• Published 8th Mar 2012
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Origins of a Rainbow - A Dashie Tale - Shorty Sparkle

A story of Rainbow Dash finding her place in the world.

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The Doctor What?

Note: My Editor seems to have been abducted by aliens! Until I negotiate a treaty with them to bring him back my story may be a bit raw so bear with me. In an unrelated note, I am looking for more Beta testers for just this kind of purpose! So send me a message if you are interested.

The Doctor What?

Gilda awoke up the next morning to a familiar sound. She rose slowly from the bed and walked over to the door leading to the hallway which connected the four rooms in the house. At the end of the hall was a fifth door leading to the only bathroom in the whole place. Still groggy she pushed the door open with her claw to reveal Spitfire hunched over the toilet.

“Maybe you are the one who needed to go to the hospital, not Dash,” She stated as orange mare let another barrage of puke hit the toilet. “You seem to be worse off than she was.”

“I am fine!” She snapped defensively. “What makes you think something is wrong with me?”

“You are hunched over a toilet throwing your stomach into it,” Retorted Gilda.

“Touché, I am fine though alright Gilda? Just leave me alone please.”

Gilda obliged and left the room being sure to close the door behind her. She started walking down the hall to the kitchen. Suddenly a scream came from Rainbow Dash’s room and the door flung open just seconds later. The yellow stallion was flying out the door before it even opened all the way. Chef Sandy found himself lying on the door being chewed out by Rainbow Dash.

“How dare you sneak in my room while I am sleeping!” She screamed at the dazed stallion. The commotion had attracted the attention of Apple Cider who was now poking his head out the kitchen.

“Oh dear Luna, I am so very sorry about that! He is quite the strange stallion, I think the trip here messed him up a bit.” A broad smile stretched across Chef Sandy’s muzzle as Rainbow Dash stood over him. She looked down to see the creepy smile and backed off; feeling extremely exposed all of the sudden, she ran back into her room and slammed the door.

“Well, this is a great start to the day I guess,” Gilda said as she stepped over the brown mane stallion. “What have we got for breakfast?”


Gilda had finished wolfing down her breakfast and carried a plate to Rainbow Dash who had locked herself in her room. She chose to opt out on giving Spitfire some as she seemed like she wouldn’t want anything to eat. Right as she reached Dash’s room the bathroom door swung open revealing a fully clothed Spitfire. “What’s with the getup?” Gilda asked.

“Well, since Rainbow Dash can’t exactly fly right now then we will need to take some sort of transportation. Seeing as we don’t have any of our own we will need to share some and I am NOT about to go onto public transportation back to Canterlot without clothing!”

“Wait, back to Canterlot? Why so soon, it isn’t like we are done or anything.”

“Well, I would think we would be. It isn’t like we know where to go next or anything. These people barely know anypony else who was saved by our dads; or for that matter anypony from Equestria,” Spitfire said with a bit of bite in her voice.

Rainbow Dash’s door creaked open slightly. “I am not about to give up. She is right though, not like there is anywhere else to go. You never know, maybe there is someone in Ponyville who knows something.”

Spitfire and Gilda both looked at each other. “I guess she is right. Maybe a trip back to Ponyville to see. Before that though, are you going to eat that?” Spitfire inquired as she eyed the food in Gilda’s talons. Gilda handed the food over to her.

Rainbow Dash Grinned. “Yeah, eat up then, we got a long flight to Ponyville.”

Spitfire nearly spit out her food and Gilda shot a look at the light blue mare. “Whoa there Pegasister! No reason to strain yourself now! You just got out of the hospital; there is no way you are going to be flying to Ponyville!”

“Well how else do you plan to get there? There are no roads leading to it except the one way on the north side that goes through Sweet Apple Acres. It would take days to walk that far. I am sure you guys can carry me as far as that though. We Pegasi are well known for being light after all.” Rainbow Dash tucked her wings in as tight as she could go.

“How about you take this?” They all turned to face Chef Sandy who was looking out the window. Gilda and Spitfire rushed over to the window. Rainbow Dash was more hesitant to get near the yellow stallion.

“That’ll work.”


The chariot blasted through the sky; Gilda and Spitfire barely breaking a sweat as they flew the chariot to its destination. “So, what’s the plan then when we get there? I would rather not stick around too long that is for sure,” Gilda stated with slight disgust.

“Remember Gilda, you are the one who was a jerk during that. So I wouldn’t exactly be talking about that if I were you,” Rainbow Dash retorted.

“Quit it girls, no reason to be fighting right now. We need to work together to find someone who knows about our dads.”

“I think our best bet would be Twilight, she is super smart and knows a lot about that kind of stuff. Or maybe Pinkie Pie since she knows the most about everypony in town.”

The three fliers could see Ponyville pop up in the distance. Rainbow Dash found herself leaning forward to catch a glimpse of her floating home. She caught herself just in time before she fell off the chariot and broke something else.

As they got closer the anticipation rose. When they finally reached their destination Rainbow Dash found herself almost exploding from the excitement of seeing her friends after such a long time. They landed just outside the library. The blue mare jumped out the chariot and rushed to the door. What she found sunk her heart.

“Out of Town, be back tomorrow,” said the sign sitting on the door.

“Ah phooey! She went somewhere for the day. I guess we could go look for Pinkie Pie.” With that they all took off to the gingerbread house on the corner of a tri-street intersection. They walked up and entered the baking shop, a bell ringing above their heads as the door opened.

As they entered a head popped out from the doorframe. “Oh, hello Rainbow Dash, I will be right out ok?” Said the grown mare behind the door. “Let me just finish up this batch of cupcakes. Oh poor Pinkie Pie, she normally loves helping me make these.”

Suddenly Dash started to realize the pattern. “Where is Pinkie exactly?”

Mrs. Cakes head popped out again, this time covered in flour. “Oh she went off with the others to Canterlot. Something about finding an intruder in Equestria or some sort like that dear.”

“Wait, what? Why wasn’t I called for?”

“They said something about you being nowhere to be found. So they decided it would be best to go on their own.”

“Hang on a minute, intruder in Equestria? I didn’t think you guys were at war with anyone! I also thought the borders were open...” Gilda trailed off. “Ah crud, if they aren’t then I got to split and QUICK!”

“Calm down Gilda, they are open just as much today as they were a hundred years ago. Probably something to do with a dragon. Those things are always hanging around and threatening Equestria.” Spitfire responded.

“I guess so, and after what happened LAST time a dragon came around here I guess they wouldn’t need me then anyway,” Rainbow said in shame.

“Ah don’t worry about it Flip Flop! “ Gilda said punching the mare in the shoulder. “We are gonna have a ton more fun than those guys.”

“Yeah, we just have to find another person who met our parents in an extremely massive country. No problem at all,” said Spitfire sarcastically. “Heck, we might even find a human on the way!”

“Well it won’t do you three any good yelling at each other in my store now will it? Why don’t you dearies go ask Mister Smith over at the clock shop? If I remember correctly, he knows quite a bit about past events, more so than anypony should in my opinion,” Mrs. Cake interjected.

“Mister Smith? Why would we go see the blacksmith?” Spitfire asked. “And why on Equestria does a blacksmith have a clock shop?”

“He isn’t a blacksmith silly!” Rainbow Dash and the others all spun around to see none other than Ditzy Doo in the doorway. “He doesn’t just own a clock shop either. He is a Timelord!”


Don’t freak out, just the end of the chapter.

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