• Published 8th Mar 2012
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Origins of a Rainbow - A Dashie Tale - Shorty Sparkle

A story of Rainbow Dash finding her place in the world.

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The Chef and Cider

The Chef and the Cider

Rainbow Dash stared at the intruder to her room with skepticism. The strange stallion looked around the bland room before talking again. “Blegh, I couldn’t imagine Rainbow Dash staying in this room for very long anyway. I am sure you won’t mind getting out of here anyway.”

The earth pony stallion walked over to Rainbow’s saddle bags and threw them on his back; Spitfire was having none of this though and stopped him before he could get any further. “What exactly do you think you are doing here? And why should we trust you exactly?”

He looked confused at the ponies and griffin that were now confronting him. Rainbow Dash was staring him down from her bed being unable to move without pain shooting through her wings. “Well, I told you already, I am Apple Cider. I am guessing the Flim Flam Brothers never told you my name did they. I am the pony you all flew here to see so how about we get moving and get out of this dump before I get sick myself.”

Rainbow Dash relaxed now that she heard the explanation. However, she still felt as though something strange was going on here. “Wait a minute, how did you know that the Flim Flam Brothers told us to see you? They were a long way away and there is no chance they beat us.” Her eyes narrowed at the blonde manned stallion. “Are you a spy?”

The stallion chuckled at the statement. “Oh, hardly, but I am here and will take you out of this bland place,” he said as he made a puking motion with his hoof and mouth. “It is immensely disgusting after all.”

Spitfire looked around the hospital room with new eyes and realized just how right this pony was. She smiled and nodded her head at Rainbow. “Alright, fine then. I guess we can trust you if it means getting out of here quickly.” She looked up at her wings which were wrapped up in gauze.

The Nurse took this moment to step in. “Alright then, first you will have to be checked out. Also, with those feather implants you will need to be very careful. They won’t hold you like your feathers would have.” So the nurse walked over to Rainbow Dash and carefully removed the gauze from the wings. When they all came off Rainbow Dash stepped off the bed and stretched her wings.

Gilda couldn’t hold her laughter and fell to the floor. Spitfire was doing her best to hold it as well but couldn’t with the griffin’s reaction. Dash looked in confusion at the mare and griffin, who were rolling on the floor. “What’s so funny?” She asked the two.

“Well, it looks like your wings match your hair!” Gilda screamed in between fits of laughter. Rainbow looked at her feathers to see that the implants were all different colors. In fact, they did look surprisingly like a rainbow. She stared at the nurse who shrugged.

“Sorry, all we had left actually. You should consider yourself lucky to have even gotten replacements.”

Rainbow Dash sighed and folded her wings back to their normal position. “Well fine then. Let’s get going before Gilda suffocates.” Gilda stopped laughing and shot a look at Rainbow.

The four ponies checked out and after a lecture by the doctor, much like the one the nurse gave them, they got on their way. “So, Apple Cider, I have to ask. Where do you live?” Rainbow Dash asked as she walked up from behind the red stallion.

“Well, you see that tower way over there?” The stallion pointed to a tower way into the distance which Dash remembered seeing the first time they came through. “That is a tower that sends out magical waves which unicorns can pick up and listen to me and Chef.” Dash smiled at the idea of being able to listen to somepony at any time of the day whenever you wanted. “We also have music from a lot of different ponies.”

“Do you have any examples?”

“Sure I do, there is Mando, Acoustic, Vinyl Scratch, Eurobeat, and The Octavian Orchestra. It is a great group of ponies for sure. We are still looking for more but it is hard to find.” He looked over at Rainbow Dash who was still looking at his tower. “Anyway, I have to ask you. Where are the others? I didn’t see Twilight or Rarity around with you.”

She broke her look with the tower and looked dumbfounded at Apple Cider. “How did you know about my friends?”

“Well, you are the Elements of Harmony are you not? I figured you all stuck together.”

“Well, normally that would be true, but I am with these two in order to find out about my dad. I heard that you met him a while back so I figured you might know something about him that I don’t. Or maybe you can just tell me what he did so I can bask in how awesome he was!”

Apple Cider chuckled. “Well, I will tell you now that he was an amazing pony for sure. He did save my life after all. He really was awesome in all manners of the word as well as being-”He was cut off by two ponies blocking the path in front of them from the alleyway. He turned as well, looking behind and noticed that two more were coming from behind.

A look of concern crossed his face and he stepped in front of a shocked Rainbow Dash. “I don’t know what you four want, but you are not going to be getting it any time soon by picking on injured ponies.”

The two ponies in front of them chuckled. “Oh please, you think we are scared of you? How about you move out of the way so we can take care of these mares the way they need to be taken care of.” The pony on the left said. He stepped into the light to reveal a pale white coat and bright red eyes. One of them had a scar running down through it. A grin crossed the face of the strange pony and he pulled a knife out of a holster using his magic. “Now, listen to me and no pony will get hurt more than they will need to be.”

With that a scream came from behind Apple Cider and he turned around to see what happened. He realized he was in the perfect position to buck the pony behind him and didn’t hesitate. When he bucked he noticed that the two ponies that had come up behind them were on the ground already. He kicked out and hit flesh.

A gasp came from Rainbow Dash as Apple Cider turned to see how bad he hit the assailant. He noticed right away that the pony he hit was not the one attacking them. None other than Pony Joe was lying on the ground in front of him with hoof marks on his side; the other two ponies laying much farther back.

“What in Equestria is Joe doing here?” Rainbow Dash asked in complete disbelief.

Spitfire and Gilda walked up and looked down at the unconscious pony. “What is that suit he is wearing too?” Spitfire inquired. “I need to get one of those for Soarin, he would look GREAT in it.”

Pony Joe stirred around and his eyes opened. The first thing he did was lash out with his rear hooves. In the process he managed to hit Apple Cider right in the face as he had been sniffing the unicorn. Cider staggered back and crashed on his flank using his front hooves to cover his muzzle. “I think he broke my freaking nose!”

Pony Joe rose up and stabilized himself. “And you broke a few ribs AND knocked me unconscious. I would say we are even now.”

“Alright, before we get any further with who did what I have to ask. Why are you here and why are you in that monkey suit!” Rainbow intervened.

“Well, I guess you should be asking with who I am.”

“No, I know that very well thank you very much.”

Pony Joe completely ignored her. “My name is Mane! Con Mane.”

Gilda couldn’t take it anymore. She dropped down on the ground and laughed uncontrollably for the second time that day. “What is going on in this crazy town?”

“Alright, well when you stop being crazy… You know what, just go back to Canterlot and make sure I never see you doing this again… Or I am telling Mrs. Pony Joe.” Rainbow Dash said.

“Wow, so I help save you and all I get is a kick to the ribs and a threat! See if I save you four ever again.” With that ‘Con Mane’ walked off.

“I am never going to Canterlot in my life. Ever.” Apple Cider said after the spy pony walked out of ear shot.

Gilda, who was still on the ground after her laughing fit, nodded her head in agreement. Spitfire was standing in pure shock at everything that had just happened. Rainbow Dash was too busy trying to wrap her head around Pony Joe’s actions. She would have to tell Twilight about her favorite donut shop’s owner.

“How about we just move on before something else weird happens.” Rainbow Dash said. The rest of the group agreed and they all walked off with Gilda retelling the story in between laughing fits.


When they finally reached Apple Cider’s house they were all exhausted and ready to kill Gilda. Who the whole way there kept repeating the story like they had already forgotten it.

“And then Apple Cider kicked him in the ribs! PFFFFFT! Could you believe that? He just kicked our rescuer!”

“I couldn’t imagine he did that much damage to whatever pony he bucked.” An unknown mare’s voice said from the porch on the house. A black mare came out from the darkness a few bright stars on her flank. “So, AC, who exactly are these ponies?”

“Well honey, this is Rainbow Dash, Spitfire, and Gilda. They are here to hear about when we got saved by their dads.”

She scowled at the two ponies and griffin now standing on her porch. “Well fine then, I thought we talked about you leaving me home alone with Sandy though!”

“What about me?” Another pony came out from the house. This one was bright yellow with a brown mane and tale. His Cutie Mark was a cactus with what looked like a chef hat. “Oh well would you look at that!” He rushed over to Rainbow Dash and grabbed her hoof shaking it vigorously. “Nice to meet you Miss Rainbow Dash! It is Miss right? You didn’t find that special somepony yet, did you?”

Rainbow Dash didn’t even know how to react. It took her a few moments to even realize what the pony was implicating. She tried to hide her embarrassment but the blush that filled her face betrayed her. “Uhh, no, no I haven’t found a ‘special somepony’.” She said shakingly. The combination of this strange day and the pony now trying to flirt with her was proving to be too much.

“Whoa now boy!” Cider bit down on Sandy’s ear. “Sorry about him, we don’t let him outside very often.” He said with Sandy’s ear in his muzzle while pulling the yellow stallion inside.

Gilda was about to break into laughter again, but was stopped by a look from Spitfire.

“Starrynight honey, can you let our guests in for me please?” Apple Cider asked as he locked the cellar door behind Chef Sandy.

“I guess I can manage that,” she replied dejectedly obviously not happy to see the two mares and griffon. “Well, what are you waiting for then? Get inside already!”

Spitfire glared at the rude mare and refrained from saying anything of consequence. Rainbow Dash was too confused with how bizarre her days was going so far and didn’t even notice the rude behavior while Gilda had no reason to hold herself back. “Oh please, like it is the worst thing in the world to have me in your house!”

Apple Cider sighed and mumbled something about no one liking his marefriend. Chef Sandy was barely audible crying from the cellar and Starrynight was already about to start an argument with Gilda when Rainbow Dash noticed what was going on. “Well, how about we get going on this story of yours before somepony does something they will regret.”

“Yes! Right that is a good idea how about we do that.” He ushered everypony to their seats and sat down at the largest chair in the room. “Anywho, it was just a few days after I came to Equestria from a land far far away.”


I was walking along a path with Starrynight to my right and Chef Sand behind me with the night creeping along slowly. Unable to find out exactly how we had gotten to this place we had decided to walk down the only path we could find in the strange forest we had awoken in just a couple days prior.

The large forest towered over each side of the path and the moon was about to make it’s decent towards the horizon. We were in awe at how beautiful Equestria really was. I had felt my jaw slack at the untouched feeling of the wilderness which is something we don’t get much of where I come from. Heck, even Starry Night was made speechless by the environment of Equestria.

The walk had been mostly quiet because in all honesty none of us wished to speak. We felt it would disgrace the amazing place. So we walked in silence for a long period of time before we saw a light in the distance. It seemed to be a fire so we decided to check it out. The thought of a warm campfire and some friendly faces filled my head.

When we passed the threshold of the trees we saw three zebras which seemed to be worse for wear. The each wore old tattered cloaks which had a mix of brown, black, and green which created a camouflage of sorts. Each of them had the same hair style and looked almost identical. The one thing I didn’t notice was the one I wish I had.

The tallest of the three zebras stood up and walked to us. He had a scar across his eye with a nose ring hanging out of his nostrils. His nostrils themselves flared at us and he addressed us in an extremely gruff voice. “What are three little ponies doing out in the forest at night? It is a miracle a monster didn’t kill you yet. Or even a group of bandits that are feeling a bit blood thirsty.” The other two began laughing behind the larger zebra. “Oh wait…”

That is when I noticed the glint of metal on the moonlight. I peeked my head down to see a small blade tucked away in the zebra’s cloak. I winced as the blade began to glow and rose up to my face. “Oh ho ho, the pretty colt is eyeing my blade I see. Do you like it little stallion? The handle is made from ivory so generously gifted from the elephant herds. The blade was crafted a unicorn mage and enchanted with a spell that makes the blade never age or rust. It’s pretty nifty if I do say so myself. Ironic how it is amazing at cutting through horns.”

“How are you levitating it without a horn of your own anyway?” Starry Night blurted from behind them; probably more in an attempt to buy the time then to actually know how.

“Like I said, this is VERY good at cutting off unicorn horns and those make great ingredients for a nice tasty potion.” The other zebras began laughing again and slowly moved in on Starry Night. The blade floated slowly to her head. Suddenly a bright bolt of light and sound filled the sky temporarily blinding us.

When the light faded from our eyes and the ringing from our ears we got back up on our feet. A smoldering crater landed not 2 feet in front of my hooves. I looked up to see the source, four ponies and a griffon encircled the sky above them, each with a look of pure disgust on their faces. The zebras each held their grounds among the swarm of fliers. “Put down your weapons and surrender yourselves,” said the pony that floated in the center of the circle.

“If you think we will just give up then you are grav-”The lead zebra was cut off by another bright flash of light and loud crack from the lightning. This time when the light cleared only two living zebras stood their ground. The other, the leader, was twitching on the ground helpless as his body shut down from an electrical shock.

“Who is next?” The leading pony asked which got a quick response of cooperation from the two other zebras.


“After that we got taken to Canterlot and asked a few questions. All I knew was the name of the team who rescued us. So I thank you, Rainbow Dash, in place of your father for saving my life. Now, who is in the mood for some tea?”

---{Author’s Notes}---

Wow, terribly sorry for the extremely late chapter, but the combination of writers block and being out of town for a week was too much to overcome for writing purposes. However, you should know that next week will be a double chapter weekend and the weekend after that will hold the first chapter in the three chapter finale! Then I will begin writing the next story which will be a touching love story about two mares. Do note that it is one of the two mare/mare ships I will actually do in this and that is because of how well it would work.

Also, we get a nice cameo from Apple Cider on this chapter so yeah, be sure to give their podcast a check if you haven’t already. They are awesome and funny as heck. Anywho, I would love to give a big shout out to my number one fan, drum roll please, Wazup970! Who comments most on this chapter uploads and is the only pony to subscribe to my twitter. I mean come on ponies, what is the point of having a twitter for spoilers and stuff if no pony follows me on it?

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