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Darkness. - twilight517828

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just a dream?

Author's Note:

edited a bit not a big change.:twilightsmile:

"Mabel Mabel wake up" Dipper said
"ok hey dip I had a weird dream." Mabel said rubbing her head.
"that wasn't a dream I think were almost home."Dipper said looking out the window from below the seat.
"what makes you say that dip?" Mabel said sitting next to him
"well look that's a lot of forest."he said smiling.
"*gasp*that means were almost home"she said tears forming
"maybe"he said "don't get your hopes up."
*soon the train pulled up at the place*
Mabel jumped out only to stop and look down before saying "I don't think were on earth"
at that dipper ran over to her to see a lot of pony's dipper and Mabel ran to the forest only after did Mabel dare break the silences.
"Dipper were in a another world what do you think Stan is worried?."
"Stan? worried? he’s probable eating stancakes."he said with a smile.
they sat there and laughed till the sun was in view over the trees.
"but really"she said
"well,Soos,and,Wendy will be worried and Stan will be...sad confused worried" he stopped and looked at his sister tears forming at the thought of wendy and soos.
"oh dipper its ok" she said hugging him and they cried.
*back at the shack.*
"hey have you two seen Dipper there's a bat in the kitchen"Stan said walking over to Wendy.
"no haven't seen him since yesterday came to think of it I haven't seen Mabel ether" Wendy said putting her feet off the table as well as putting her magazine down.
"probably still in bed the slackers I would fire all of you if I could"Stan said
"hey you know you should be nicer to dipper" Wendy said "you know always making him do all the hard stuff sooner or later he will run away"
"you mean like right now?" Soos said running down the stairs.
"what's wrong man child Soos"Stan said confused.
"*gasp*the twins are gone"Soos said fear showing in his voice.
"WHAT?" Stan and Wendy said at the same time.
they ran up stairs to their room they weren't there.
"DIPPER,DIPPER,DIPPER!!!"Wendy shouted
"MABEL,MABEL,MABEL!!!"Stan shouted
"DUDES,DUDES,DUDES!!!"Soos shouted.
they came to nothing looking up and down they couldn't find either of them.
"ha ha ha there probably in the woods..."Wendy said fear showing
"ya or town" Stan finished.
*back in EQ*
"dipper I'm cold when can we go home dipper?"mabel said she walked over to dipper how was asleep with a dart in his back.
"dipper?"she said poking him.
"over here." a high pitch voice said
"were all that...mud is?" whined a even higher pitch voice said.
"eeyup" a deep man like voice said.
they continued to talk the voices got louder and louder at the last second Mabel ducked under a bush.
"see that's one of them" a purple alicorn said
"no really? c'mon Twilight" said a rainbow pony
"eek DID THAT BUSH GIST MOVE?" a yellow Pegasus shouted.
"ooh ooh um fluttershy why are you here?" a pink pony said"looking at the yellow Pegasus.
"to communicate with these monsters pinkie"Twilight said pointing to Dipper like he was a alien.
"Rainbow dash you fly and search for the other one right Apple Jack you follow make sure she doesn't kill it Big mac you get that thing into a cage pinke behave fluttershy you're being paranoid and Twilight you're a princess where's your crown?and why are you not with Celestia and Luna?" a parity wight pony said
"ok everypony go with what rarity said and I am not with them because I know what they look like."
"umm girls"fluttershy muttered
"HEY I FOUND IT"Pinkie pie said
Mabel panicked but before she could even move a purple glow was on her.
*GASP* they all gasped at the sight of Mabel who was about to cry.
"let me and Dipper go"she said trying to sound brave only to start to black out as pain and dizziness surrounded her.
*at the shack*
the sun was in the sky it had been two days since the kids disappeared.
“kids I’m sorry for whatever made you two run away” Stan said walking through town with Gideon,wend,soos and robby.
“yo dorks you came back and I wont hurt you for a year make it week” robby said
“Mabel came back and I will give you a kiss”Gideon said
“dudes come back and I will hug you both” Soos said
“um...dipper came back and I will hug you?”Wendy said looking at Soos.
they continued this till dawn.
*back in EQ*
Mabel woke as everything washed over her the fact Dipper was asleep how she was caught it all came at once but for once she didn't care.
slowly getting up she noticed she was in a cage Dipper was in a cage too they both had a with a tree hanging from the tree was a hammock Dipper was sleeping in. Mabel noted she too was in a hammock connected to a small tree.
getting up she jumped down a little woozy feeling came to her from the dart that lay in her arm after resting for a bit she pulled the dart out some blood came out of the wound which reminded her she lifting her t-shirt there was a gash it had heal mostly but it was still red and soft. she pulled her t-shirt down maybe she can get Dipper to heal it later. looking up mabel saw some food and water the food was lettuce and tomato the water was normal she eat and drank as much as she could with worry setting in.after she decided to sleep ‘tomorrow would be nice to her hopefully and Dipper awake they would finally go home where Wendy,Soos and Grunkle Stan were’ those were her last thoughts as a dark wave of sleep caught her and she happily accepted.