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Darkness. - twilight517828

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Dipper makes plane.B

"psst hey Mabel I think I might know a way for us to get out of here."Dipper whispered in Mabel's ear.
"how"Mabel replied.
"the air vent" Dipper said stopping next to the vent before punching it.
"ya lets go" Mabel said as she curled through the vent Dipper behind her.
"do you remember where the portal is?" Dipper asked
"nope..what yes"Mabel replied
"good where?" Dipper almost shouted.
"I don't know"Mabel said poking her tongue out at Dipper
after a few seconds they laughed for what felt like forever.
*at the shake*
Wendy was sitting with her feet on the desk listening to rock beats well nodding her head.
"yo dude guess what I found by the bottomless pit?" Soos yelled as he stopped next to Wendy.
"your brains"Wendy said looking up.
"look its a bit of Mabel's sweater"soos said holding it up.
"let me look at that"Stan said snatching it from soos.
“yes mr.pines” Soos replied as he turned to look at him.
"well what do you think is it a good find or just another downer?"Wendy asked taking off her headphones and feet from the table.
"this color comes from her shooting star sweeter the only sweeter I can't find Soos where did you find this?show me now"Stan almost yelled.
“yes mr.pines” Soos repeated as he ran out the door with Stan and Wendy on his trail.
*in the air vent*
"anyway lets go home as in the shake"Dipper said.
"Ok which way do we go?" Mabel asked looking down both ways.
Dipper stopped laughing and looked at Mabel with a confused look.
"Um Mabel you said that you knew where the portal was." Dipper said almost in a panic.
"I don't but I do know that if you follow your heart it will take you home" Mabel said with a smile.
“that won't help.” Dipper almost yelled at her.
“I'm sorry I messed this up” Mabel said looking down.
“no you didn't I did” Dipper said in a low voice.
“no I did I was the one who was crying a lot I was the one to get wounded and I was the one whose brilliant idea got us caught.” Mabel said in a fluttershy voice.
“yes you did came up with a brilliant idea and yes you did cry but first everyone cries and that idea was brilliant and thanks to that plan all we need to do now is find the portal” Dipper said in a happier tone.
“so lets go” Mabel said as they crawled through the air vent.
*by the bottomless pit in Gravity falls*
standing by the edge was Stan he had a confused look on his face.
“Soos there's a problem with your theory of they fell in if they fell in they would be spit back up here”Stan said looking deep within the darkness.
“ya I guess but look there's a burnt tree and…” they all gasp when they saw Dippers hat right by the trunk all they could do was stare at it.
*in the air vent*
“Mabel wait did you hear that” Dipper said as they crawled close to the sound where they watched in silence.
“how did they escape?” a white alicorn said as she walked back and forth.
“we don't know all we know is they vanished” a gray colt said said suddenly the air vent collapsed as they fell out of it Mabel fell face first into the floor well Dipper wasn't so lucky landing on the wight ponies back.
“what the..?” the pony yelled running round all Dipper could do was hold on.
“please let me get off” Dipper said when suddenly the pony stopped cursing him to fall next to Mabel.
“guards get them” at that Dipper picked up the knocked out Mabel and ran.
Dipper ran until he was tired so he put her down in the air vent.
“this way” a colt said as he rounded the corner.
after Mabel was in he climbed in and started to drag Mabel through the air vent till he smelled fresh air at that he opened the air vent leading to freedom where he ran until he found a place to hide Mabel once he hid her he quickly wrote a note.
“there here” a guard said as he put the note on Mabel and ran right.
after a few mimis of running he was caught by a rainbow Pegasus.
*at the shake*
Stan was walking back a forth thinking what it meant Dipper and Mabel disappearing Dippers hat by the pit and the burnt tree nothing made sense he did this for a few hours till he realized Dipper must have cut the tree down and set it a lit before putting his hat down and ran away forever with Mabel because he was a terrible Grankle.
this made him sad but it made sense he always picked on Dipper and he must of had enough of it he started by blinding him with a rainbow then after that didn't work he ran away and Mabel followed because she loved Dipper more than him.
“hey um Stan I was wondering what if I found them what would happen?” Wendy asked as a plan formed in her head.
“I don't know” Stan said sadly which for some reason made Wendy fell sadder.
“ok well I am going to try and find them and bring them back where we can all be happy once more” she said as she left the shake and began walking into the woods only for her to trip and fall face first into the pit that she believed had started it all.