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Twilight and Pinkie are able to tap into Pinkie's transcendent awareness to learn about what might be the end of their existence. With no time to spare, they find all their friends, hoping to spend their last moments together.

This was just sort of a venting fic for me. I don't expect it to be too well received. It's not really funny, and there's nothing dirty (as you might expect from me); it's just a short-story born of the fixation I've had, as of late, on the fact that tens of thousands of words I've written will probably never see the light of day because I didn't have enough time to finish them before S4. From my perspective, it's unpleasant, but from the perspective of the poor little ponies who live in my stories, it's terrifying.

But on the bright side, Season 4 is coming!

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On a wholly unrelated note, if anybody could shed some light on those mysterious ghost-views that appear on all my stories while I'm writing, I'd appreciate it. I do know it's possible to see unpublished stories, and I've done it before, it just seems weird that I've got three views and I just started putting this together about twenty minutes ago.

Just Pinkie Pie reading your stories. :pinkiehappy:

Liked it, somewhat terrifying concept if you put yourself in their hooves.


Glad you liked it. I do put myself in their hooves, quite often. So much so that it creeps into my head at random times and inspire stories like this one. Most of them never get written, but this one really got to me...

So where was Spike? I would think he would be there considering they were at the library.


I could try to come up with some elaborate story to justify his absence, but the honest truth is that I had nothing for him to do. I couldn't think of a way that his presence wouldn't feel awkward and contrived, as though I was just putting him there to have him there.

With more time, I might have been able to fit him in, but I wasn't about to let a story inspired by taking too long to write be ruined by taking too long to write it. The whole thing was conceived, written, edited, formatted, and posted in three hours, which is not even 1% of the time I've spent on anything else I've ever published.

Besides, my headcanon for Spike is actually very sparse. He only ever has small comic-relief parts in my stories.


It depends on how the season goes.

If Twilight gets together with Flash Sentry, I swear to Faust there will be volcanos of boiling-hot blood and Rainbow will travel across dimensions to sonic-bitchslap him.

Otherwise I'll probably just polish this off with a weird scene where they all get up, celebrate existing for a brief moment, and then get confused about why they all just sat around watching a bunch of old home-movies. Only Pinkie will remember what happened, but everyone will just think she's crazy.


You should just do what I do and ignore what the show establishes. In many ways it's akin to any other scripture or contradictory work, and should be taken lightly, but not as the 'rule'. Lately, the majority of the show's proceedings have been in the pursuit of expanding opportunities rather than developing characters anyway.


If the show disagrees with what I've written, then what I've written becomes wrong in my eyes. I can't publish it, because I no longer like it, because to me, it's not doing what I set out to do when I wrote it.

My goal in writing is to flesh out the world. I want to find voids where truth doesn't exist and fill them with some possible version of their reality. If the show establishes some fact that makes my version impossible, then I consider my version a failure.

In other words, when canon changes, my headcanon changes, and when my headcanon changes, whatever I've written becomes worthless to me, because it's no longer what I believe.


Fair enough, but I argue that you shouldn't limit yourself like that. MLP is a concept, and the show isn't perfect. Too many people accept it as the rule, rather than just one viewpoint. This is fanfiction, after all. Different ideas and concepts are what truly make it stronger, not limited patches.

That's not to say only sticking to what the show does is bad, though.

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