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A Fallout: Equestria side story? not to be an ass but what number is this,71284591275126491248751278919? (Sorry if I said something that offended you it's just that i'm seeing these a lot)

Its no problem. Its fun to write in their universe and I'm doing it more for me than anybody. If people like It fine if not that's alright to

Track for later reading. sorry:twilightblush:

303543 Quick question; have you made yourself known on the Fallout: Equestria Side-Fic document yet? If not, head on over here. We're all a friendly bunch, and there's a group of people who are all too happy to pre-read FO:E side stories if you need it. There is also a great deal of banter in the comments stream there :twilightsmile:

Wellcome to the clud, and I agree with you it is fun to write in this universe. :twilightsmile:

If you haven't already head over to the FoE fic group here: FoE Fics group

Hope to see you there!

Plus Ima have to read this soon. :pinkiesmile:

Oh and when I get done reading I'll tell you what I think! (I'm not a grammar Nazi or anything.)

Thanks for the advice. How should I go about doing making my myself known because I'm still new to the whole fanfic thing and could use all the help I can get

Thanks that would be awesome. I'm in college so my grammer shouldnt be too bad but by all means let me know if you see something or have any comments good or bad.

303675 If you open up the GDoc, the comment thread will probably have some conversation going on. Introduce yourself, and ask for access to the doc (you'll need to give them your e-mail address). Once that's done, you can add your fic to the doc and have it featured in the Equestria Daily Side Fic Post, and converse with our friendly bunch of writers and editors!

As for making yourself known, the best advice I can give is keep writing. You'll keep pulling your fic up to the front page of this site, and people will see it. Having it pre-read to iron out any grammatical errors and such will also help, and there's always someone on the GDoc willing to have a look through a new chapter (usually a guy called ErrantIndy :rainbowwild:) Tell 'em I sent you :scootangel:

Ok ya got me interested and now I can't wait for the next chapter.
And don't listen to Blazer. There may be quite a few FoE side fics but it would be rude not to play in the sandbox universe KKat created.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy: if my pre-reader is done with ch3 tommorow ill put it up in the afternoon.

Chapter 3 is up. hope you enjoy :derpyderp1:

Ok first that is a bad way to go both for the unnamed mare and Rigby.
Second I can see how a red dot would be useful, but how would a front grip help a pony. Even with the different weapon designs I've seen made for FoE it seems like an odd addition.
And now i can't get the image of the hut pony so thanks for that.
Crack Shot and the AJ Rangers. Roasting barns and raiders in ten seconds flat! :yay:
And yes Marc I did enjoy the chapter. :pinkiesmile:

First off thanks for your support. Second you make an excellent point about the fore grip. To explain, in my mind when a unicorn uses a gun their magic has to make contact with the weapon at certain places I.E. trigger, hand grip, and stock to control the weapon. The fore grip would serve as an extra point of contact to increase stability. As for Rigby being an earth pony it would add an extra point to connect to his battle saddle serving the same purpose. Also its a personal thing, my SK-47 is set up the same way in real life.

That is a fair point about the grip and I can see something like magic hands or individual points of magic at certain places instead of the magic enveloping the whole gun. Same goes for the battle saddle about the contact points.

Yea glad I could clear that up. I got the idea for the hut from an After Dark Horrorfest movie. It was some pretty sick shit but it was an image that stuck with me

Added S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and tag stats to chapter 1 if anyone was wondering

Damn I didn’t know they made ponies that big. :rainbowlaugh:
As a gawked at the amazing firearm I heard a triumphant “Got it!” * I or if your going for a southern drawl, ah.
Ah, there's nothing like some softcore gun porn before bed.
Nicely done good sir.

We arrived during the dead of night around 100 hours. * When used in a military sense it would read "zero one hundred" or "0100". Sorry it's one of those small things that bugs me. :twilightsheepish:
I said.shots :rainbowhuh:
I sitting on my flank playing with blocks. * I was
The tiny orange unicorn im assuming is my sister is sitting beside me gnawing on a rubber chicken.* I'm
As I stepped outside the brightness caused my eyes become strained.* to become
Yay backstory. With a name like that I can see wanting to rule everything.
Dust reminds me of Mordin Solus from Mass Effect. She seems calculating, efficient and really confident in her intelligence.

Hey thanks for letting me know. I was proof reading and editing on my kindle last night and its really picky about how it auto corrects things. Some of it was probably just me being a derp. :derpyderp2: Lesson learned, sticking to the computer whenever i need to edit. Yea thanks again for the heads up and i didnt play mass effect but i heard how they screwed yall good with the third one. that sucks.

I help where I can. :twilightsmile:
And I ain't beat it yet but I think most of it is just people like to complain.
And is it wring that I enjoy reading about guns so much? I'm thinking between this story and "The Last Sentinel" I'll be set for gun porn. :pinkiehappy:

yea I think its because they led you to believe that your choice in the 1st 2 would make a huge difference in the ending but I watched avideo and they're almost identical aside from different colored explosions. I saw the video with Hitler raging about it and it was hilarious.

I don't think your love for guns is wierd. My stories gonna be very combat oriented so there will be lots of gunplay. :raritystarry:

Nice story mate cant say ive seen a story where a pony becomes a applejack anger keep up the great work :ajsmug:

Thanks! :pinkiehappy: glad you liked it. im working on ch6 right now and it should be done by the weekend. Also i took a look at your side story and liked it. A zebra with wings = badass

So they even have, ahem, alternative smokes do they? Neat! And I get the feeling that "South Field" is funnier on said smokes.
And don't ever expect a raider to play fair. That's like thinking a junkie will always tell ya the truth.
So that's the interrogation spell... Ya that's kinda twisted.
Come on Golden, he just mind raped a raider boss. At least get the first round of drinks.

Is that a Red Dead reference I detect? That skinning scene read awfully familiar :trixieshiftright:

Well not intentionally but now that you mention that it does. Maybe subconsciously it snuck itself in there but for now lets roll with it. Excellent game at that.

Thank you my good sir (\
Been really busy with school so this one was kinda short. Next one will be a little more beefy. :pinkiehappy:

486026 great to hear can't wait to be out another chapter for my story :twilightoops: looks like I'm going to have to start on my phone XD. Still its all for fun if another enjoys it that's just iceing on the cake :trollestia: ...dang Its going to be a pain typeing it out but it'll be worth it :pinkiehappy:

is good book yes

Yea me too. I've been lookin forward to your next chapter as well. I learned my lesson about typing on mobile devices with my kindle fire :twilightoops: . Not doing that again.
Thank you Thank you my good sir

493659 thing is I'm walking around the apartment and I'm still typeing also would you mind later if i sent you some of my ideas I'm fighting myself on some things i want to fit into the story. Thing us most of my group us hard to get hold of...skype might as well be runing on dial up XP them being in sweden doesn't help too :rainbowlaugh:

Yea no problem I'd be happy to give you my thoughts on them. :twilightsmile:

this book makes me want more. its eating me alive im not shure if thats a good thing or bad thing

494980 idk but i think your crazy

494980 idk but i think your crazy>>495000 i am not crazy your crazy

your the one arguing with your self

wow that made my day. Glad to see your pumped for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:. Ill try to get it out soon but finals are next week.:twilightangry2:

493867 thanks ill send what i have so far it not perfect though it still needs more work here it itself

:twilightsheepish: yea I'm gonna get it out asap. I started a tumbler for the gang so you can have a look if you would like :pinkiehappy: . http://askcrackshot.tumblr.com/

AAAAAAA im in love with dis book. I think im some what crazy i was talking in third persion all day and the left side of my brain was hiting on me. but ill be damned if im not happy

303670 hey Mr wolf you never told me what you think. Did you love it or hate it? Was it mehh or maybe you want it to 'have an accident' involving some heavy power tools and a 100 foot bridge? I'm just curious. :derpytongue2:

new chapter yay you ended with a cliffhanger oh you :trollestia:

OH COOL hit squad and stuff :rainbowdetermined2:

new chapter WHOOO

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