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Y'got me on the first few bits there at the beginning, haha. Like, actual physical laughter. It's great.

+1 magic internet points to you~

Gotta keep an eye on this one. :twilightblush:


This is definitely worth looking into some more. Can't wait to see what happens to Collateral


Aria, thank you for being the first person to comment, and thank you for the kind words. I'll admit, very few things worry me quite like throwing out newly-written work for all to read, and having a strong comment right off the bat helps me feel I'm on the right path with this story (especially since I had a dislike within the first few views. Whoops).

When I finish reading the Dresden Files and get caught up on Project Horizons, I'll be sure to give Medicine and Mail a thorough read-through.


Nullvoid, you're going to like the way this goes, I guarantee* it.

*Guarantees are subject to early termination fees, constipation, whooping cough, and are void where prohibited. If you experience a guarantee lasting longer than 4 hours, seek immediate medical attention. Please do not take guarantees while driving. Remember FDIC.


Mhm, I know how that can be with the worry. Hell, I worry every time I push out a new chapter. It's something that hasn't quite gone away. :x (And then there's the unbearable desire to rewrite earlier chapters.)

The snarky, self-aware, and almost genre-savvy darker humor of Collateral is really quite fantastic. Seriously, bravo.

Don't see a whole lot of wartime/beginning of the end stuff. It's always interesting to see people writing in mostly unknown territory as far as FO:E lore goes.

As for the random dislike, don't pay 'em much mind. You'll probably get a few more simply for being associated with FO:E and mature/gore/sex tags. It's... kind of a thing, or so I'm told.

Also, hey~ Welcome to FIMFiction. :twilightsmile:

Wow this looks Awesome, can't wait for more!
Keep it coming, you surely got all my interests with this!


There you go, chapter 1 all written just for YOU! Only you, and nobody else, so you better damn well enjoy it. I slaved all day and night over a hot keyboard with no bathroom breaks to ensure it was up to the standard of quality to which you are accustomed.


The DeciMayhem

Awww, thank you so much, I've been waiting all week :rainbowkiss:
I would say that your slave labour worked out well!

First of all: This is a really interesting approach on the Universe, I love the personality of Collateral Damage, she has this innocent feel and a lot of Space for Development. The idea behind the story is really cool Imo. and i never saw something like it before, also your writing is decent and i didnt spot anything that breaks the reading flow. The questions you left open left me still begging for more and more!

How did she survive the bombs? Who will she meet? How does she exactly look like? What will she do? and most importantly: Is she a Lesbian?

cheers, and keep it up, you got yourself a really solid Story-idea here!

Well he somehow is in the future, weird, but still good


All will be explained in due time.

Heh. Doo time.

Good chapter, really enjoyed it. It's nice to see Collateral's Learning curve and her training. Reminded me a lot of the Start of Fallout New Vegas.
Collateral is well written, the mix between humor and seriousness is defineitly there, and I (for one) hope that she will stay that way and not end up as mental wreck like most protagonists of FO:EQ Fics. (which doesnt mean that she should'nt face some serious shit on her way tho.). That Sarcasm scene is a good example and i got a good chuckle out of it.

Even if i didn't look for mistakes, the flow and your general writing is really good, nothing disturbing in the entire story so far.
On another Note: Could we get an explenation on the looks of Collateral? (Maybe im just stupid and missed it) But i didn't catch anything of her looks except that shes female and an earth pony in a prototype medical suit. And i would just love to do some fanart for this!

in conclusion: Nice chapter, good buildup for her start in the wasteland and even if none of my questions got answered, it still just makes me want the next chapter more!


Heh, I restarted New Vegas again and it snuck a little into that chapter. And you're right, not every pony in the wasteland has to be one or two straws away from a complete mental breakdown, though that seems to be more the norm in this fandom. Now that you mention it, schizophrenia and OCD and a little bit of narcissistic personality disorder could really open this story up...

(Kidding. DeciMayhem would never do that. DeciMayhem understands his fans and believes in his story).

I know I've been more than a little coy with releasing details about her looks. I'm not particularly fond of laying out exactly how someone appears, especially main characters, which is why I didn't come right out and say Jester was a unicorn, but instead had a scene where he used his magic (though it would have ruined the flow of CD getting her vision back if I didn't give SOME description of Jester. He did save her life after all; the least she could do was give him a semi-detailed paragraph about his looks).

I've always enjoyed reading stories where I get piece after piece about the looks of the main character over a couple of chapters: maybe a comparison to another character height-wise, or a scene involving pushing hair out of one's eyes (prologue - she's got blood-red and cream/light yellow colored hair). I intend to do the same with CD.

That being said, since you've been a really big supporter, here's an old concept drawing of her from a different story I had originally planned (I ended up scrapping the story - her character wasn't fully fleshed out at that time and the story wasn't doing her justice): The Early Days

She looks a little different now hair-wise, but as far as I'm concerned, the color palette is going to stay the same. The cover art should be coming out soon, hopefully coinciding with chapter 3 since I finally purchased a new nub for my tablet pen. Previews is Magic!

And no, you don't get to see the suit just yet. It's actually... uh, it's actually still in the design phase. Yup.

Well he saved a raider, good chapter again :yay:

Interesting chapter. That bed comment let me thinking that she is way more cold than expected, but apparently she does have a helping hoof when it comes down to it. Atleast she can learn to lockpick now and I hope Jester will forgive her...but seriously, in the balls? ow!

with a name like Collateral Damage what else can you target and keep your name


You can target anything, but there will always be... collateral damage.


even if the damage is just waves of pain there allway plenty to go around

This is getting more and more interesting. Keep up the good work

FINALLY, got to read it.

Again, good work on the slowly increasing knowledge and skill abilities of Colleteral, and that meeting with Derpy was a really good idea!
Can't wait for the Stealth Suit to get more and more unlocks, wide range of possibilities here! (Maybe an AI upgrade? A Suit companion, say wooot?)

Also, I will be dissapointed if Colleteral will not fly any Vertibucks at some point in the story. I know, its just the start, and I can wait, but damn, this needs to happen!

All in all a good chapter, and in total all the chapters handling Colleterals recovery are well paced, can't wait for the field test on he Airbase! (that Cliffhanger tho.)

keep 'em coming! cheers!

Love this fic. Realy great so far and I can't wait for the next chapter. Any hints on when it'll be out? :D


Soon! I had A LOT going on in the past couple months (including job interviews for a couple promotions, hardcore coding at work, trying out for a professional soccer team, Bravely Default, Dark Souls II, separated shoulder, a Fallout-reskinned D20 game, and way too much drawing) but I'm finally back and ready to continue writing.

My two weapons of mass destruction: the drink and the lead.

haven't read it yet but i just spotted something.

*or else risk losing what little humanity she has left* this is in you're story description right

*humanity* pretty sure ponies aren't human so i don't think this word applies to them.............

sorry it bugged me. shall read later :twilightsmile::twilightblush:


Crap, you spend so much damn time trying to watch the humanification of your words, and there it is from day one.

Fixed, just for you.

And I'm back (finally).

You go on one unplanned hiatus and all of a sudden you forget where the story is supposed to go, which facts go where, where certain landmarks in the wasteland are. It all adds up and gets harder and harder to catch yourself back up with the universe and your own story.

Thankfully, a couple fans and a handful of friends finally forced me to get my head back in the game, and I am grateful they did. I missed these characters.

Enjoy Chapter 5. It's been 5 months in the making. I Pinkie Pie promise the next chapter won't take nearly as long. This story is back to stay.

The DeciMayhem

PS: The big lesson here is always take notes and keep them readily accessible. I'd never have been able to continue the story without my pages and pages of background notes and story arcs. Thanks, Notepad.

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