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i'm a brony who just wants to have fun, and make stuff people can enjoy


Discord learns of the 7 sins. And like he felt, he dose all of them, annoying Luna and Celestia.

Luna punishes Discord to Fluttershy house... How much can they take?

inspired by: insperation for story: fluttershy X discord

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3497508 i'm glad you do:twilightsmile: wrote this partialy becuase of you/:scootangel:(:raritydespair:why discord get no love!?:raritycry:)

3498529 awe that's so sweet (poor discord no love :fluttercry:)

I'd like it if you would have proper grammar and capitalization.:applecry::duck:Plz?

3498694 i could try. but i'm tied up:scootangel:

Awe that adorable :rainbowkiss: *hugs*


isn't sure who hug is for:raritydespair: *hugs every one, but celestia:derpytongue2:* yay:derpytongue2:

3513191 celestia doesn't deserve a hug lol:derpytongue2:

3515602 i know, 'll try to get them son:twilightsmile:

3525998 that ending scene reminds me of your picture.:derpytongue2:

almost perfect:eeyup:

3526670vinyl needs all da :heart:'s:pinkiecrazy:

3526895 eats vinyl's heart* so sweet!:scootangel::heart::pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy:

The blood is just the icing on the cake....:ajsmug:

3526919:pinkiesad2:*coughs up heart of vinyl.* here:raritywink:*gives heart*:heart::pinkiecrazy::rainbowwild:

3526930 yay :yay:
sloppy seconds *eats own heart* mmmmmm my favy...mmmm:rainbowwild:

3526940 :eeyup:well vinyl... dat heart!:yay::ajsmug::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss::rainbowhuh::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowderp::trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::scootangel:

3526948*hugglez* you so cute!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage::scootangel::rainbowderp::pinkiecrazy::pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::twilightblush:

Great story apart from a few spelling and grammar mistakes, but im not fussed.

3527493 glad to hear. and some normaly excape me.:pinkiesmile:

3526988 i'm in season 3.:pinkiesad2: plus i don't have the hub:fluttercry:

I don't know why, but I really like discord shipping, especially Fluttercord and celesticord or whatever the discord x Celestia shipping is called.

Dawwww, wait. Why does "huggle wuggle" sound like something fluffle puff would say? Did she ever say anything?

3754105 :derpytongue2: i don't really know who flufflwe puff is in real terms.:derpytongue2:
but it hight be. did i use that phrase in thier?:twilightoops:



It's like dislexia, but cuter.

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