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Mixing cute pastel horses and dark disturbing themes brings me great joy.

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Wait, didn't you post this on /mlp/ a month or two back? Well, now it's mostly improved, but I much preferred when the actual "event" was a mystery. Just pinning it on bad weather ruins much of the fic, in my opinion. Letting the reader fill in the gap with their imagination makes it more touching (they can imagine a backstory of her falling when helping her friends, this being an aftermath of a great battle, this being apocalyptic, etc.). Plus, it's dumb that she gets injured and soon after the weather is fine and they're standing over her.

That is a horrible & sad story... Even your choice of music for background.

For that a thumbs up, but what a tragic story...

Well thats enough living for one day!

What time is it? Myeah, its about that time.

Ah well, I didn’t need my tear ducts anyway.

Hello! A friend of mine would like to do a reading of this fanfic for her channel. She would ask you personally but she doesn't wish to make an account here. Would it be alright if she were to do a reading of it as long as she properly credits you in the video and description?

Go for it.
Sorry for the late reply.

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