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I write mostly non cannon breaking fanfics that involve no shipping. Most are centered around the military of Equestria so if you like that kind of thing you aren't going to be disappointed


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DAMN! :rainbowderp: you guys seem to LOVE Thunder Clap...

Only the elit used the Silver Bit

Error in your description, i`m guessing you meant "Elite"

nobody's perfect dude. i don't have the best spell check on microsoft works

Didn`t say you were, it`s just me telling you to go back and correct it before someone super critical comes over.
I`m done stuff like this for fics that receive more then 5,000 views.

The usually response someone gives when i make a comment like that is "Thanks for pointing that out *emote*" or "I guess some things get past my prereaders and editors."

not going off on you or anything. that's just my excuse. i've had to change f:yay:king names in fan fics before. that took forever. like with Spangle. I use the wrong name for the right character and it took Spangle himself to tell me i was wrong. and he was in 3 fan fics not counting this one

Now I did the thing in which i make a new story`s comment section a discussion between 2 people.

Well i`m gonna go back to Dark Souls, i`ll end up reading your fic after mass-murdering Undead foes.

cool. Stay brony my friend and if you see Nexus come through just mention him and Firebrand in a tree and he'll f:yay:k off

Don`t know who the fuck Nexus is, but i`m assuming he`s a friend of yours or someone in one of your other fics.
Though i could just hit this "Nexus" person with a wadded up newspaper.

also, 2qup2 you favorite everything but The Element of Honor? That's the main f:yay:king character that shows up in every single one. He's the dude that links all of the stories together! you're insane

that's the purpose of him and Firebrand in the tree. just see the authors notes at the end of the last few chapters and you'll get the joke

3533943 hey i have to ask what you think ther reace is if they see an ak47 user for the 1st time?

Most likely fear and consider the holder hostile if they see them holding it as a weapon.(ie pointing it like it around like they intend to hurt someone.)

3548751 becasue i want to make a fic about an AK47 user at work, it's the gun the give and take away freedom for everone around the world and not to say it have put more people in the gorund than any other gun system to this date

3548751 becasue am just looking for info about how ponies will ack to someone with a full auto weapon they've never seen before

Well so long as it isnt as bad as The Centenal of Equestria. You should be fine. And it is the most used weapon system in the world. Its on a nations flag for Faust's sake. Or Strong. Take your pick. Theyre both great writers and actress'.

3548786 ya, beside i think if we find laser tech i think we will stel use the AK47

Depends on country but yes. It will always be the most reliablegun. Though i prefer a gladius and a bow but thats just me.

3548837 hell i would love to have an M16 like weapon but if i end up in the world of mlp give me an ak anyday

Y do u want my opinion anyway. Its not like im an expert in this kind or anything.

Looks like i'm going to have to eat nom on my f:yay:king hat after this chapter... i hate and :heart: you people all at the same time...:facehoof: me and my f:yay:king honor...

3550231 becasue it's always a good think to have a poll.

Becasue see here when anyone make a fic they don't make it accter as pobbsle but rater make everone go ape shit in there fic saying like " AAAAAHHH MOSTER!!!!! " you get where am coming from it's getting old now...:ajbemused:

This is why i center around the military. There isn't much of that. I take the one note from the show and I need at least one action sequence in the second act. :twilightsheepish:

Now I have to nom my hat... :ajbemused: I wish i never promised that...

3551699 Ya there not that mech on info to work on with my fic but am trying with it

There never is. let's face it, what kind of info could you possibly get with any fan fics. i wrote my series based around the Evening Guard. What kind of information could possibly be available on the Luna's army? It's like trying to get an Elements of Harmony origins story before season 4.

3552116 ya i agged, hey did you see the ep? i love it not the best but it still great none the less

It may only be described in one character and one character only. and that would be this \:rainbowkiss:/

3552487 yup, but anyway back on topic here.

so ya am just running a poll of everone online and in fourms sites to see what is the best cares of actions

well it does all depend of if it's the protagonist or not that has the AK. if it's the protagonist, then at most he would only shoot someone in the leg when threatened. if you wanna put a little suspension of disbelief on it you could say he's a new soldier that doesn't want to kill but will use it to threaten for his own safety. also depends on if he's human in Equestria or not. now if it's the antagonist, then he'll kill everything that threatens him. if you see the main characters differently. then do it that way.

3554206 Its a human protagonist, What do you thinking about a freedom fighter that is new and never truely fire his gun at a living bing but an animel?

personally i have that ideal as well. but if i see that it is sentient and has reason, then i would hesitate

3554861 most likely i would be freaking out

i freak out internally. so on the outside i would be stone cold. noone would even look at me wrong holding a weapon in that world

3554894 true.

Btw am looking into history of the freedom fighter movement i forgot what contry it is but it's a war that still is going on i biveil

3554894 OR i could put as a guy that survivor an out break of the H7N9, that own an illagle gun before shit hit the fan

what ever you feel like doing. I don't see an issue with either

3555648 ya true.

Btw what your take on the MLP world outside of the Pony country?

you mean like in terms of The Land of The Griffins and Saddle Arabia?

3555914 Ya i always wonder what truely the world of MLP like is it fully epaxple like how we did or is it still unknown by them still more land to find.

My thoery is that there wold is 5 times the size of our sun

no way. the gravity would kill everything in world. There is an official map of the world. Equestria is but one country. The Land of The Griffins is to the east and Saddle Arabia is to the west. the provinces of those countries are unknown. If you want to get technical, The Crystal Empire is its own country in the Frozen North. The Bad Lands to the south of Canterlot is like a national park for dragons. The Saddle Arabians are well, middle eastern and eastern society with tall earth ponies instead of unicorns and pegasi. Then there's The Land of The Griffins, a country that apparently does not have a set base in our reality. There seem to be French type of people there seeing as the only kind of griffin we've seen that is from there is a stereotypical Frenchman named Gustav (right down to the moustache). We have yet to see an England, Spain, Germany, ext. Those accents have been seen in some ponies so we can assume they exist. Equestria is seen as the America of that world. A melting pot complete with Indians losing land represented by the buffalo. That's my head cannon anyway. :twilightsmile:

3556403 Will try but than we see the moon and the sun do carzythings so anything gose if you think about it, so if the pleant i was thinking is 2 or 5 times our sun and that would have magic some how making work than my thoery can be right in a way but hey am just gusseing here

Me: :facehoof: perhaps 2 times the size of the EARTH. But keep in mind the sun can wear 100 earths as a blue belt. It doesn't matter that our sun is small, but i think gravity has nothing to do with magic. evolution does. cause your saying a planet the size of a larger small star would either be completely uninhabitable or crush anything standing on its surface. what you're saying is 100% scientifically and geologically impossible.

Nexus: Nerd.

Me: Bite me ponyboy. :trixieshiftleft:

3556471 True, but there is a hard time beiveiling in time like that, i mean come on flying rocks that city are build on or world where theirs no world to speak of but a mix of lands flying in the air like noting to hold it up like in the movie avatar in a way.

We are talking about 2 ponies that can move a sun for crying out loud but any way.

Ya i always have seen there world bigger than ours

but that's magic. what you are talking about is a MASSIVE planet that has some form of anti-gravity. and that doesn't have any grounds in equestria. there is no proof of this in cannon or wiki.

3556594 true, but hey anything can happen

Me: Call me Twilight, but that isn't scientifically possible.

Nexus: Well you two are stuck up.

Me: :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright: :trixieshiftleft: i will beat you with a messinesing spoon you metal legged freak.

Nexus: You're the one that made me smart guy.

3556634 btw am reading it right now it's good really but am going to read all of it before faving it

what one are you reading? there's like 5

3556722 the one we talking about guns

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