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To survive, you must tell stories. -Umberto Eco



There are those who cannot fight for themselves.
There are also those who choose to fight for them.
One such stallion, one whose purpose is to protect the innocent from any and all evil, came to Ponyville one day, and the lives of all he met were never the same again.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters (except the OC's) portrayed in this story. They are the property of Hasbro and its producers.

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Comment posted by TheBigLebowski deleted Nov 16th, 2013
Comment posted by TheBigLebowski deleted Nov 16th, 2013

Aww, thanks.
To be honest I cried a little bit myself when I wrote it. :heart:
Thanks for reading it though.

I guess I've always felt sad endings make the story hit home a little harder.:fluttercry:

Aww sad ending:fluttercry:. Nice story though, however I believe the passage of time could be improved a little. The battle was a bit gory for my liking, but that is warned upfront. All in all a good story,

3496090 Yeah, that was one thing I beat myself up on. It was hard for me to get the passage of time right, because I didn't want to make it too long. But thanks for reading.:heart:

An interesting story so far, you've done a great job surrounding Clydesdale in mystery and I must say now I really have to read more of the book to sate my curiosity. Normally I wouldn't give a review on a story during the second chapter but I feel like you might want at least some feedback on your work. But overall the story seems to be hopeful for the chapters I haven't read yet, and that's a good thing.

3525528 Thanks. It really means a lot to me. I really appreciate the feedback and I'm glad you like it so far. Most people have been pretty happy with the story, so I really hope you keep reading, and like the rest as well. Thanks again:heart:

Definitely proving to be worth reading so far, interesting idea with the whole guardian thing. Beginning to wonder if for some reason the rest of the guardians might show up.

Wow... This was a dark suddenly turn in these last two chapters...

Great job with it though.

I must say you did a great job at showing off the sides Clyde has, and the hard work you put in truly shows.

In addition to the still valid praise I gave your last chapters of this story, that's some pretty good description and concept of the weapons and armour, not only is it easy to visualize, but now I kind of want it for myself.

3531833 Thank you for reading and letting me know what you think. I definitely worked long and hard on this story, and I'm glad to hear that you think it showed. I hope you keep reading.:heart:

Damn... Never seen a death scene so well executed or...

I don't even know how to describe this just know you've done well.

As it turns out, the greatest stories are the most elusive and under appreciated ones, great job with the story. And am glad to have been one of the 45 to have read it to the end(which was an amazingly well done ending I might add).

3532440 Thank you so much. I'm really glad you liked it. Thanks for the critiques; they are invaluable to me. It was good to hear what you thought of it as a whole as well as it in sections. I'm really glad you liked it, and I appreciate the time you took to read it.:heart:

3532907 absolutely no problem to give the feedback, and the problem was never that people didn't like it or something just more that few had read it. If there is any problem I might have here its that the next stories I had queued up to read seem like they probably won't be as good as this... So cheers to a great story, would like to read more like this, and on to trying to find another good story.

Only now looking back at it do I realize how many comments I had posted... well, at least they were appreciated here, so, glad my comments that border spam at least turn out to be appreciated spam.

I was wondering if a chapter like this might be made, it's great to see that one, in fact, did. But please do consider writing the story whether or not the minimum likes/follows happens. I know it may be hard to feel inspired to write without it but I'm sure me and the other 17 that pressed the like button would be very pleased to see a sequel to this. I'm not telling you to lower your hopes or anything it's just that if you ever have time and/or nothing better to do please spend it doing this.

( I don't know how I'm supposed to word this without sounding entirely demanding of a sequel or kill your hopes, so you get a long-winded comment on me trying to demand a sequel without sounding demanding or anything else I don't want to sound like)

3542489 that is an example of the acronym good game being used to describe something that isn't a game. Essentially taking place of a positive but fairly lazy attempt at a comment.

3495643 yeah sad ending make stories hit home extremely hard, at least when well done (which by the way your ending was). But I can't help but feel it hit home harder than you may have expected when I actually remember I have emotions that are not part of the happier spectrum. (A feat by the way, I normally have little trouble suppressing emotions to the point I barely think I have an ability to feel them, and you shattered that illusion)


(I suppose the fact it was caused by a new chapter makes it better but I still get annoyed that the most writing I do in comments has been replying to yours)

(I think I'll stop using brackets for separating my arguments with my own sections of comment now)

You got me crying at the end. that doesn't happen very often. very well written.

Very well done. you even got me crying at the ending. I give it 5 stars

3819475 I sincerely thank you for reading it. I'm glad you liked it. :heart:

3822290 TY. only thing I wish is that him and fluttershy had gotten together, would of been a nice addition, and could of had her come up with his child at the end.

I have two things to say to that death scene

1st is very well done, well written, well thought out, and very emotional.

2nd, I just have to honor Clyde and what he did in my OWN way *Tips my furry muzzle back and gives long mournful HOwl in honor of a fallen soldier*

3854470 Well good. I hope you like it.:heart:
P.S. How'd you find this story?

I've noticed a sudden rise in the views and favorites on this story, especially after being dormant for so long. Does anyone know how or why? Where are you guys finding this story?

3867126 maybe all the comment spam I gave bumped it up on the sort by comments?
Sometimes stories need a bit of time before people come and sometimes people only want to read completed stories, it may be multiple or none of those but to be clear I know it's not the first mentioned possibility.

Just a quick correction, "twitterpated" is one word. This is intriguing so far!

“I’ve noticed he has different personalities,” Twilight explained

My immediate thought was, "Wait, Clyde's a multiple? Cool!"

4146741 Thanks for all the comments. They really do help. Please continue to do so.:pinkiehappy:


Ten little Soldier Boys went out to dine;
One choked his little self and then there were nine.
Nine little Soldier Boys sat up very late;
One overslept himself and then there were eight.
Eight little Soldier Boys travelling in Devon;
One said he'd stay there and then there were seven.
Seven little Soldier Boys chopping up sticks;
One chopped himself in halves and then there were six.
Six little Soldier Boys playing with a hive;
A bumblebee stung one and then there were five.
Five little Soldier Boys going in for law;
One got in Chancery and then there were four.
Four little Soldier Boys going out to sea;
A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.
Three little Soldier Boys walking in the zoo;
A big bear hugged one and then there were two.
Two little Soldier Boys sitting in the sun;
One got frizzled up and then there was one.
One little Soldier Boy left all alone;
He went out and hanged himself and then there were none.

I did not make up the poem above this 'ere poem
The I don't write much happier, when I let my mind roam
The poem is from the story And Then There Were None
Such a great read, full of gruesome fun.

~Black Sun Eclipsed:moustache:

Love the Guardians.

And the plot thickens...

Comment posted by Morfonious deleted Jun 13th, 2014

“Alright, what say we try or luck girls?” suggested the fashionista as she bought a glass of the sweet drink and began making her way over to where the stallion sat.

Um, I think that this was supposed to say "our" and not "or"?

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