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Darkness. - twilight517828

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freedom is not what happend for long.

Mabel continued to the dome of magic the cold winds hitting her.
"come on Dipper were almost there" Mabel yelled as she found herself face to face with the magic.
"mabel?"Dippers voice was quiet barely a whisper against the wind.
"what is it dip?" Mabel replied looking back there in the snow she saw her brother fall down.
"Dipper"she yelled picking him up he was too light this was bad.
she ran to the magic holding Dipper she ran through to her surprise it was warm on the inside. she ran to a waterfall where she found a hidden cave on the walls it said. 'magic is a beautiful and dangerous tool' whatever that mist.she put Dipper down at the back of the cave.
"dont worry I will be right back" Mabel said walking to the edge of the cave looking back once before leaving.
in the fields was a small farm growing what looked like berries of many color she sank down to get a good look.
she didn't know what sort they were she then saw a pony pick one and eat it slowly she did the same it looked hard slowly she put it in her mouth to her enjoyment it was soft and tasted like heaven she quickly puck as many as she could hold before running back to the cave dropping some on the way.
back at the cave Dipper was still lying there in the dark she slowly walked to him.
"Mabel?"he whispered as he opened his eyes.
"Dipper I have some food for you and me to eat"Mabel said trying to sound cheerful.
"sounds nice" he said slowly sitting up.
soon they were eating he didn't have much about 20 of them before going to sleep.
*at the shack
"ahh dude help me" Soos yelled as he ran into the mystery shake
*when Soos saw wendy upset over the kids adgen he had pulled a prank on her*
"I will kill you" she yelled running after Soos with a fake gun her face covered in paint.
"never for i am Dip-Pinkie pie"Soos yelled which made wendy stop.
"well I guess I'm Mabel" she said which made Soos whince.
"hey um do you really think they're still alive?" Soos said looking down.
"no" wendy said as she felt something hot and wet run down her face.
before long they were hugging there crying.
*in the crystal palace*
walking back and forth was Celestia.
"princess you called" Twilight said walking next to Luna.
"yes Twilight is there any news did they make it here healthy? the guards won't say anything" Celestia said looking straight at twilight.
"well..um..you see they sort of..." Twilight started trying to be careful with her words.
"sort of what?" Celestia asked walking in front of her.
"escaped"she whispered as both princess celestia and Luna gasped.
"how?" Luna asked looking Twilight in the eye.
"I don't know I found Fluttershy by the cage with a mark on her head and a stick not to far away."Twilight said.
"go find them they can't have gone to far alive or dead we need them here now" Celesta said which shocked both of them as Twilight nodded and left yelling commands.
"alive or dead sister isn't that to far"luna asked worry showing.
"no they have knocked out poor fluttershy they need to pay"Celestia said darkness shadowing her completely.
*back at the cave*
Mabel had just woke up.
"hey Dipper you awake?" she asked getting up
"trying not to" Dipper replied with his hands over his head.
"look I'm going out and.."she started only to be cut off.
"not without me you're not" he said getting up.
soon they were out the cave and walking to the field where they plucked the fruit together they got more than last time but when they were almost back to the cave they heard something.
"hey Dip did you hear that" Mabel whispered
"ya what do you think it was?" he said
"what a second you're healthy but how?" she almost cried hugging him.
"the berries had a healing.."Dipper began only to be cut off.
"um Dipper fascinating and all but we really have to go now"she started to run at the now.
at that moment five guards came running out from under a bush that was nearby.
"ahh Mabel help"Dipper yelled as he was trapped by a net after a few seconds dipper found himself unable to see but he could feel that next to him was Mabel also the fact there hands and feet hold together by rope as they were being carried away.
"dipper are you alright" mabel asked with a blindfold on too.
"I am you?"Dipper repled.
"be quiet prisoners" a deep voice said.
"never" yelled mabel which caused Dipper to smile.
"I said.." the voice said only to be cut of by mabel.
"and I said never" this time she almost hissed at him.
after a hour Dipper said in a whiny tone"Mabel you know what I am bored are we there yet?".
"eeyup"another deep tone replied as there blindfolds were takon off.
they were in a weight room the only other one in the room releasing them was a red colt.
"do you know what will happen to us?" Mabel almost cried.
"nope"the colt sad leaving them alone.

Author's Note:

sorry for the bad spelling I did it in a few minutes will get a editor to edit soon once more sorry:twilightblush:.