• Published 22nd Nov 2013
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A Change of Pace - Discord_Nations

A mistake he cannot escape, a home he had to leave behind, a new world with old pain. Coming from a world ravaged by war and pollution, how will this man come to terms with what he has done and the world he has found.

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Meeting of the Elements (Chapter 6.5)


“So does everypony think we should trust him?” Twilight asked of everyone there.

“If I hadn’t talked to him I would have thought he was nothing but a barbaric brute with all that armor on. HE does have some elegance to him. Even if it’s not much. But I most certainly will have to do something about those dirty old rags he’s wearing! Ugh! It’s a crime against fashion.” Rarity exclaimed.

“Oh, oh! I think he’s going to be super fun!” Pinkie said excitedly in the way only pinkie could. “He seems like a really nice creature! I just hope he likes parties! He’s A-OK in my book! Now I’m going to have to think of when to throw a party for him, what color should the cake be, what flavor should the cake be? Streamers or confetti? Oh! Maybe I’ll make cookies too, and cupcakes, and muffins….” This went on for a while, eventually going to pure thought. Much to the other pony’s relief.

“W-well I’ve dealt with him the past couple days. He seems really nice. He doesn’t like to resort to violence, but he isn’t afraid to use it. He’s never ever lifted a blade to anypony and threatened to use it that I’ve seen. He looks out for me even though I’ve barely known him. I think it’s only right that we trust him.” Fluttershy said quietly. But was still heard by everypony there.

“He’s cool with me, he may have kicked my flank when I attacked him, but help take care of any damage don-”

“WHAT!?” Twilight and the others yelled in unison (except Fluttershy).

“When in tarnation did this happen!?” Applejack said with a bit of disbelief.

“Really darling, what made you do such a thing!?” Rarity said.

“Why in Equestria DID this happen Rainbow Dash!? You couldn’t tell us this before?” Twilight accused. Pinkie on the other hoof was the opposite of every other pony. She didn’t even know what to say. It didn’t seem like she could say anything.

“It’s nothing to worry about. He was in the right when he did it. I came over to talk to Flutters when I saw him. He was this big weird creature wear metal armor and had his weird blade out. I thought he was attacking her. He had tried to explain it to me, but… I sorta ignored him and kept trying to hurt him.” Rainbow said a little sheepishly. “I got my flank kicked pretty hard. Literally.” She went to recall the entire fight with all the ups and downs and twists to it. Not to mention the pain. She also added the part where he helped her to a more comfortable spot and treated her injuries. “All the while he had that bite on his shoulder, which was even worse then, but he still worried about how hurt I was first. He deserves to be trusted.”

“Well after that little story ah’m not gonna argue if he should be trusted or not.” Applejack stated. “If he is really that kind, reasonable and ah’ll tell ya now, he was being honest with us here. If there ain’t a reason to trust ‘im, ah’m all ears.”

Nobody said anything, not even pinkie. Which given her boundless energy and ability to talk almost anypony’s ear off, it’s a wonder she didn’t say anything. It seems Rainbow’s story got to them and gave them something to think about.

“So we’re all agreed that he can be trusted?” Twilight finally broke the silence that had enveloped the group. All around the room there wasn’t much more than a simple “yes” or a nod of the head. “Ok, good. Now what should we do about that strength of his? If he’s strong enough to break my magical grip, he could be dangerous.” This got all of them thinking.

“Well. We don’t really have to take away his strength do we?” Fluttershy asked. “He hasn’t really hurt anypony without a reason to. He isn’t very dangerous to us.”

“Twi, let me tell you this now” Applejack stated. “Takin away this guy’s strength is like takin away your magic. Jus cause he can break your magic field doesn’t mean he should be made weaker. It’s all he’s got. Ah don’t see him castin any spells or flyin. Do you? Ah know this cause ah don’t have have no horns or wing either.”

Twilight just looked down with a guilty expression on her face. “I suppose you’re right Applejack. But if he becomes a threat to us for sure, I’m going to completely sap his strength he won’t be able to move with that armor on. I’m not going to take any chances on this one. We don’t know what he’s fully capable of.”

“Well ah can’t say ah completely agree with that, but ah guess it’s the best we’re gonna get out of you. Plus ah’m pretty sure if you tried you could hold him in place Twi. His strength has got to have a limit. Now if y’all would excuse me, ah got some apples to buck.” Applejack then proceeded to trot out the door with a bit more annoyance than usual.

“Was it something I said?” Twilight asked a little confused. The others just shrugged. “Well I guess we’re all done here. You all can go if you want to.” All the ponies got up and said their goodbyes before heading their separate ways. Twilight closed the door behind them all and turned to her small desk and opened a book.


“Ah can’t believe Twilight would even suggest takin away the one thing that poor feller has! Ugh. No sense ah morals at all. One thing could possibly be a threat and she goes all crazy on us. Sayin it’s fer safety or what not. Girl ain’t right in the head.” Applejack stopped in the middle of town square and looked at the many vendors that surrounded the area. “Ah might as well stop for something, all that talking has gotten me a bit hungry.” Applejack glanced to the center where the fountain was, and she could have sworn she saw the large human sitting there. But wasn’t entirely sure. The metal isn’t exactly shining on his armor. But she made her way to Sugarcube Corner, just as a certain red-headed filly made her way to the center of town square.

Author's Note:

Was this kind of chapter a good idea or no?