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Predates Season 4

Dash had been accepted into the Wonderbolts and was going to be living in Cloudsdale. Twilight was going to be spending much of her time in Canterlot as a new princess of Equestria. Both of their lives would be changing forever, and in very different ways, but Dash wasn’t worried. Their relationship could handle the distance, and though they were both moving away from Ponyville, the town and all their friends were still going to be there, the same as they always had been.

She knew everything was going to be all right. They were going to be able to deal with it. She knew it was going to be fine—she was just having a hard time getting herself to feel like it was going to be.

Thanks to Cerulean Starlight, as always, for editing and also general moral support!

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Don't have time now, but I shall get around to reading it... eventually. Maybe.

Yeah. This? Right here?

THIS is how you do a good TwiDash fic.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I notice they never needed the cupcakes...

Ugh, you are so good at characters I wish I could write like you :pinkiehappy:

Ummmm arent they still falling?

Mmmmmm, now that's how you handle Dash being both a member of the 'Bolts and in a relationship. Nothing ruins a TwiDash (or an anything-Dash) fic faster for me than Dash giving up on her lifelong dream for a relationship that might not even last, especially when said partner goes along with it, or worse, encourages or nags her into it.

Huh, that's apparently a sore point for me or something.

3511260 I was going to put this on my read later list, but now i have to read it immediately.


Good. Do so. Then comment with your thoughts.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Thanks so much!

Your words carry weight, man. Proof! -->3512345

Also, thanks! Glad you like it!

Yeah, I totally know what you mean!

I do feel like that could be a great premise for all kinds of delicious unhealthy romance though, and I am a fan of well played romantic angst... but yeah! Not for this fic!


I'll admit that comment took me by surprise.

Nice work with it, man!

~Skeeter The Lurker

That was excellent. I'm by no means a great commentator or critic so ill just leave it at it was a fantastic and you continue to give me reason to look forward to your stories.

That last line... mercy. I've forgotten why I forgot why you write so well. I think this is your best work to date.

One of the better TwiDashes I've read recently. Grats on hitting the FB (non-mature).

Oh you. :twilightblush:

Nah, I think 'Like Sisters, Probably' is my best fic right now. You'd know that if you read it more. :duck:
(that's mostly a joke--srsly thx :pinkiehappy:)

Woo, thanks!

This is actually pretty magical for me... I'm up there right beside bookplayer! She's totally my hero forever! :raritystarry:
I can't even.

Aw, thanks for saying so!

how do you keep making such awesome fics x3 ty

Very cute, I must admit that this kind of fics that deal with the distance made me a bit sad, you know many love distance doesn't work and are very few that it does, and for your fic, It look that is one of the lucky ones.

That was pretty sweet :twilightsmile:
Scared Dashie is adorablest Dashie. I'm pretty sure that's what makes her so universally shippable.
You know what would solve their problem? Twilight should use her princessly authority to create a new research laboratory... and call it Aperture Science :pinkiecrazy:

I want to see some auroras in person someday :fluttershysad: Coincidentally, I'm currently working on some aurora inlays for my pony ukulele :yay: Check it out http://mlpforums.com/topic/78111-crystal-heart-ukulele/

Comment posted by Cerulean Starlight deleted Nov 20th, 2013


I thought I've been missing something, and this right here proves it.

You have successfully raised my (admittedly low) standards to a new level, and for that, you get a fav.

I look forward to more, and if so, I will see you there!

“But now that you brought it up—aw, you’re making plans?” She brushed up against her, and her voice went low and smokey. “You know how I love it when you do that.”

Oh my. :moustache:

Yeah, that bugs me too.

that cover pic... ;_;

You know, it always bugged me that ppl can't understand that dreams are just our own perception of stuff. So dash would want to be a wonderbikt but she can discover new stuff about her self and about the wonderbolts to acually change her 'dreams'. Not saying she would but there is that possibility. Again great opportunity for clop not used. Yet someone had dirty mind while writing it. It was well writen, basic, not forced and in character otherwise. But still the idea was plain and it was the way it was written that kept it iNteresting. Hope to catch you on skype for a while so we can coment on the new season. And also sorry for weird spelking errors i got a tsablet and im trying to figure out how it works. 8/10

Author Interviewer

And ‘u’ can’t be a consonant, you know.

It took me a second, but this exchange was fucking amazing. :D This whole thing was amazing. It's better than both my TwiDash fics combined! (I say that 'cuz I got here off a "similar" rec on Fall Down. :B) Any ill will you built up with that Sparity fic is now dissolved. :D

Ha, thanks! Glad you liked it! You know, the fact that you thought my most popular fic was lame, but then liked this one that not a lot of people really seemed to read is totally refreshing in a way...

Also, I totally went to see which TwiDash fics you wrote that you were talking about, and I realized you were the one who wrote 'Dance 'Til We're High'. I remember reading that fic ages ago--nah, man, that fic is fantastic! :raritystarry:

...And fixed those bits! How did I never notice those before??

Author Interviewer

Nah, I never liked what I did with DTWH. :B TwiDash >>> Sparity any day :V

And well, it was just those three, so the answer is "you're human!" (Unless you are a pony.)

and I can I can break the sound barrier!

I don't see an ellipsis, so I'm pretty sure she's not stammering.

Other than that, this was awesome and heartwarming.

I can break the sound barrier!

Well, yes, technically. But considering the appearance of the mach cone before the rainboom, or not even in relation to it, Rainbow Dash can break the sound barrier whenever she feels like. And the angle at wich the cone appears just moments before the rainboom tells us that she'sflying at ten times the speed of sound. Just tthought I'd add that.

Decided to reread this in light of the recent site spotlight, and it's just as good as it was two years ago. Great fic.

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