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Shorty Sparkle

I am a Brony from Florida here to spread the Fanficion love. I plan on writing some awesome stuff for at least the next month. I hope you all enjoy my pony stuff.


Rainbow Dash is a young mare now but never knew her parents. When she discovers who her parents are. She goes on a hunt to find fragments of their story in any way she can. She adventures to far places and hears many different recollections of different stories. One story though can change a world. Just as easily as one rainbow mare...

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good story so far my friend, looking forward to seeing more from you! Advice time now, :moustache:, I would be to try and make the transitions a little less in your face, so to speak. The part where Rainbow goes to tell them that she's leaving seems a little forced with not enough depth to it. (Characters were a little to accepting of such monumental news and Dash, a liitle too easily devulging painfull memories about her past.), if you can I'd suggest trying to extend that scene some more to add more of an impact and hook future readers. I'd also take out the line, "This has been an ineresting week." considering that we're only really given a brief two, (possibly three) day snap shot with no insight to what happened earlier.

Ok well thanks for dealing with my well intended rant here. (If you ever need a beta reader just Private Message me, and I'll be more then willing to help). Fantastic story bro.. or chicka I guess?

P.S. first!!!

304053 Glad you like it. I will be sure to fix up that ending as soon as possible. I have been a bit more focused on seeing what everyone thinks of the idea first. Of course it is far too late anyway as I have the WHOLE story planned out already and because of the awesomeness that I have planned I am going to be pulling this through.

As for Beta Reader, I am sure it would be helpful. I do have one already so I will see how things pan out with him.

P.S. Im a bro. Just so you know :P :eeyup:

304471 haha sounds great! love the idea for this!:twilightsmile:

I'm liking the beginning of this. definitely gonna track because i'm curious to see where you take it.

When you say the end is a long ways away, how long are we talking?

306107 I am thinking about 11 or 16 chapters. Depends on how far I want to take this story.

aww i was reading the third chapter and my internet crapped out and when i came back it was gone.....:rainbowhuh:

307195 Give it a minute. I missed the Authors notes. I just have to add those.

What? I didn't understand thus chapter.

*le e-mail*
"Origins of a Rainbow - A Dashie Tale" has just been updated!
Me: :rainbowkiss:
-Remembers what you said about the next chapter being a letter-
*Letter #1 - 324 words*
Me: :facehoof:

Only 13 total chapters? But that means only 7 more D:

370872 Don't worry, later today or tomorrow I will be posting the next chapter and another one will be during the weekend.

yes, thank you for saving me from my boredom

P.S. first twitter follower :rainbowkiss:

387188 I saw that. Nice job on getting ahead of the run.

I believe they changed his name to Donut Joe instead of Pony Joe

EDIT: lol I just saw that you included me in the author's notes, thanks!

oh and btw i saw what you did there with the musicians

I claim the holy title of FIRST.
I also claim the title of that guy who comments before reading the chapter because he needs to go somewhere!

hey, it's been awhile! lol gonna read this in a bit, gotta do some homework

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