.

This, this one is good. Carry on.

3525952 Ha, so you'd have one pretty plant and one really showy plant.:twilightsmile:

3526890 I second this. As much as I like seeing Twilight play the good girl, it's much more fun to read stories where she only pretends to be straight-laced.

That recruiting poster...

Not afraid of explosions,

Also known as "the money shot"...




Rule 63...



parallel worlds,


elder beasts,

I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going...

and copious amounts of chickens?

Reminds me of the old joke about the difference between erotic and kinky: erotic is using a feather; kinky is using the whole chicken. Twilight is clearly a very kinky princess... :raritywink:

Upvoted, faved, and watching.


PFFFFFTTT HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Author, make this shit happen:pinkiecrazy:!!!

Twilight massaged her temples with her hooves, feeling another one of her heads coming on.


She barely noticed as many a passerby caught sight of her, quickly losing interest in whatever it was they were doing.

many passersby

One rather hopeful mint-green unicorn, however, did get as far as “copious amounts of chickens” before she ran screaming the other way. lyra, FTW!!!!
vinyl scratch
the sexiness factor just when from flabby flanks (aka celestia, the lowest on the scale):pinkiesick: (OW! how does she always have a rock to chuck at me?) to ditzy covered in muffin batter with vinyl dropping bass on a flaming stage (5th highest):raritystarry:
fleur de lis
(upgrade in three, two, one, AVANTI!) the level has gone to 4th, lyra with skywalker's hands, vinyl piloting a robotech suit, and flaming geysers of water

Trixie will be in her bunk.

and sexyness with the addition of the dark horse (pun intended and not, i was typing this and... well... yeah) trixie lulamoon, and the wild card of the pack, sweetie belle, the sexiness factor has gone up! to 3! lyra and ditzy wearing gold and silver armor, their twin swords, enchanted hands and helmets shimmering in the bloodred sun, as discord, wearing a cloak of a thousand beasts leads them to the wicked god galactia, the nightmare sun. and following behind them are the secondary, new element bearers donning the armor given by their elements, of which were forged from the crysal seeds, dinky, melodia, resplendia, nightmare eclipse, trixie, and of course, crysalis leading the army of reformed sekians (daleks turned to ponies) and changelings all connected through her element of command and control fly towards the approaching army or rreanimated criminals brought back to life by the freed starswirl approach the crystal tree of harmony, and, with one word, a lone alicorn with eight wings, 4 blacker than black, 4 whiter than white, a cutie mark in the shape of a single duel monsters card, a duel disk mounted to his left, a sword of pure animate shadows and vashta nerada ripling in excitement of the coming battle, a giant skeleton bearing two swords of metal and bone rises from the earth, a wand shaped digivice on his sword arm glowing as the three tags and crests around his neck glow, enveloping him in white light as three voice all scream "source code digivolution!" and in the place of the skeleton and alicorn, is an armored alicorn of similar wings, the armor ripling with shadow magma, the vashta nerada filling the gaps, a helmet with an oddly shaped horn like symbol, the symbol also on the back of his armor utters "nobunagamon, the legendary swordsman of restraint" and as he raises a sword of white and black energy he utters the catchphrase that has serviced him well...
"AVANTI!" they all charge, magic and weapons priming to fight the skeletal army and their mad leaders

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