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Darkness. - twilight517828

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home sweet home

*at the cave*
The rain continued as she saw some ponies started to enter the cave Mabel went as far back as possible. It must be in here at that a blue alicorn came in and looked straight at her with anger in her eyes Mabel started to cry when she noticed the alicorns eyes soften as she got close Mabel curled into a ball crying Luna stood there shocked. She began to nuzzle her which caused her to look up.
“please don’t hurt me” she whispered as she came out of her ball and into making the alicon more shocked.
“why would I hurt you?” she asked kneeling down to be level with her.
“because you were mad and you took Dipper away and tranquilized us and chased us and put us in cages” she said looking down sad and scared.
“what?...no I wouldn't and neither would Cadence” she said as Mabel started to rise.
“so you won't hurt me?” she asked getting up.
“not if you don’t hurt me my name is Luna” she said as Mabel started to walk beside her as she fell.
Luna caught her with magic before healing her.
“my names Mabel” she said with a squeak.
Soon they were walking to the castle as they walked Mabel felt more nervous as they got close with the guards surrounding them waiting right outside was a pink alicorn with almost cotton candy hair.
“Luna you’re back so soon” she said coming to a halt by the guards looking straight at Mabel which made her hide behind Luna shaking.
“calm down Mabel it’s alright this is Cadence she won’t hurt you Cadence this is Mabel she is a little shy at times” Luna said gently nuzzling Mabel towards Cadence.
“Hi” Mabel said backing off a bit.
“my name is Cadence” she said walking towards her holding out her hoof Mabel shook it.
“I have some business why don’t you and Luna have some fun” she said flying off.
“why don’t we go get something to eat” she said playfully poking Mabel in the stomach.
*at the shack*
There was yelling all Wendy could do was do her job she picked up a book that she had found by the pit the one Dipper read after flicking through the book she found a page talking about the bottomless pit it sad that on a full moon one person or twins fall in they will be teleported to a world that the reader himself was too scared to go in because only they can go in once in it goes back to a one way portal meaning only they can get themselves out the only way it would go back to a two way portal is if the person on the other side dies. At that the door opened as they walked out and went into the forest calling their names Stan followed but stopped by her desk and said she could have the rest of the day off at that she left walking into town to meet some of her friends her spirits lifted at least she knew they were alive.
*in the castle*
Mabel and Luna where walking down the hall Mabel was having some fun but something had reared its ugly thing into Mabel mind ‘Dipper’.
“uh Luna?”she asked walking next to her head.
“yes Mabel?” she replied starting to slow down.
“can we go get Dipper?” at that she stopped “of course let's go” she said picking up Mabel and putting her on her back before flying off.
*in another cage*
Dipper sat there sadly saying
“what if Mabel was hurt?... what if she was dead?... what if they found her?..what if…” he was soon cut off by someone unlocking the cage.
“Goober” Mabel called running up to him.
“Mabel?” he looked up to find her hugging him. He quickly hugged her back.
“what are you doing here? and my name is Dipper” he said tears starting to form.
“came” she said as they left Dipper jumped as he came into view of Luna who smiled Mabel went up to her.
“Hi” Dipper said walking behind Mabel
“hello my name is Luna you must be Dipper” she said holding out her hoof Dipper shock it keeping eye contact.
so in what way do you want to have fun?” she asked as Mabel and Dipper swapped glances.
“um how about we go to Gravity falls and play hide and go seek” Dipper said with a smile crawling across his face.
“ok lets the hide and seek begun.” she cried as she lifted Dipper and Mabel on her back running until she jumped into a hole things started to go black.
*at the bottomless pit*
“ha ha we have arrived” the blue alicorn said as a boy with white hair looked in awe.
“is thy kid ok?” she asked all he did was run away.
“maybe this was a bad idea” Dipper said with a smirk.
“ok then we will return to play in canterlot” she said walking to the portal.
“no” Dipper said as he backed away.
“ok fine then”Luna said entering the portal.
“that was mean” Mabel said walking up to Dipper.
“whatever I am just glad to be home” at that Dipper looked into the sky his eyes is happiness soon replaced by sadness.
“can we go home now?” Mabel asked looking into his eyes.
“maybe if..” Dipper was soon interrupted by Mabel.
“do you hear that” Mabel asked Dipper stopped talking and sure enough there was a voice on the wind.
“Dipper, Mabel, Dipper, Mabel..” it got louder on instinct he grabbed Mabel and ran as fast as he could away from the sound.
“Dipper stop” at that he looked at Mabel “why are we running away were home free at last in Oregon on earth home” she started to cry.
“Mabel you’re right but what are we going to tell mum and dad?” he asked hugging her.
“Dipper?” Dipper quickly looked up to see Wendy looking sadly at him.
“Wendy I…” he was soon stopped by a huge hug which made his face turn into a tomato.
“Dipper I am so glad to see you’re ok please don’t do that again” she said as Dipper felt something wet and warm full on his neck he soon started crying as well Mabel hugged both of them crying.
at twilight they started to walk back home the only thing that destroyed that moment was when they entered the shake.
“Dipper, Mabel” before Dipper could even move he and Mabel were being hugged by their mum.
“hi mum hi dad” Dipper said as he tried to get lose out but ended up yawning.
“mum were going to bed” Mabel said as she let them go to bed once there they didn't speak much only say there good nights they went to sleep.

Author's Note:

one or two chapters and this story is done.

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That's it?

That was terrible.

Why...Why...Why...I give up on you. :facehoof:


welp... WHAT DA HELL DID I JUST READ :rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp:

first I was 13-14 year old and secondly I was still new to writing fanfics. :facehoof: But hey I bet you had perfect grammar and AMAZING story's at the age of 13-14. :unsuresweetie:
pretty sure most fanfics written by 13-14 year olds are pretty terrible. So I would say I did a semi good job for my age :twilightsmile:

(P.S I am sorry it took so long to reply I have not been on here for a long time and have only recently considered joining the fandom again)

(P.P.S don't take this as an attack more explaining why it sucks so much. so have a good day)

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